Her Signature Spiel Coaching Event

Join Us for HER Signature Spiel Coaching Event

Wed May 1st, 2024
11am – 2pm Pacific Time
via Zoom Video Conference


It’s time to stand out and shine!

The most common question Women Entrepreneurs get asked is:
“What do you do?”

And just because the question gets boring to hear, it doesn’t mean that your answer can’t be extremely interesting.

It’s time to have your ideal audience hang on your every word . . . from your lead-in sentence to your ending call to action. All while being your authentic, purpose-driven self!

Join us for this Advanced Promotion Training workshop where you'll leverage PHB's proven formula for creating and upleveling your Signature Spiel. Get feedback from our PHB global sisterhood and Network HER Way every step of the way.

Get Prepared . . .

When you attend "HER Signature Spiel" Networking Event, you will get access to the Workbook, your blueprint to Be Remembered & Repeated!

What To Know About Attending
"HER Signature Spiel" Event . . .

Have More Ladies Remember Your Biz

Are you soooo done asking other entrepreneurs the same "What do you do?" question and getting the same boring answers? Let's get creative and more compelling as Women Entrepreneurs!

At this Wild Card Event, we’re here to help you develop a 1-2 minute “Signature Spiel” (think: elevator pitch) that will help you be remembered, repeated, and responded to more quickly. This will be a great opportunity to create a Spiel that will have more of the world think of you 1st and buy from you 1st.

Write, Rewrite & Uplevel Your Spiel

The biggest question a Women Entrepreneur gets asked: "What do you do"? Does your answer make you stand out and wow your audience? The goal of this event is to leverage PHB's proven formula for writing & re-writing & upleveling your Signature Spiel until it becomes something that best represents your biz brand and sounds authentically you.

Share & Get Feedback

During multiple rounds of Networking HER Way, you will share your Signature Spiel. You'll also be receiving valuable feedback from Women Entrepreneurs, who may your ideal customers or referral partners (you never know what awesome women you'll meet). This is your opportunity to uplevel your Spiel until it shines soooooo bright!

Participate in Multiple Rounds of Empowering, Virtual Networking

Let's Network HER Way - authentically, collaboratively, and with all of our SHE-POWER! During multiple networking rounds, you will have many opportunities to introduce yourself and your biz - through your Signature Spiel - to other fun, purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs. Let's elevate each other!

Why Women Entrepreneurs ❤︎ HER Signature Spiel Coaching

I enjoyed this event because I was able to get real feedback from my ideal clients. I learned what they were drawn to about my spiel and I learned what I can work on. This was also a helpful event because there were actionable items I can take away from it to truly elevate my spiel to attract who I want to and provide engaging information about what I do and how I do it!
Alena Le Blanc
Le Blanc Label, Personal Stylist
I loved the opportunity to work with multiple women to receive feedback on my work-in-progress Signature Spiel! I give this event a 5 out of 5!
Anna Beltran
Owner, Open To Serenity
I just spent an invaluable 2 hours learning and practicing how to create a Signature Spiel from Jōs Hanan, marketing guru and CEO of Promote Her Business. As a woman entrepreneur, I leave motivated in a new way to represent me and my business in a clear, concise, catchy, credible and compelling way. Look Out World!
Marilyn Atteberry
Success Trainer, Avatar Master, Boomers to Bloomers

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International Women's Day (IWD)

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March 8, 2024
11 am - 1 pm Pacific Time


Video Conference
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Celebrating All Women!

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Promote-A-Friend (PAF)

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May 14, 2024
11 am - 1 pm Pacific Time


Video Conference
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Get More Leads Together!

International Women’s Day Registration

Be Our FREE Guest at International Women's Day Celebration & Networking Event

Friday, March 8, 2024
11 am -1 pm Pacific Time
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Join us for FREE: International Women's Day (IWD)

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Promote Her Business' Annual
Int'l Women's Day (IWD) Event!
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Let's Network & Celebrate how awesome Women Entrepreneurs are & the BIG things we're up to as leaders in our families, communities & the world:)

Get Prepared . . .

When you attend PHB's "International Women's Day" Networking Event, you will get access to the Workbook, your blueprint to Celebrating All Women!

Whatcha need to know about IWD Celebration & Networking …

Participate in the Ultimate She-Power Event & Honor Awesome Women {including yourself}!

Celebrate Women {Including YOU}

Join in on Promote Her Business (PHB)'s virtual, global celebration! Let's acknowledge how awesome Women Entrepreneurs are & the BIG things we're up to as Leaders in our families, communities and world! Plus, learn a little about the history of Int'l Women's Day.

Participate in Multiple Rounds of Virtual Discussions

During multiple networking rounds, introduce yourself & your biz, discuss this year's theme - #EmbraceEquity - and create your plan to take empowering actions.

Get Ready to Take Action

Create a “Success Plan” for your leadership role as a Woman Entrepreneur

Walk away with new friends

Meet new friends at IWD that you can continue building strategic alliances, referral, and supportive relationships with post-event. Lock arms to go further, together, than ever 

Why ladies ❤︎ Celebrating IWD with PHB's Global Sisterhood . . .

IWD was such a fun event! But also a learning and networking opportunity. Loved it.
I liked the breakout rooms at Int'l Women's Day and the fact that we were given a chance to meet other Women Entrepreneurs. I also liked the fact that we celebrated ourselves as being awesome.
Breakout Rooms were great! During IWD, it was fabulous to meet some new ladies and have that deep connection that so many other networking groups are missing.