WE Chat

Let's "WE Chat" Weekly!

What is a WE Chat ?

(15 minute, virtual 1:1)

Here’s your opportunity to build a Win-Win relationship in just 15 minutes.

Get to know other Women Entrepreneurs – authentically – and then, decide if you want to set up a follow-up meeting to become referral partners, strategic alliances, and so much more.

WE Chat is about making the most out of the minutes you have. That’s why we use PHB’s Advanced Networking Formula on the WE Chat Tracker.

The WE Chat Formula:

WHY USE The “WE Chat” Tracker

PHB’s Advanced Networking Formula


Put all WE Chats notes in your WE Chat Tracker, so you can easily refer back when promoting Women Entrepreneurs.

Promote Your Biz

Tell each other one thing you're excited about promoting in your biz this month. Keep it short and sweet and compelling.

See If You Click

Get to know the woman behind the biz by asking her to share one thing personal. If you click, schedule a next meeting.

Support Each other

Let's build biz friendships and relationship capital by sharing one thing we want support for and granting each other's requests.

6 Simple Steps to WE Chat

(15 minute, virtual 1:1)

1. Get organized

Start a PHB WE Chat folder on your computer. Download the WE Chat Tracker and save it in this folder.

That way, you can quickly and easily access it. You only need to download the Tracker once.

Just copy the Template Tab and make it a new Tab. Rename each new Tab for each WE Chat. That way all your WE Chat info is in one document.

2. Sign Up to WE Chat this Week

Use the Google Form to sign up for WE Chat.

This will put you on "the WE Chat Contact List" so other Women Entrepreneurs can reach out to you and vice versa.

3. Invite ...

Invite Women Entrepreneurs to WE Chat with you each week.

Review the WE Chat Contact List each week, to reach out to schedule a 15-minute, virtual WE Chat.

4. Agree on the specifics

Choose when, where and what tech to use.

You can use anything from Zoom to Facetime to an old fashioned phone call.

You are both busy Women Entrepreneurs, so please respect that the duration of each WE Chat is 15 minutes (for the entire conversation).

5. Quickly Interview your partner

Use PHB's WE Chat Tracker as a guide to follow our Advanced Networking Formula:
Share One Thing Biz, One Thing Personal, and One Thing for Support.

Pre-chat, take 3 mins (max) to jot down ideas for what you want to say, so you can be more clear, concise and "on point" during the conversation.

During each "WE Chat", Be sure to divide your time equally. It's a 15 minute conversation total, and you each have 7.5 minutes to share. Take notes on your WE Chat Tracker, otherwise, conversations disappear. Everyone’s time is valuable and deserves to be remembered.

6. Decide What's Next

If you "click" with each other during the WE Chat, the next step is to schedule more time together to establish a referral partnership or strategic alliance, etc.

PHB recommends scheduling a 1-hour Win-Win 1:1 using our proprietary Win-Win Log {Only PHB Members have access to the Win-Win Log}.

This is a proven methodology to get more yesses & referrals and to best promote each other.

WE Chat

frequently asked questions

Tell each other one thing you’re excited about promoting in your biz this month.

If you are still developing an offer, you could share why you started your biz; you could share when you are launching your product, service, book etc – even if you don’t have it yet

You could share something you’re proud of accomplishing, a testimonial, or even screen share with them a powerful visual representation of your biz – for example your homepage or a new flyer or biz card you just created .

Visual is memorable! 

When in doubt about what to prioritize sharing, ask yourself: “What will move my biz forward the fastest this month?”… Share that!

It’s important to get to know the Woman the biz, not just the biz. Because it’s the woman behind the biz, who is the one who could be your client, referral partner, strategic alliance, and/or friend.

Plus, from a promotion-training perspective their personal answers can make a BIG difference in how you’re talking about your biz and what you are even sharing with them.

For example, they might bring up they’re a mom or they’re a pet lover or they are in process of doing a general home remodel. These are clues into what the think are most relevant and important in their life right now… and also what they might be most interested in having you help them make a difference in.


What’s 1 thing you could use support in with biz? what’s also 1 thing you could use support in personally?

For ex: if support w/ biz: I’d like support to grow my biz, find an assistant, figure out social media marketing, get feedback on something etc

On the other hand, if it’s support personally. Examples could include: I’m looking for a GIFT for my friend, a person to train my dog, or how to learn Spanish

And Extra credit for sharing something you’d actually be willing to buy! Let’s support & refer HER Biz! 

