Join us for Free Build Your Referral Circle Networking & Training Event

Fri Oct 21st, 2022
11am- 1pm Pacific Time
via Zoom Video Conference

Join us for FREE: "Build Your Referral Circle" Networking

Hang on for details . . .

*This is a Special Event for PHB Members & FREE Guests, who both need to RSVP to receive Zoom link

Create Your Dream Team of Referral Partners

Ladies, what if: You could "circle up" with a Dream Team of Referral Partners who are promoting each other, sharing promotion best practices, getting more speaking opps, and cheering each other on?

You can! Join us as a FREE Guest for the Build Your Referral Circle event.

Learn how to build your Referral Circle, meet potential Referral Circle Sisters, and participate in multiple rounds of Networking {HER Way}!

Get Prepared ...

When you attend "Build Your Referral Circle" Networking & Training Event, you will get access to the Workbook, your blueprint for creating your Referral Dream Team:)

What to know about THE “Build Your Referral Circle” Event…

Attend This Collaborative, Referral-Building Networking Event for Women Entrepreneurs!

Meet Potential Referral Circle Sisters

Meet new biz friends at "Build Your Referral Circle" Networking and then, continue building "win-win" referral relationships with the most awesome Women Entrepreneurs post-event.


Share about yourself and your biz during Multiple Rounds of Networking {HER Way}!

Work Smarter at Getting Referrals

Learn the Best Practices for Building a Powerful Referral Circle from over a decade of research on how Women Entrepreneurs create the most powerful win-win relationships. Plus, learn how to make the most of having a "Get-To-Know" Speaking Spotlight to speed up referrals:)

Focus on Win-Win Results

Create your “Referral Circle Success Plan” for the next 30 days by leveraging your Workbook and plan to support your dream team of referral partners with getting more yeses and referrals too!

*This is a Special, Referral-Accelerating Event for PHB Members & FREE Guests

Why ladies ❤︎ "Circling Up" with PHB . . .

Promote Her Business is the most well-rounded networking group I've ever been a member of. There's something for everyone no matter where you are in the life stage of your business. The Events each month are always fun and productive, and I leave with new leads or referrals…
Amber Chang
Founder, Bulldog + Bourbon
I love the Virtual Networking! You get to meet people from all over the world and the right people I needed to meet always seemed to show up!
Sherri Coffelt
Results Coach, Results Partner Business Coaching/Consulting
The benefit I’ve experienced from Virtual Networking is the warm family culture. With a lot of other networking events, you just give your business card but don’t really get to know people. What I love about PHB is how you really get to know these people; they’re more than just people I network with. I consider them friends."
Taylor Baloney
Founder & CEO, Find My Everything