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Promote your business in a fun, empowering way and learn more about what other Women Entrepreneurs offer too. Get ready to trade something worth about $50 in value.
Thurs May 27th, 2021 from 6pm-7pm Pacific
Zoom Video Conference

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Here’s what you need to know about Barter Networking …

Attend the Ultimate Bartering Event for Women Entrepreneurs!

Be ready to TRADE something that's valued at about $50

It has to be something someone else can get value from without spending anything else. Ideally, something you could use globally (not location-specific).
Ex: 30 min virtual coaching or physical product you can ship. If you don't want to offer your direct product/service, you could offer a gift card and include your biz card, etc.
Discounts/Coupons are not allowed.

Participate in Multiple Rounds of Virtual Networking

You will have many opportunities to network with other purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs, share your business, and make swaps until you find what your heart desires. You can make your $50 barter offer during each round, during only 1 round, or not at all. It is totally up to you. We highly encourage you to make a barter at least once so we can all get great value at the event.

Walk away with new friends and something new for yourself!

Meet new friends at Barter Networking that you can continue building strategic alliances, referral, and supportive relationships with post-event. Plus, walk away from the event with something that can benefit yourself and/or your business based on the exciting swap you have made.