If you want to move from “good” to GREAT “WE Chats” . . . here are 2 BONUS TIPS to keep in mind:

  1. Have Dialogues: The GOLD in the WE Chat isn’t just what you ANSWER – but rather what they think about what you ANSWER. So, for each of the 3 areas, make sure to be clear and concise, so there’s time to have them respond to what you’re saying. Make a WE Chat a dialogue – not just a monologue.
  2. Remember you don’t need to cover everything in 1 WE Chat: We highly encourage you to do weekly WE Chats – so you’ll have no shortage of changes to be masterful at chatting! Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly:)

Consider incorporating this month’s Secret to Network HER Way into your WE chats (download your Free 12 Secrets pdf here

At PHB, there are 12 Secrets to NHW and each month we focus on another way to help us get more Yeses and Referrals.

For example, in September, Secret # 9 is “Say whatcha Want Them to Say” – in other words focus on what you want other people to repeat about your biz. And if you don’t know what to “pick and stick to” – than you can use a WE Chat to do some market research.

For example, during the “One thing biz” part, you could say. 1 thing biz is I’m conducting market research. Which of these 2 taglines do you like better? etc. 

So, what if your partner is stuck on what to share for “One thing personal”?

It’s your job to set them up for success and have them feel like they’re in a “winning conversation”

So, you could say “you could share something high level about yourself… it doesn’t have to be super personal!”

Then, give them some examples: It can be sharing what you did this past weekend, what’s your favorite color, or what you’re excited about doing for fun in the future…

On your “WE Chat” Tracker, Question 4 is something that we’d recommend you wait to decide on until the end of your WE Chat – after both you and your partner have interviewed each other.

Otherwise, what could happen is that your partner interviews you, they really like you and ask to take the next step… However, after you interview them, you don’t feel the same way, and now you’re already locked in.

That could be awkward. 

So, instead, wait until the last minute or so and then, mutually decide if the next step is to scheduling a 1-hour 1:1.

What Criteria Should You Use to Decide if you should move from 15 min “WE Chat” to 1-hour “Win-Win” 1:1?

Here are some common reasons Women Entrepreneurs (WEs) in PHB”s global sisterhood have said they’ve moved to the next step:

  • Your partner has the same audience as you, and it would be easy for them to make referrals to you
  • You could already see yourself collaborating with your partner on something
  • Your partner was being supportive and they hardly know you – just imagine how much you could support each other if the relationship was deeper
  • You really “click”, like their personality, and just know you want to spend more time with them. You could see them as a biz friend, even if you don’t immediately know how you could support each other in biz

When in doubt, feel into what you should do, and trust your intuition:) 

What if they want to take the next step and you don’t?

Don’t do anything you don’t want to do – especially if it’s at the expense of time you could be putting into your biz.

Remember: “Time is Money AND Relationships Matter.” That’s why it’s important to consider both – and not one at the expense of the other. 

Specifically, it’s important to still end on a good note, even if you don’t take the next step. So . . . Just be lovingly and tactfully truthful with them.

Whatever you do, don’t lie.

If you say, “I’m not looking for a referral partner right now,” and then, they find out that you told someone you wanted them as your referral partner, that could hurt them. Plus, you and your biz brand will get known for lying – ouch!

That’s why, it’s better to give no reason than a reason that’s a lie.

Instead of lying or misleading, you could say:

  • “Now’s not the right time and I appreciate that we did get to meet today.” OR
  • “Now’s not the right time, and If I am able to support you – or think of anyone else who can – I’ll let you know.” OR
  • “Even though now’s not the right time for me to take the next step, would you be open to me telling you what I think is interesting about your biz?“

Whatever you do, make sure it feels authentic to you, is business savvy, and ends on a positive, supportive note!

If you want to be someone else’s referral partner and they so no… keep in mind: it’s the best result for both of you.

You don’t want to partner with someone who doesn’t value your relationship as much as you do; that’s not “win-win” . . .

And the point of “WE Chats” are to build  “Win-Win” relationships and get more results from them.

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Virtual Speed Networking {HER Way}

3rd Thursdays from 11AM-Noon Pacific
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Virtual Speed Networking (VSN) is Advanced Networking done HER way!

Learn & employ "The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way.” During multiple rounds of Networking, build more high-quality, profitable, Win-Win relationships & expand your global network.
Speed Network HER Way

Wild Card Networking

4th Thursdays from 4PM-6PM Pacific
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Each month at the Wild Card Networking Event, PHB presents a high-value, business-building training & networking event to create long-term Wild Success. Events include: Sensory Marketing Experience, Her Signature Spiel, Rock Black Friday & more.

Each event also includes a Workbook to create your “Wild Success Plan” in the next 30 days.
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PHB’s Private Networking Circles (PNC) are about creating an empowering, exclusive, close-knit environment for 6 – 15 Women Entrepreneurs to learn together, grow together, have fun together, speak more, and promote the heck out of each other’s businesses. Once you become a PHB Member, there is no additional cost to join – or start – a Private Networking Circle.

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Freide Lou-Iwamoto
Premier Financial Alliance, Inc.

