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Do you want to hit 6-figures in your business?

Do you want to surround yourself with other Women Entrepreneurs who are serious about hitting 6-figures too?

{HER} 6-Figure Circle is for Women Entrepreneurs who have set for themselves the BAG {Big Audacious Goal} of hitting 6-figures in their business. And no woman needs to do it alone! Joining {HER} 6-Figure Circle is great way to support you in moving from goal to reality (grin)!


1st & 3rd Fridays

11:30 am – 1 pm Pacific Time

via Zoom

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About {HER}

“Circle” can best be described as the epitome of “Networking HER Way.” It is a like-minded, empowering, one-of-a-kind, committed,  intimate gathering, where you get to promote your biz, speak more, round-table on 6-figure best practices, and be peer-mentored.

Circle happens 2X each month, featuring 2 empowering, income-encouraging formats: the Get-to-Know-Her Format and the Go-Further-Together Format (see below).  Each Circle session is 1.5 hours (not too long and too short to build meaningful relationships), and it is intentionally designed so that more Circle Sisters remember you and can make better referrals to you! Super cool, right?

What You

Be setup for success from the get-go. Meet with the Circle Leader to get the most out of your Circle experience: Create your 6-Figure Declaration, Ask your most pressing questions, get up-to-speed on how to promote yourself, and learn how to communicate with your Circle Sisters.

*Within first month of joining

This is the way to have Circle Sisters really get to know other Women Entrepreneurs who are 6-Figured focused too.

We set the tone by each sharing our 6-Figure “What by When” – What are you going to sell to get you to 6-Figures by what date?

Then, 1 to 2 women will present a “Get-To-Know” Speaking Spotlight. She has up to 20 minutes to share 1 thing personal, 1 thing business, and be interactive and engaging. Presenters can allocate the time however they see fit. 

That’s all! No stuffy presentations! It’s an opportunity to step into your feminine power of being creative and memorable {Your Way}.

In the “We’ve Gotcha” masterminding section, you have the opportunity to take the hot seat and get support for your #1 Challenge to Hitting 6-Figures {infinitely valuable!}

And . . . Let’s do our Healthy-Her Challenge check-in so we can fuel ourselves to fuel our businesses.

This Format is an uplifting way to have Circle Sisters know you, the real woman behind the biz – and potentially do more business with you and refer you.

This Circle Format is about “Going-Further Together” thru real-time collaboration and peer-mentoring on our 6-Figure journey.

We set the tone by each sharing our 6-Figure “What by When” – What are you going to sell to get you to 6-Figures by what date.

Then, we all take this month’s “Go Further Together” Action, which is designed to boost your biz and exposure.

Next, Participate in the 6-Figure Results Round-Table, on a specific high-value topic, to share best practices and be peer-mentored ever closer toward 6-Figures. 

And, stay accountable for this month’s Healthy-Her Challenge. Because when are fueled, our biz goes further!

This Format is an empowering way to for Circle Sisters to ban together in a “flow of abundance” focused on leveraged results.

When you first join a Circle, you’ll be offered the opportunity for a “New Member Spotlight” – an opportunity for your new Circle Sisters to get to know you, your biz, and your “why” for hitting 6-Figs.  After which point, you can promote your biz at all your Circle events.

Speak up during Circle Announcements, share about your biz promotions &  wins in between Circle meetings, and post to your biz events on the Circle’s Online Promotion Calendar.

Remember to be on the constant lookout for how to best support and promote other Circle Sisters too.

In addition to being all about biz, {HER} 6-Figure Circles like to have some fun, in creative ways. If Circle Sisters want to suggest a virtual social  like a Happy Hour, holiday party,  book discussion, etc,  we’re open to hearing it!  Circle Sisters are encouraged to come up with ideas and use our zoom link to host social events.  

{HER} 6-Figure Circles aren’t just about “getting sales”; it’s also about giving too … and being role models of generosity and compassion as Women Entrepreneurs. 

That’s why, if Circle Sisters are in agreement, we have the option of choosing a “Favorite Cause” to mutually support. And we can come up with fun and effective ways of making a positive impact, together!

Why Women Entrepreneurs ❤︎ Circling Up . . .

