About: Promote Her Business

Promote Her Business (PHB) is the Premier Marketing and Sales Organization for Women Entrepreneurs (and Men who want best practices).

We specialize in supporting small to mid-sized business owners, who already have great products and services and want more people know about them. Our PHB community is very passionate about having more women get known for their greatness and get paid what they’re worth!

And we’re looking forward to helping YOU promote your business: Online. Offline. All the time!

We Specialize in the Following:

1) Teaching You…

and your team — the BEST PRACTICES in Marketing, Sales, and Business Strategy for this YEAR and beyond.


2) Referring You…

to our “PHB Preferred” Network, so you can get known for what you do best and delegate the rest (to already vetted and trusted experts)!


3) Introducing You…

to a network of extremely driven, supportive, and trail-blazing entrepreneurs, so you can network with potential “Promotion Partners“, form strategic alliances and hold each other accountable. Feel Free to check out our Promote Her Business Facebook page.

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4) Giving You…

opportunities to showcase your products/services at Chapter events; to apply to be a part of our PHB Preferred Expert network and PHB Promoter affiliate program


5) Providing You…

with both virtual and in-person events and trainings, so you can benefit from being part of the community no matter where you are located world-wide


Are You Ready to Join Promote Her Business?

Consider giving PHB’s 30 Day FREE Trial a Try if…

  • You want to attract and retain more clients than ever before
  • You want to stay abreast of the best practices in marketing and sales this year (and don’t have time to do the research yourself)
  • You want to build a sustainable business and brand, which has your clients, team, and community raving about it for years to come!
  • And you want to do ALL of the Above, while joining forces with some of the most supportive, driven, and trail-blazing entrepreneurs in the world☺