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Acknowledgment.  It’s something All the Women Entrepreneurs I speak to need more of …

But how do we get the level of acknowledgement we deserve? At Promote Her Business, we believe the first step is to start by giving ourselves more compliments and celebrating our small wins (especially the ones others don’t notice).

So I’ll proudly start the acknowledgement trend:

Today in yoga, I was doing Eagle pose and for the 1st time EVER I got my left foot to almost go behind my leg. I Rock!! Just saying.  And my hope is that my left foot will serve as a role model to my right foot … That it, too, can follow in its “footsteps” (grin). 

What do YOU deserve to acknowledge yourself for Today? 

  • What’s 1 compliment you’d like to give yourself personally?
  • What’s 1 compliment you’d like to give yourself professionally? 

If there’s anything I would want to leave you with it’s this:  Compliments lead to Confidence. This is so important to keep in mind given that so many Women Entrepreneurs say that they want to have a breakthrough in confidence.  

Now to be clear… when I say “compliments lead to confidence”… I don’t mean giving yourself fake compliments like ‘I look so pretty today”, when you are totally not feeling it. What I do mean is giving ourselves compliments that we know matter to us, are breakthroughs in our performance (no matter how small) and give us pride in ourselves and our growth.  And with that said, saying to yourself: “I look so pretty today” is a great idea as long as you believe it and feel like it’s a compliment you’re ready to take in.  

If you give yourself a compliment and it doesn’t feel authentic — or like not you’re ready to accept it (yet) — that’s ok. Choose something else to acknowledge yourself for; there is always more there than you might realize. 

Ready for a challenge?

Give yourself 2 compliments (1 personal, 1 professional) each day for the next week… and then, the next step is to move from this being a challenge exercise to making it a best practice in your life.  

Keep Accountable and Accelerate Your Business Results  

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Here’s to promoting your business and each other: Online. Offline. All the Time.

Jōs Hanan, Founder/CEO, Promote Her Business International