Get More Yeses with 1 Simple Action

Get More Yeses with 1 Simple Action

What if: Day after day, more of your ideal audience said YES to what you’re offering?  Start by taking 1 simple action, which can transform your life and help you get more results than ever before! 

Yes Tip #1: Invite them Anyway 

People have enough of their own excuses, so don’t give them anymore.

If you’re on the fence about inviting someone, let them make up their own mind.  Invite them!  

If you haven’t talked to them in a while — Invite them as a way to re-connect…. 

If they already do events or buy products/services like yours (that means they’re more likely to do more — not less),  Invite them!  

If they’ve never done events or buy products/services like yours, don’t stifle their opportunity to try something new, learn something new, and grow. Invite them!  

If you think they may live “too far” away, see if that’s really their concern or just yours (see if they even bring it up). Invite them!  

(*I’ve flown across the country during the Super Bowl to go to marketing trainings, attended a Women Entrepreneur Conference on Valentine’s Day and took one of the most transformational courses of my life on New Year’s!)  

Are you starting to see a pattern? 

But what if you don’t think they have enough money to go?  Stop insulting their ability to find the money to get what they want: Invite them!  

But what if they’re super busy people? It tells you they can do more than most people do, so if anyone can figure out a way to work with you — it’s them. Invite them!  

But what if they’ll think you’re salesy? If you think they can benefit from growing themselves, their business, and/or their high powered connections and you don’t invite them, you are doing them a Disservice — Invite them!  

But what if they’re a celebrity — or they seem like “way out of your league” — and it’s hard for you to challenge yourself to even talk to them? LEVEL UP . . . Invite More People Who Challenge YOU to Be the BEST You when you talk to them!

But what if it’s 24 hours before the event?  At PHB, our mantra is “Play till the end” — This means to give everyone every opportunity to do what’s best for themselves and/or their business.  Invite them!  

And if there’s anything else you have a question/concern about — or any excuse that stands in your way of inviting — feel free to comment below, and  I’d love to give you my opinion on it — although you’d probably guess what I’d say (GRIN)

We’d also like to Invite YOU to…

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So, can we count you in? 

We sure hope so and are looking forward to getting to know you & introducing you to PHB’s global sisterhood of purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs:)

Let’s Network HER Way! 

Keep inviting, 

Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

The Keys to Promoting Your Business

The Keys to Promoting Your Business

What are the keys to promoting your business as a Woman Entrepreneur? Here are Promote Her Business (PHB)’s 3 Fav Tips, which may make the biggest difference in your business this week: 

1) Step into Your Feminine Power

For most of history, the masculine — a competitive, strong, and results-centric energy — has been regarded as “the energy” to step into if you want to succeed in business.  And at PHB, although we agree that the masculine has it’s advantages, we encourage you to consider stepping into your feminine power more.  Why? Because your feminine power is an irresistible, loving, creative, and collaborative energy, which can help you become more attractive to your ideal clients than ever before. 

As Marianne Williamson once said: “Feminine power isn’t something we go out and acquire; it’s already within us. It’s something we become willing to experience. Something to admit we have.”  

Specifically, one way to step into the “collaborative” spirit of the feminine is to start thinking of the world in “WE” instead of “Me”.  So, instead of thinking about how you can convince, persuade or cajole your ideal client into buying your product/service… think as if you are already on their team.  

Coming from the space of “we are in this together” — and only recommending what’s best for all parties — what would you suggest?  How does a feminine, collaborative energy– as opposed to competitive “I’m going to sell you” energy– make a difference in your business approach?    

2) Network HER Way 

Let’s start off by making it clear that just because you’re a Woman Entrepreneur does NOT mean that you “Network HER Way” by default.  Au contraire, many women learned how to network from groups with a very masculine energy – or a very corporate energy – and participated in the same types of networking formats in one group after another.  Over the last 30 years, networking has become collapsed with a certain way of being and certain format for participating with each other.  And if you didn’t have the same, stuffy, overdone networking format – whereby everyone asks for your 1-min pitch – is scared to have 2 people in the same category in the same group – and is required to give each other referrals – it’s not called “real networking”. 

Yikes, right?!  What ever happened to injecting creativity into networking, abundance-thinking, and only doing biz with people you want to do biz with?      

Networking HER Way is breaking the mold of what networking looks like and feels like for Women Entrepreneurs.  It is being called more creative, fun, empowering, stress-free, collaborative and real.  And as a result, Women Entrepreneurs are getting more leads & referrals than ever, building more inspiring, Win-Win relationships, and feeling more authentic as they’re doing it! 

So, what does it mean to Network HER Way . . . and how can you get more results from doing it too?  The best way to learn what it means to Network HER Way is to experience doing it.    

RSVP to be a FREE guest at PHB’s next Virtual Speed Networking (VSN) event, which is Advanced Networking done HER Way!   Learn and employ “The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way”, while meeting other awesome Women Entrepreneurs in PHB’s global community.

3) Surround Yourself with Peers who Care

Someone has to say it: If you are only relying on yourself to succeed, it’s way too easy to fail.  

  • Why?  Because you are too close to your business to see what you’re missing 
  • Why? Because you are most likely to let yourself off the hook and not hold yourself accountable to the little things that over time add up to the Big Results in your business. 
  • Why? Because it’s really LONELY to be a Woman Entrepreneur, and just because you’re in business for yourself doesn’t mean you have to be by yourself…. Get peer support, and sooner than later (from both women who understand your industry and from those who think outside of it)! 

So, specifically, how do you surround yourself with more peers that care? 

Once you Start PHB Membership for only $1, you will receive many opportunities to promote yourself, participate in peer-mentoring, & build inspiring, win-win relationships – during our 5 virtual “Network HER Way” events each month.  These one-of-a-kind, results-accelerating events include PHB Round-Table Networking, Your Monthly Networking Plan ZoomGlobal Networking Circle, Virtual Speed Networking, and Wild Card Networking.  

We would LOVE to get to know you and your biz . . . and shine the brightest spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs {together}! 

So What’s Next? 

Now that you know the 3 Keys to Promoting Her Business, what are you going to do apply them to your business? 

Which of the 3 keys will make the biggest difference to your business this week?  Is your answer:

  1. Step into Your Feminine Power,
  2. Network HER Way, and/or
  3. Surround Yourself with Peers who Care  

**Go back to the corresponding section and take action, so you can totally rule in your biz!  

Let’s Network HER Way

Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l