"Circle has women of diverse backgrounds who are genuinely kind and value the power of strengthening each other. Knowing they are part of my circle motivates and inspires me daily to promote myself, learn, grow, show up and promote other women in their businesses too."
Tanya Kailath
Caregiver Coach, Enlightened Aging
"As a seasoned entrepreneur and experienced networker, I launched a new-to-me business in June and thanks in great part to the women of PHB and Circle, have been in the top 3 in sales for my team in that business 3 times in the past 6 months!"
Sara Haller
Consultant, Tupperware
“In the short time that I’ve been a member of PHB, I have learned so much about being a successful woman entrepreneur. There is no pressure to give referrals to each other, but rather developing win-win relationships that naturally lead to referrals is highly encouraged. I love getting to know all of the professional, ambitious and supportive women in PHB.”
Sandy Okamoto
Brand Ambassador, Stella & Dot

Why Women Entrepreneurs

Join 6-Fig Circle

You're serious about hitting 6-Figures in Your Biz.

6-Figure Circle is for Women Entrepreneurs who have set for themselves the BAG {Big Audacious Goal} of hitting 6-figures in their business. And no woman needs to do it alone! Joining 6-Figure Circle is great way to learn 6-Fig best practices and support you in moving from goal to reality!

You Have Great Products & Services.

It's time to be seen. More people deserve to know about you and what you offer. Lock arms with influential, purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs who want to help you get the word out there!

You Want to Be In the Spotlight.

Now's the time to shine! Sign up to be in the "Get-To-Know" Spotlight and have ladies really get to know you and your biz in a much deeper way. You'll have up to 20 minutes to share 1 thing personal, 1 thing business, and be interactive and engaging. The best part is Circles provide the audience, who is cheering for your success and genuinely cares about hearing what you have to say:)

You Want to build more win-win Relationships.

You believe that we can rise together as Women Entrepreneurs. By forming deeper relationships and locking arms, we can go further, faster. You are ready to build inspiring, win-win, profitable relationships! Go farther together, cheer each other on, and lean on a strong circle of trust and support that has your back. Let's Network HER Way!

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My Expertise

Hi. My name is Jōsephine Hanan, but you can call me “Jōs. ”

I am the Founder of Promote Her Business Int’l, as well as the Creator of the Network HER Way Accelerator (NHWA) & {HER} 6-Figure Circle. I am also a Next Level Coach, #1 Int’l Best-Selling Co-Author & Speaker.

For over a decade, I have been working with Women Entrepreneurs across industries to uplevel their business results.

I got my start in corporate, nonprofit and academic settings, as well as working with the government as a client. I’ve consulted with Fortune 500s. Now I am fully dedicated to my  women-led small business, so I can certainly relate to the pains and passions of Women Entrepreneurs!

It would be my honor to help you discover your “signature brand”, best present yourself, be uniquely compelling, accelerate your networking results, and get more Yeses!

Excited to start coaching together to take your biz to the next level {HER Way}. 

Why Women Entrepreneurs ❤︎ JŌS . . .

Jos helps me to find my authentic voice, humor, and write in a way that resonates with both my personal/business brand and ideal audience. Jos has supported me with everything from writing speeches and updating my eBook to social media, emails, interview responses, and website content, as well as giving me guidance on writing and speaking in a way that sells from the stage, when networking, and online. She has helped me write content much quicker than I could on my own and helped me project manage my marketing efforts… which is great since I’d much rather be out there speaking and empowering teens and parents than worrying about yet another writing or marketing project. Thanks Jos!
Kimberly Schehrer
Teen Breakthrough Expert, Academy for Independence
Jos is an excellent sounding board and adviser when it came to re-designing my website. We talked through branding strategies and how to differentiate my company, the web page content, and blog writing. I can't thank Jos enough for keeping the details of the project on track and the great feedback that allowed us to launch the new and re-vamped website.
Ana Jones
Founder Manager, PHLEX65
I have had the distinct privilege of working with Jos as she is coaching me through multiple drafts to give a TED Talk of my story of why I began a college for adults with special needs through the story of my sister. She has truly gone above and beyond in her caring, expertise, coaching, and guidance. She has been so very astute and spot-on in helping me grow and implement best practices around public speaking. I’m 100% confident that because of her guidance and caring and support, I am going to achieve this goal one day. I just cannot recommend her services enough – she is absolutely the real deal, and you will get so much return both tangible and intangible if you decide to engage her & Promote Her Business services.
DeAnna Pursai
Executive Director/Official Mountain Mover, COLLEGE OF ADAPTIVE ARTS
Jos' strategic marketing and branding coaching is amazing. It's been one of the best investments I've made in myself and business. With Jos' weekly meetings, I felt motivated to keep taking steps forward. I now have a signature program and a signature talk that I would not have imagined or done on my own. If you're a Woman Entrepreneur with a vision and need to take the next step towards clarity, consistency and making money through your passion, then I recommend working with Jos, ASAP.
Tanya Kailath
Caregiver Coach, Enlightened Aging

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