Saving the Province

honor Dad's memory...

Why have Online Book Discussions?

1.To Honor Dad’s Legacy and have one of his greatest works live on past his “demise”:
Dad would have laughed that I put it that way:)

2.To see a New Side of Dad:
You might have known him as a passionate, dedicated, loyal, and amazing Teacher, Administrator, Friend, Friend of a Family Member, or Family Relation. Now meet the side of Dad, who was a Sci-Fi author, who had a dream of making his trilogy into a movie.

3.To gain new insights on How Dad might have Seen You:
Dad said the characters were based on his perceptions of family/friends. And if you didn’t think you were in the book, you might be surprised (LOL)…

4. To Inspire the World that it’s never too late to do what you never thought you could:
When he was younger, Dad was told he was NOT a writer and up until his death, he had very low confidence in his Grammatical or is it Grammarical (grin)? correctness.. And yet, at age 65, Dad wrote Saving The Province… and not just 1 book… but a Young adult, Sci-fi TRILOGY (and actually the day before dad died someone called about the possibility of making dad’s book into a movie!)

5. To Bring Everyone Together:
Let’s have this book be something we have in common, besides just knowing Dad, and celebrate his legacy, together. 

A message from Dad...

About the Author
Larry I. Pinsky was an elementary and secondary educator until he retired in 2006 and began focusing on his writing career. Larry resided in Tinley Park, Illinois, where he enjoyed spending time with family (His wife Chris and his 2 daughters: Sandra and Josephine “Jos”) and helping others. Here is the Eulogy Poem Jōs (Larry’s oldest daughter) wrote about Dad’s life.  

Saving the Province is Dad’s debut novel and the first installment of a trilogy.

Video Celebration of Dad

*Click the below arrow to see each video. 

I want to help people be happy and learn about their values and themselves. And I believe reading Saving the Province will make you a better person.

Each character in the novel represents different values.  Anyone out there will be able to identify with a specific character and learn who they are as a person…

Personally, I am grateful to have lived a life of learning, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.     

Stop human programming. Pass it on.

our past Saving The Province discussions

Mark Your Calendar

You can participate in one OR both online book discussions, which Jōs (Larry’s daughter) will facilitate:
Discussion 1: Chapter 1-14 (Sunday Sept 13th, 2020 from 3-4 pm CENTRAL)  
Discussion 2: Chapter 15-28 (Sunday Sept 27th, from 3-4 pm CENTRAL)  

RSVP here.

You’ll then receive the Zoom link (which will be the same for both discussions). 

We’ll also use your email to send out the Replay. See FAQ section below.

Purchase the “Saving the Province: The Symbol” book from Amazon here.  The Kindle version is only about $7.  

To set yourself up for success: put reading the book on your calendar:) 

Trust me, as Larry’s daughter, I get it; I’m as sentimental as Dad was. In fact, I (Jōs) am crying as I’m writing this on Dad’s b-day February 9th, 2020 (the year Dad would have turned 72).

With that said, as A.A. Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh, said: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart…I’ll always be with you.” The perfect quote, right?

I will be as strong as I can to facilitate this online book discussion, and I would LOVE for You to by my side, helping all of Dad’s family/friends be strong together… Not just through the hard times, but through the happy times. Reading Dad’s book together is creating more happy times and celebrating Dad’s contribution to the world.

Here’s a final chance to get to know Dad even better.. and honor the memories you do have of him.

And if this is the 1st time you’re meeting Dad, this book is a great introduction to one of Dad’s proudest accomplishments in his later years! 

You can say as much or as little as you want.  Jos, Larry’s daughter, will ask questions and you can share what resonates with you. It’s a safe space to share, have fun, and get new perspectives from others. 

Yes, the book discussion itself is FREE.  We only ask that you buy Dad’s book so you can read this action-packed, sci-fi masterpiece and contribute to the discussion.  Great deal, right (grin)?

It’s super easy. If you know how to click a link or make a phone call, you can do it.

And if you have any tech issues — or want to practice ahead of time — me (Jos) or my husband Scott — Mr. Techie — will make sure you are able to participate no matter what. Girl Scout promise.

Call (408)717-2289 or email me  if you need any Zoom support…

Dad only hung around friends/family who had busy lives and big hearts, so we don’t know anyone who has time to read another book… it’s your choice to make the time. Have fun with it and leverage Saving the Province for a much needed break from today’s reality (as much as you need it)!!  

Dad said his action-packed, page-turning sci-fi book is worth it — a real treat — and it will also make you a better person by paying attention to the values each character represents. And who couldn’t grow in the “better person” category (wink, wink)?

The best part is that this online book discussion is intentionally designed with pacing yourself in mind.  
Discussion 1: Chapter 1-14 
Discussion 2: Chapter 15-28

*You can even block out time on your calendar to read, because what gets calendared is more likely to get done.  


You can totally ignore this paced approach, do whatever you feel like, and/or wait until the last minute to read as much as you can.  There’s no expectation that you need to read everything — or even anything — to participate! Enjoy the book in the way that means the most to you.

And yet, spoiler alert: Once you pick Saving The Province up, it can be hard to put it down! 

No. You can still participate even if the only thing you read is this paragraph.

By joining us for the online book discussion, you’ll get the benefit of hearing from everyone else what the book was like for them… and who knows? You might even be inspired to read the book sometime in your lifetime or inspire someone else to read it.

You can also share anything about Dad or the book based on what you are hearing.  Plus, you get to meet more people Dad loved and cared about.

Please don’t!! Personally, I read the book and there’s parts I loved, parts I think can be improved, characterizations I would have done differently, and parts I would have cut and/or added.

There is also tons of room for interpretation, because Dad didn’t leave us with anything he wanted us to think of it.

Plus, Dad was an Instigator — he didn’t like it when everyone was always in agreement … TOO BORING! Let’s debate, discuss, and rock the boat. Overall, be YOU — that’s who Dad loved.  Honoring Dad would be honoring how Dad encouraged us to be ourselves and hold our own opinions. Dad would have wanted to hear our thoughts and then, tell us why we’re all probably wrong… Grin:)

No. You can attend just 1 or both… and it’s fine to start by coming to the last one. 

Yes, they will build on each other and at the same time, you will get value and be a contribution to whatever one you grace us with your presence with:)

Yes, and you will get the most value from participating in as much as possible. So, if you can move things around to stay the whole time, we’d recommend it.

What would Dad have said about being late?

Well, given Dad was the kind of guy, who loved to get to movies so early that we could have watched the movie before ours and not missed much…. You can draw your own conclusions. LOL.

Yes, we will record each discussion, and you can listen later if you choose. 

Here is the Book Discussion (Part 1) Replay for Chapters 1-14. 

Here is the Book Discussion (Part 2) Replay for Chapters 15-28 (the end). 

Absolutely. Just order it from Amazon here. 

With that said, the reason we’re recommending that everyone gets the Kindle (electronic version) is so you can start reading Dad’s book faster, and it’s the most affordable option. 

Yes!  Just have them RSVP here too, so we have an idea of how many people are participating for facilitation reasons.