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What’s Missing from Covid-19 To-Do Lists?

What’s Missing from Covid-19 To-Do Lists?

14 Must-Knows . . . During the Pandemic!

We’d love to hear which of our Promote Her Business (PHB) community’s “Must-Knows” you LOVE the most!!

1) Stay Socially CONNECTED: Just because we are being told to “socially distance” ourselves (which is not a term I’m a fan of), doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stay Socially Connected. In fact, the more we feel like we’re in isolation, the more we need social connection. Instead of thinking of it as “social distancing”, think of it as “physical distancing” while intentionally keeping in contact with others ONLINE. 
  • Social connectedness is critically important to your overall well-being, getting through this scare without feeling so alone, while overcoming this “everyone’s on their own”, fear-based mentality that doesn’t lead anywhere good. I’m so glad our Promote Her Business community is here for each other, during this time of doing business as (un)usual.
2) Pay attention to the words we’re using, because words directly affect our thoughts, feelings, and actions. If you call something a “practice”, people will act differently than if you call it a “championship game,” right? Are your words helping us solve the problem – and contribute to being our Highest energized self each day– or are you adding to the fear? 3) Look for the Opportunity in the Threat: The good news is now that you’re spending more time at home – and more people are focused on themselves – it could be a great time to do things you’ve been procrastinating on. Clean your home office, get your financial systems in order, UPlevel your business/marketing/sales plan, and let your creativity go wild.  4) Think of it as Rescheduling NOT Canceling: Many Women Entrepreneurs have come to me this week with tears in their eyes. They have dedicated months and even an entire year creating in-person events, and are now sending out emails that everything is “canceled”. Will all their hard work go out the window? Now is the time to reframe your thinking. Instead of thinking of it — and messaging it — as “canceling” to your ideal audience, think of it as rescheduling instead.   
  • Have faith that when you do reschedule it… it will be greater than ever. Now you have some more time to think through things so that you can have your best event yet. Also, challenge yourself to adapt to the situation and see what you can do in the meantime online to keep supporting your community even though it’s not in-person. The show must go on… just in a new way. Get creative. Maybe you can’t facilitate the entire conference but you can still have a mini-workshop through video conference or FB LIVE etc.
5) Stay Positive: When I say positive, I mean positive. It means NOT saying you’re “just being realistic” – when what your saying has negative undertones and is far from neutral. I mean be Positive. Why? Because we are in a global scare, and when people are scared, they are emotional – they react, they don’t think – and this causes huge short-term problems and long term issues, we will need to clean up for generations to come. Right now we are at a tipping point for what people are going to do in face of being scared on a global scale, and being “realistic” (especially when it has the connotation of feeling like we’re alone and fending for ourselves), could push people into a panic. 
  • So, stay positive… meaning be hopeful, do everything to be you’re your Best, Highest Self every day … and even more so when you’re cooped up in the house and/or with people who are driving you crazy (grin).  Being positive does NOT mean being unrealistic; it does not mean pretending like it’s ok to spread the virus and not be responsible for your role in containment. What positive does mean is looking at what good things can come out of this situation, celebrating every time we get closer to a solution, staying socially connected (and supporting others well-being), practicing self-care so you can stay positive, being patient with others, and noticing how your reactions are either helping or hurting others from being positive too.  
6) Think for yourself: You are the CEO of your life, so trust your feelings and innate wisdom too. Although it’s important to keep informed about COVID-19 and listen to experts, ultimately no one is more of an expert on your life and what to do with your time, your family, and your business than you. Also, someone has to say it: We all bring our own biases and social, political, and commercial motives into recommendations (whether knowingly or not) – and people may try to take advantage of your fear and verge of panic — so it’s good to never just blindly follow anything. Think for yourself. 7) Take Ownership for being a Role Model: People often don’t do what you say, they do what you… do. You are a role model and people have been watching what you’re doing and copying your behavior (whether they tell you or not). As a thought leader in your business industry and a leader to your family/friends, what message are you currently sending your community through your actions?
  • What message do you want to be Intentionally Sending? Your community is looking for your guidance. What are you doing during the Scare – are you in “fight or flight” mentality… OR are you critically thinking through everything and making the best out of each day?
8) Stop the “Fend for Yourself” Thinking: I’m going to say something that might be stunning: Think bigger than yourself and your family. I understand family comes first, and at the same time, acting as if the only priority is to protect yourself does not help us relate to each other, collaborate, and be there for each other on a local or global scale. It divides us, it doesn’t unite us in coming to solutions as quickly as possible and spreading solutions. Let’s be there for each other, even if they’re not family… and even if they’re strangers. For example, if you have hoarded toilet paper (wink) and a neighbor runs out, give them some. If other people don’t know where to go to get tested, proactively share with the community where you went… let’s help each other out and be evolved in coming together as a global community and learning from each other about best practices during these uncertain times. 
