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Membership Billing + Cancellation Policies

This Billing & Cancellation Policies document was last updated on January 3, 2024.

Promote Her Business International (PHB) provides the Network HER Way Accelerator (NHWA) Membership, {HER} 6-Figure Circle, and other special events and products explained below. 

Policies for Network HER Way Accelerator (NHWA) Membership

  • 30-Day Trial Terms and Conditions:
    This offer (the “30-Day Trial” offer), which is made to you by Promote Her Business International (PHB Int’l or PHB), entitles you access to full Network HER Way Accelerator (NHWA) Membership for a period of thirty (30) days from the moment that you activate such trial period by submitting your payment details (the “Trial Period”). By submitting your payment details, you accept the 30-Days Trial offer and (i) consent to our Privacy Policy + Terms of Service, (ii) acknowledge and agree to PHB’s Billing & Cancellation Policies (below), as well as these 30-Day Trial Terms and Conditions stated in this section.
    If you decide that you do not want to pay for NHWA Membership upon the lapse of the Trial Period, you have to terminate your NHWA Membership (instructions for this can be found below in the Cancellation section) by the end of the Trial Period.
    PHB reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to withdraw or to modify this Trial Offer at any time without prior notice and with no liability. Paid Services including but not limited to; PHB’s High Powered Connectors program, The 12 Principles Mastermind, Next Level Coaching with  Jōs, and Special Events are not eligible for this offer.
  • Billing: NHWA Membership auto-renews each month. Your credit card will be auto-charged each month, and you will see Promote Her Business’ name on your statement.  
  • Credit Card Processing Issues: If your credit card payment fails to process, your NHWA Membership will be suspended until you update your credit card information. Our team will notify you about the processing issue, and has the right to cancel your subscription if you don’t respond within 1 week (from the time of first notification). If your NHWA Membership is auto-canceled — and you want to continue your NHWA Membership — you will need to join again: https://promoteherbusiness.com/join-nhwa/  
  • Cancellation (for both Trial and Paid NHWA Membership): You may cancel your NHWA Membership at any time – for any reason – before the next billing cycle. There are no refunds for auto-billing that has already been processed. In order to cancel your NHWA Membership, please click here to go to your Member Dashboard -> go to ‘My Account’ section ->  click on ‘Cancel My NHWA Membership’ button.  You also have the option to cancel your NHWA Membership in writing by email: contact@promoteherbusiness.com 

Policies for Returning NHWA Members:

  • 1-time Trial:
    NHWA Trial Membership only good for one use. {This includes if you canceled before your trial membership ended}.

Policies for Participating in {HER} 6-Figure Circle

  • Prerequisite: You must have a NHWA Membership in order to start or participate in any {HER} 6-Figure Circle (Circle).
  • Cost: $0; must maintain an active NHWA Membership, there is no additional fee to participate in Circle.
  • Circle Member Resources: Everything Circle Sisters need to know about participating in a Circle will be contained on the Circle Member Resources page. 
  • New Circle Sister Onboarding: Within the 1st month of joining Circle, participate in a “Circle Onboarding” zoom with your Circle Leader to set you up for 6-Figure Success.
  • Commitment: Make attending Circle 2X per month a fun priority, and put it as a repeating event on your calendar. If you can’t attend – or will be late – plz post a message in FB chat – so Circle Sisters know who is coming & what’s going on with each other.
  • 1X Free Guests: Circle has a “1X and join policy”. If you are not a NHWA Member yet (or invite someone to your Circle who isn’t), you can attend a Circle event 1X for FREE before becoming a NHWA Member. It’s not fair to paying Circle Sisters to have freeloaders in Circles.
  • Stopping  Your Circle Sister Participation: As a professional courtesy, tell your Circle Leader if you are going to stop participating, as the number of people affects the format and relationship-building etc. Also, directly tell your Circle Sisters that you are stopping, so your Circle Leader doesn’t need to do it for you (it’s best coming from you). You do not need to report to PHB that you are stopping your participation in Circle. However, please note that stopping your participation in a Circle does not stop your NHWA Membership. In order to cancel your NHWA Membership, please click here to go to your Member Dashboard -> go to ‘My Account’ section -> click on ‘Cancel My NHWA Membership’ button.  You also have the option to cancel your NHWA Membership in writing by email: contact@promoteherbusiness.com



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