What’s Missing from Covid-19 To-Do Lists?

What’s Missing from Covid-19 To-Do Lists?

14 Must-Knows . . . During the Pandemic!

We’d love to hear which of our Promote Her Business (PHB) community’s “Must-Knows” you LOVE the most!!

1) Stay Socially CONNECTED: Just because we are being told to “socially distance” ourselves (which is not a term I’m a fan of), doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stay Socially Connected. In fact, the more we feel like we’re in isolation, the more we need social connection. Instead of thinking of it as “social distancing”, think of it as “physical distancing” while intentionally keeping in contact with others ONLINE. 
  • Social connectedness is critically important to your overall well-being, getting through this scare without feeling so alone, while overcoming this “everyone’s on their own”, fear-based mentality that doesn’t lead anywhere good. I’m so glad our Promote Her Business community is here for each other, during this time of doing business as (un)usual.
2) Pay attention to the words we’re using, because words directly affect our thoughts, feelings, and actions. If you call something a “practice”, people will act differently than if you call it a “championship game,” right? Are your words helping us solve the problem – and contribute to being our Highest energized self each day– or are you adding to the fear? 3) Look for the Opportunity in the Threat: The good news is now that you’re spending more time at home – and more people are focused on themselves – it could be a great time to do things you’ve been procrastinating on. Clean your home office, get your financial systems in order, UPlevel your business/marketing/sales plan, and let your creativity go wild.  4) Think of it as Rescheduling NOT Canceling: Many Women Entrepreneurs have come to me this week with tears in their eyes. They have dedicated months and even an entire year creating in-person events, and are now sending out emails that everything is “canceled”. Will all their hard work go out the window? Now is the time to reframe your thinking. Instead of thinking of it — and messaging it — as “canceling” to your ideal audience, think of it as rescheduling instead.   
  • Have faith that when you do reschedule it… it will be greater than ever. Now you have some more time to think through things so that you can have your best event yet. Also, challenge yourself to adapt to the situation and see what you can do in the meantime online to keep supporting your community even though it’s not in-person. The show must go on… just in a new way. Get creative. Maybe you can’t facilitate the entire conference but you can still have a mini-workshop through video conference or FB LIVE etc.
5) Stay Positive: When I say positive, I mean positive. It means NOT saying you’re “just being realistic” – when what your saying has negative undertones and is far from neutral. I mean be Positive. Why? Because we are in a global scare, and when people are scared, they are emotional – they react, they don’t think – and this causes huge short-term problems and long term issues, we will need to clean up for generations to come. Right now we are at a tipping point for what people are going to do in face of being scared on a global scale, and being “realistic” (especially when it has the connotation of feeling like we’re alone and fending for ourselves), could push people into a panic. 
  • So, stay positive… meaning be hopeful, do everything to be you’re your Best, Highest Self every day … and even more so when you’re cooped up in the house and/or with people who are driving you crazy (grin).  Being positive does NOT mean being unrealistic; it does not mean pretending like it’s ok to spread the virus and not be responsible for your role in containment. What positive does mean is looking at what good things can come out of this situation, celebrating every time we get closer to a solution, staying socially connected (and supporting others well-being), practicing self-care so you can stay positive, being patient with others, and noticing how your reactions are either helping or hurting others from being positive too.  
6) Think for yourself: You are the CEO of your life, so trust your feelings and innate wisdom too. Although it’s important to keep informed about COVID-19 and listen to experts, ultimately no one is more of an expert on your life and what to do with your time, your family, and your business than you. Also, someone has to say it: We all bring our own biases and social, political, and commercial motives into recommendations (whether knowingly or not) – and people may try to take advantage of your fear and verge of panic — so it’s good to never just blindly follow anything. Think for yourself. 7) Take Ownership for being a Role Model: People often don’t do what you say, they do what you… do. You are a role model and people have been watching what you’re doing and copying your behavior (whether they tell you or not). As a thought leader in your business industry and a leader to your family/friends, what message are you currently sending your community through your actions?
  • What message do you want to be Intentionally Sending? Your community is looking for your guidance. What are you doing during the Scare – are you in “fight or flight” mentality… OR are you critically thinking through everything and making the best out of each day?
8) Stop the “Fend for Yourself” Thinking: I’m going to say something that might be stunning: Think bigger than yourself and your family. I understand family comes first, and at the same time, acting as if the only priority is to protect yourself does not help us relate to each other, collaborate, and be there for each other on a local or global scale. It divides us, it doesn’t unite us in coming to solutions as quickly as possible and spreading solutions. Let’s be there for each other, even if they’re not family… and even if they’re strangers. For example, if you have hoarded toilet paper (wink) and a neighbor runs out, give them some. If other people don’t know where to go to get tested, proactively share with the community where you went… let’s help each other out and be evolved in coming together as a global community and learning from each other about best practices during these uncertain times. 
  • To me, your true sign of character and caring comes out… not when things are going well… but when you are being challenged and it’s all too tempting to be in our own world at the expense of others.  
9) Never Underestimate Your Contribution/Expertise to the Solution: You might not be a medical expert and you might not be working on the cure to COVID-19, but so what? That doesn’t mean you aren’t an expert in something related to COVID-19. What you have to say matters, and never let someone else play down the credibility of what you say (including YOU)!!
  • What’s going on globally today has much bigger implications than just physically the virus itself. It has social, political, economic, emotional, financial, family and spiritual implications that are important too – and no one is an expert in all those areas; each of us plays a part. We need to do what we can in our sphere of influence to be a contribution to the solution, as well as getting through each day and avoiding fear-based, knee-jerk reactions, which lead to panic.
  • Just this week, a guy said to me that my concern about the term “social distancing” was “nit-picky” and distracted us from focusing on America’s “true problem”… containment. He totally invalidated my expertise as a Strategic Messaging Coach/ Women Entrepreneurship Expert and the implications of words unintentionally contributing to fear, big hits in business, and panic. Instead of arguing, I listened to his viewpoint, and then, thought for myself and made “Stay Socially Connected” point #1, since that’s how important I still think it is:)
10) Be a Healthy-Her & practice self-care: The world has changed and we are either evolving with it or suffering from it. What can you do to heal any pain, suffering, upsets you have going on in your life right now… in addition to all the frustrations, challenges and worry generated by this Scare? To be your Best Self and a Role Model during these uncertain times, you need to take care of yourself and make sure your body, mind, and spirit are being fueled and nourished.  
  • Are you getting 6-8 hours of sleep? Are you putting foods in your body that nurture you, as opposed to drain you? As the 2020 headline of TIME Magazine proclaimed: “Alternative med is the new mainstream” – are you leveraging alternative med? Are you getting exercise… or are you using being “cooped up” as an excuse to sabotage yourself?   
11) Pay attention to who you are surrounding yourself with: Their energy affects your energy, as well your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. If you are feeling stuck in a household with some Negative Nellies… it’s even more important that you intentionally find an ONLINE outlet and community to uplift you while helping more people be uplifted too.  
  • Even if people in your household are positive, it’s still important to talk to people outside your household to gain new perspectives on the situation, have vulnerable conversations about what’s going on for you and your business right now, brainstorm creative ways to do business as (un)usual, and cheer each other on! No one can be everything to everyone; give your family a break; talk to other people too
12) Keep supporting local business and Women Entrepreneurs: Although people are buying up all the basic “staples” and hoarding toilet paper, a lot of businesses (especially small and woman-owned) are taking a major hit right now. People don’t know what to do, and while they’re reflecting, they’re not buying products or participating in important services which can help more successfully navigate through this scare. Let’s keep contributing to the economy by being role models of using our dollars as our vote for what’s important and should stay in business.  
  • Are you continuing to spend what you regularly spend? What’s important is not just toilet paper and the basics; it’s also continuing to buy business, health, relationship products/services – and participating in online events — that will help us transition from “wait and see” to “let’s have a great life in the meantime” mode:)  
13) Appreciate each other: It’s important to realize that many businesses are bending backward and creatively evolving to support our needs online … They are tirelessly investing time, money and effort to avoid disrupting services, and they’re moving everything online as seamlessly as possible. Let’s show them we appreciate their efforts (like we’d want our ideal audience to appreciate our efforts) and take them up on what they’re offering.   14) Learn from Entrepreneurs: There are many things that entrepreneurs have learned from corporate; like structures, policy, scaling, mass marketing, and sustainability. And it feels REALLY GOOD to be able to say that the COVID-19 Scare has put us in a situation where people are the world can most benefit by thinking more like Entrepreneurs. Employees are working from home, having to adapt to new situations, be creative, and even use new online technology to stay connected. 
  • Entrepreneurs, this is a time to shine and share your expertise. It’s a time to own being visionaries/innovators/thought leaders, and help others adopt more of an entrepreneurial-mindset too… because when things are risky, uncertain, and there are problems to be solved, this is when WE are at our best!
So, what else could you be missing during these unparalleled times?  There’s always something new to stay informed about, right?  That’s why it’s more important than ever to consider joining Promote Her Business’ (PHB) global sisterhood of Women Entrepreneurs, so we can keep learning together & growing our business {together}.  Start PHB Membership for Only $1, and build more inspiring, win-win relationships with other supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs this month.  Let’s Network HER Way! Love, Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