  • To me, your true sign of character and caring comes out… not when things are going well… but when you are being challenged and it’s all too tempting to be in our own world at the expense of others.  
9) Never Underestimate Your Contribution/Expertise to the Solution: You might not be a medical expert and you might not be working on the cure to COVID-19, but so what? That doesn’t mean you aren’t an expert in something related to COVID-19. What you have to say matters, and never let someone else play down the credibility of what you say (including YOU)!!
  • What’s going on globally today has much bigger implications than just physically the virus itself. It has social, political, economic, emotional, financial, family and spiritual implications that are important too – and no one is an expert in all those areas; each of us plays a part. We need to do what we can in our sphere of influence to be a contribution to the solution, as well as getting through each day and avoiding fear-based, knee-jerk reactions, which lead to panic.
  • Just this week, a guy said to me that my concern about the term “social distancing” was “nit-picky” and distracted us from focusing on America’s “true problem”… containment. He totally invalidated my expertise as a Strategic Messaging Coach/ Women Entrepreneurship Expert and the implications of words unintentionally contributing to fear, big hits in business, and panic. Instead of arguing, I listened to his viewpoint, and then, thought for myself and made “Stay Socially Connected” point #1, since that’s how important I still think it is:)
10) Be a Healthy-Her & practice self-care: The world has changed and we are either evolving with it or suffering from it. What can you do to heal any pain, suffering, upsets you have going on in your life right now… in addition to all the frustrations, challenges and worry generated by this Scare? To be your Best Self and a Role Model during these uncertain times, you need to take care of yourself and make sure your body, mind, and spirit are being fueled and nourished.  
  • Are you getting 6-8 hours of sleep? Are you putting foods in your body that nurture you, as opposed to drain you? As the 2020 headline of TIME Magazine proclaimed: “Alternative med is the new mainstream” – are you leveraging alternative med? Are you getting exercise… or are you using being “cooped up” as an excuse to sabotage yourself?   
11) Pay attention to who you are surrounding yourself with: Their energy affects your energy, as well your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. If you are feeling stuck in a household with some Negative Nellies… it’s even more important that you intentionally find an ONLINE outlet and community to uplift you while helping more people be uplifted too.  
  • Even if people in your household are positive, it’s still important to talk to people outside your household to gain new perspectives on the situation, have vulnerable conversations about what’s going on for you and your business right now, brainstorm creative ways to do business as (un)usual, and cheer each other on! No one can be everything to everyone; give your family a break; talk to other people too
12) Keep supporting local business and Women Entrepreneurs: Although people are buying up all the basic “staples” and hoarding toilet paper, a lot of businesses (especially small and woman-owned) are taking a major hit right now. People don’t know what to do, and while they’re reflecting, they’re not buying products or participating in important services which can help more successfully navigate through this scare. Let’s keep contributing to the economy by being role models of using our dollars as our vote for what’s important and should stay in business.  
  • Are you continuing to spend what you regularly spend? What’s important is not just toilet paper and the basics; it’s also continuing to buy business, health, relationship products/services – and participating in online events — that will help us transition from “wait and see” to “let’s have a great life in the meantime” mode:)  
13) Appreciate each other: It’s important to realize that many businesses are bending backward and creatively evolving to support our needs online … They are tirelessly investing time, money and effort to avoid disrupting services, and they’re moving everything online as seamlessly as possible. Let’s show them we appreciate their efforts (like we’d want our ideal audience to appreciate our efforts) and take them up on what they’re offering.   14) Learn from Entrepreneurs: There are many things that entrepreneurs have learned from corporate; like structures, policy, scaling, mass marketing, and sustainability. And it feels REALLY GOOD to be able to say that the COVID-19 Scare has put us in a situation where people are the world can most benefit by thinking more like Entrepreneurs. Employees are working from home, having to adapt to new situations, be creative, and even use new online technology to stay connected. 
  • Entrepreneurs, this is a time to shine and share your expertise. It’s a time to own being visionaries/innovators/thought leaders, and help others adopt more of an entrepreneurial-mindset too… because when things are risky, uncertain, and there are problems to be solved, this is when WE are at our best!
So, what else could you be missing during these unparalleled times?  There’s always something new to stay informed about, right?  That’s why it’s more important than ever to consider joining Promote Her Business’ (PHB) global sisterhood of Women Entrepreneurs, so we can keep learning together & growing our business {together}.  Start PHB Membership for Only $1, and build more inspiring, win-win relationships with other supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs this month.  Let’s Network HER Way! Love, Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

Let’s Do “Business HER Way”

Let’s Do “Business HER Way”

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy . . . let alone a Woman Entrepreneur.

