MEMBERS ONLY Branding Card Workshop

Thurs April 22nd, 2021
11AM-1PM Pacific Time

Zoom Video Conference

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Build Your Brand Brighter!

Differentiate Yourself - and shine bright - through your Personal and Business Brand more than ever! 

What to know about The Branding Card Workshop …

Attend the Ultimate Branding Event for Women Entrepreneurs!

Take a deeper dive into Your Biz Brand

Your business brand is your identity. It's the image and personality of your business entity, as well as the product/service your provide. It's what people 1st think about you and what they say to others. Now's the time to revisit what you want your biz brand to be and how it's been interpreted in the markets you most want to get known in.

Get Clear on Your Personal Brand

You are not your business. Your business brand is what gets people in your door, but it's your personal brand that closes your ideal audience on working with you, in specific. Get newfound clarity on what stands out about you personally, independent of what you're selling, and leave your personal mark on the world.

Get feedback from women entrepreneurs

There's a magic that happens when purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs get together to learn about each other's brands and support each other in making their brands shine brighter than ever before. You'll have multiple opportunities to do market research, especially if your ideal audience is women. Plus, walk away with new ideas for uplifting your brand and make new friends and potential strategic alliances in the process.

Create your Signature branding card

Synthesize your entire brand in one place including your personal values and strengths, mission, vision, logo, tag line and more. Carry your Branding Card as a consistent reminder of who you are in your wallet or on your phone. Look at it to generate new writing ideas, synergize your marketing across different mediums, and train others to promote you too.