PHB has resulted in increased sales, milestones met and a newfound confidence in myself

PHB has made a direct difference in my business success by not only providing me a tribe of supportive women but insight on tips and tricks on how to personally and professionally grow. This has resulted in increased sales, milestones met and a newfound confidence in myself and how I work my business.

Rosevera Amasa
Birth Doula and a Holistic Health Coach, Simply Nurturing

A game-changer for seeing more productivity in my business

Being a part of the PHB community has been so enriching. It’s helped me gain skills like public speaking, and learn how to collaborate with other women entrepreneurs more effectively. Participating in PHB’s trainings have also been a game changer for seeing more productivity in my business. I’m especially grateful for the amazing people I get to meet, know and build meaningful relationships and dreams with!

Amber Chang

Amber Chang
Founder, Bulldog & Bourbon

I leave PHB events with new leads and referrals

PHB is the most well-rounded networking group I’ve ever been a member of. There’s something for everyone no matter where you are in the life stage of your business. The Events each month are always fun and productive, and I leave events with new leads or referrals. The Round-table discussion allows me to do some market research.

Holly Hansen
Founder of Mental Spa Experiences, Four-Keys Coaching

Helped me Up-Level my business & connect with pretty awesome Women Entrepreneurs

It’s been awesome to find PHB’s Learning Community. I’ve learned new skills that have helped me Up-Level my business & connect with pretty awesome Women Entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as me. It’s like learning amongst friends!

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Her 5 Biggest Challenges Speakers Hub

HER 5 Biggest Challenges

Speaker’s Hub

Training Video

How to be an Expert Speaker at Her 5 Biggest Challenges

Speaker's Testimonials for 2023 Insert Here

The Step-by-Step Process


Provide Your Promotion Info: Fill out the Expert Info Google Form so that we have all your info to feature you as an Expert. Note: If you need to make any updates after submittal, please update the form and then tell Jos in the private FB Chat, so she can keep up with all speakers in 1 place and not go crazy:) Assume Jos did NOT receive your update, unless she replies that she has. Last day to submit changes on anything is 11:59pm Pacific Time on day of Kick-Off Call (see below). 


Register for the Event: Experts need to register as an attendee too, so you can be “in the loop” of all emails that go out about you – and have the same attendee experience as your invitees. You will also have access to download the Workbook that Attendees will use to track the discussion you are moderating.  Also, if you catch anything – typos, broken links, etc – let Jos know right away and she’ll make sure our PHB team fixes it, so we can have the most professional event. 


Participate in the Experts’ private FB Chat:  The chat is called: HER 5 BIGGEST Challenges <Year>. If you’re already a friend of Jōs’, she’ll auto-add you. Otherwise, request to join the group chat. The chat is an opportunity to ask Jos questions (other Experts are probably thinking as well) and get to know the other Experts pre-event. Let us know you’re in; introduce yourself, your biz and your discussion topic for the Event. 


Mark Your Calendar for the Event:

HER 5 BIGGEST Challenges is happening: <Thurs June 23rd from 5-7pm Pacific Time> via Zoom. Auto-add the event to your calendar by clicking on your calendar of choice. 


Watch the Entire Training Video: Watch the Expert Training to:

  • Review Event Format
  • Review Panel Format
  • Review Breakout Format
  • Learn Best Practices for Facilitation
  • Prep 2-3 moderator questions
  • And More . . .


Experts’ Kick-off Call: Meet other Experts, ask Jōs Q&As, brainstorm how to get your network excited about attending! Yes, this will be recorded and you’ll get the most value from attending in-person.

When:  (A little more than 2 weeks before) <Wednesday June 8th from 11 am -Noon Pacific Time> via zoom.

Deadline: your offer should be well-crafted an submitted to PHB for publication. If you need to inform PHB or edit your offer, please update the Experts Info Form.  Then tell Jos in the private FB Chat, so she can keep up with all speakers in 1 place. Assume Jos did NOT receive your update, unless she replies that she has. Last day to submit changes on anything is 11:59pm Pacific Time on day of Kick-Off Call.


Invite FREE Guests: Invite Women Entrepreneurs until 5 Register and confirm with you they will attend. Jōs will periodically give updates in our FB chat about RSVPs. And if you have a question about if one of your “peeps” RSVP’d, Jōs is happy to look them up and let you know.


Set Yourself Up for Success: 
Be prepared. Double-check everything on both the Registration & Free Offers webpage are correct about you and clickable. Practice the “Challenge Statement” you are going to say during the panel, be ready to facilitate your 3 Moderator Questions for the Breakouts & practice making your Free Offer that you will make at the Free Offer Pitch Panel. Also, remember to test your tech (zoom video/audio) ahead of time.   