  • Have you noticed that women have their own way of doing business? 
  • Do you want resources to do business your authentic way?
  • Would you like to overcome business roadblocks, while uniting with other purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs, whose strengths multiple when they lock arms? 

Check out this video to explore what it means to do ”Business HER Way” and shine a brighter spotlight on your business in the process! 

So, what’s next?  Lock arms with our Global Sisterhood, and let’s do “Business HER Way”!  

Learn about Network HER Way Accelerator (NHWA) Membership: Attend  our weekly, virtual “Network HER Way” events, get more promotion opportunities, and accelerate your success with getting more Yeses, referrals, and creating more inspiring, Win-Win relationships.    

HER Way works!


Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

The Keys to Promoting Your Business

The Keys to Promoting Your Business

What are the keys to promoting your business as a Woman Entrepreneur? Here are Promote Her Business (PHB)’s 3 Fav Tips, which may make the biggest difference in your business this week: 

1) Step into Your Feminine Power

For most of history, the masculine — a competitive, strong, and results-centric energy — has been regarded as “the energy” to step into if you want to succeed in business.  And at PHB, although we agree that the masculine has it’s advantages, we encourage you to consider stepping into your feminine power more.  Why? Because your feminine power is an irresistible, loving, creative, and collaborative energy, which can help you become more attractive to your ideal clients than ever before. 

As Marianne Williamson once said: “Feminine power isn’t something we go out and acquire; it’s already within us. It’s something we become willing to experience. Something to admit we have.”  

Specifically, one way to step into the “collaborative” spirit of the feminine is to start thinking of the world in “WE” instead of “Me”.  So, instead of thinking about how you can convince, persuade or cajole your ideal client into buying your product/service… think as if you are already on their team.  

Coming from the space of “we are in this together” — and only recommending what’s best for all parties — what would you suggest?  How does a feminine, collaborative energy– as opposed to competitive “I’m going to sell you” energy– make a difference in your business approach?    

2) Network {HER Way} 

Let’s start off by making it clear that just because you’re a Woman Entrepreneur does NOT mean that you “Network HER Way” by default.  Au contraire, many women learned how to network from groups with a very masculine energy – or a very corporate energy – and participated in the same types of networking formats in one group after another.  Over the last 30 years, networking has become collapsed with a certain way of being and certain format for participating with each other.  And if you didn’t have the same, stuffy, overdone networking format – whereby everyone asks for your 1-min pitch – is scared to have 2 people in the same category in the same group – and is required to give each other referrals – it’s not called “real networking”. 

Yikes, right?!  What ever happened to injecting creativity into networking, abundance-thinking, and only doing biz with people you want to do biz with?      

Networking HER Way is breaking the mold of what networking looks like and feels like for Women Entrepreneurs.  It is being called more creative, fun, empowering, stress-free, collaborative and real.  And as a result, Women Entrepreneurs are getting more leads & referrals than ever, building more inspiring, Win-Win relationships, and feeling more authentic as they’re doing it! 

So, what does it mean to Network HER Way . . . and how can you get more results from doing it too?  The best way to learn what it means to Network HER Way is to experience doing it.    

RSVP to be a FREE guest at PHB’s next Virtual Speed Networking (VSN) event, which is Advanced Networking done HER Way!   Learn and employ “The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way”, while meeting other awesome Women Entrepreneurs in our Global Sisterhoood.

3) Surround Yourself with Peers who Care

Someone has to say it: If you are only relying on yourself to succeed, it’s way too easy to fail.  

  • Why?  Because you are too close to your business to see what you’re missing 
  • Why? Because you are most likely to let yourself off the hook and not hold yourself accountable to the little things that over time add up to the Big Results in your business. 
  • Why? Because it’s really LONELY to be a Woman Entrepreneur, and just because you’re in business for yourself doesn’t mean you have to be by yourself…. Get peer support, and sooner than later (from both women who understand your industry and from those who think outside of it)! 

So, specifically, how do you surround yourself with more peers that care? 

Once you Join the Nework HER Way Accelerator (NHWA) as a Member, you will receive many opportunities to promote yourself, participate in peer-mentoring, & build inspiring, win-win relationships – during our virtual “Network HER Way” events each month.  

We would LOVE to get to know you and your biz . . . and shine the brightest spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs {together}! 

So What’s Next? 

Now that you know the 3 Keys to Promoting Her Business, what are you going to do apply them to your business? 

Which of the 3 keys will make the biggest difference to your business this week?  Is your answer:

  1. Step into Your Feminine Power,
  2. Network HER Way, and/or
  3. Surround Yourself with Peers who Care  

**Go back to the corresponding section and take action, so you can totally rule in your biz!  

Let’s Network HER Way

Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l