Zoom-In Early the Day-Of:    Please arrive 10 mins early, so we make sure we’re good.

Use the button below to access our zoom meeting.

Only as Backup plan – go to zoom.us, join w/ meeting id: 928 1642 3602

If you need help once you are in the Zoom breakout room: Press the ? mark and let me know!

If you need help at any critical time: Text Me (see contact details below)


The Fortune is in the Followup: Feel free to reach out to any of the attendees who’ve shared their contact info on the Attendee Google Spreedsheet. Important: You cannot add anyone to your list without their permission/opt-in . . . but you can personally reach out and connect on social media, ask to do a Win-Win etc.  (Note: When they opt-in to PHB they’re not opting in to every Expert’s list)


Feedback is Always Appreciated: Would you please do us a quick Favor? Would you fill out The Experts’ Survey within 2 days of the Event? This is also a great way to harvest ideas about how to craft a survey for your own future events.

How PHB is Promoting YOU!

Contact Jōs

Not-Urgent - Email: Jos@PromoteHerBusiness.com
Semi-Urgent - FB Message: https://www.facebook.com/josephinehanan
Urgent - Text: 408-717-2289

Event Confirmation NHWM WB General

Next Steps . . .

Network HER Way Monday
Workbook & FB Live Info

Thanks for signing-up to be part of our monthly “Network HER Way Monday” FB Live events (along with the companion Workbook). Here we will be exploring all of The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way over the course of the year.

No matter what week of the month, or what month of the year, this is the perfect time to join us. Each month, we are delving into one Secret. And each week of the month we expressly explore how this Secret can help you evolutionize your networking results.

Your Action Items NOW...

Step 1

Keep on the lookout: At the beginning of each month (typically the 1st Sunday), we’ll send you the Network HER Way Workbook for each Secret via email. That way, you’ll have all the tools you need to join us each Monday for Network HER Way Monday Facebook Live.

Step 2

Join Us each Monday for our FB Live “Network Her Way Monday” Event.

Mondays | 8 am-ish Pacific Time | Promote Her Business FB Group

If you are not already a FB Group Member, register TODAY so you can start promoting right away and have access for the FB Live Event on Monday.

Step 3

Find / Review the Confirmation Email for event details. {If you cannot find it momentarily, check your junk folder.}

Mark your calendar (as a recurring event):

Mondays | 8 am-ish Pacific Time


Let's Network HER Way!

Event Confirmation WCSN

You're In!

"WE Chat" Speed Networking (WCSN)

Here are the Deets...


September 13, 2022
11 am - 1 pm Pacific Time


Video Conference
Link that Redirects to Zoom is below:


Action Items NOW...

Let's Network HER Way!

Event Confirmation IWD

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International Women's Day (IWD)

Here are the Deets...


March 8, 2023
11 am -12:30 pm Pacific Time


Video Conference
Link that Redirects to Zoom is below:


Action Items NOW...

Let's Network HER Way!

Event Confirmation PAF

You're In!

Promote-A-Friend (PAF)

Here are the Deets...


February 23, 2023
4 - 6 pm Pacific Time


Video Conference
Link that Redirects to Zoom is below:


Action Items NOW...

Let's Network HER Way!

Event Confirmation Her 5

You're In!

HER 5 Biggest Challenges (HER 5BC)

Here are the Deets...


June 22, 2023
5 - 7 pm Pacific Time


Video Conference via Zoom Link below:


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Let's Network HER Way!

Intro To WC Public

Whatcha Need to Know About . . .

Wild Card Networking

Create Your Wild Success Plan
at This Month’s Event!

This is a Members-Only Event


4th Thursdays from 4-6 pm Pacific Time


Zoom-in LIVE


Each month, PHB presents a high-value, business-building training & networking event to create long-term Wild Success. Including: Sensory Marketing Experience, Her Signature Spiel, Rock Black Friday & more … Each event also includes a Workbook to create your “Success Plan” in the next 30 days.

Shine at Wild Card Networking – 

Watch the Video Below

This is a Members-Only Event

Why Women Entrepreneurs ❤︎ Wild Card Networking & Trainings

During the Wild Card Event - "Sensory Marketing Experience" - I enjoyed integrating the different senses to create a powerful marketing message connecting with the audience. Loved the case studies/ comparison training.
I enjoyed the Wild Card Event - "Her Signature Spiel" - because I was able to get real feedback from my ideal clients. I learned what they were drawn to about my spiel and I learned what I can work on. This was also a helpful event because there were actionable items I can take away from it to truly elevate my spiel to attract who I want to and provide engaging information about what I do and how I do it!
What did I think of the Wild Card Event - "Rock Black Friday"? I rated it a 5 out of 5. This is my first time to promote on Black Friday so it is extremely helpful to do it in a safe place for the first time with your help.