Do you Really Know what Your Employees are saying about your business?

Do you really know what your employees are saying about your biz?

I’ve got to tell you this Funny Story…

So, I was just in a really cool candy store (yes, they still really exist) … With a delicious looking and smelling chocolate bar in my hand ….

As I’m about to pay, I say to the employee at the register: “I LOVE your store; it’s been forever since I’ve been in one of these!”

This employee looks at the chocolate treat in my hand and says: ” Yes, it’s a dangerous place to be in if you haven’t eaten lunch yet. I always tell customers to go to lunch first and then, come back … Or they might hate themselves later!”

So, this employee convinced me! 

I walked out of the candy store with no purchase … Proud not to mitigate my Yoga results … Thank you employee! And sorry business owner.

And no, I definitely did not come back after lunch.

Do You Know What Other People Are Saying About Your Business? 

If you have employees or assistants, are you in tune with what they’re saying to your customers? Is it time to do another marketing huddle on what they are literally saying and maybe also emphasize what should be avoided? 

Even if you don’t have employees, let’s say you are in the direct sales industry, do you know what other people on your team — and in your business — are saying to promote the business? In general, are they hype-e, pushy, or genuinely friendly and doing what’s in the best interest of the potential customer?  That directly impacts the entire business’ reputation and how open potential customers are to your business before you even speak to them. 

I often suggest to direct sales people to go to networking events and stand in the same circle as other people in their business, so they know what’s really being said (as opposed to the script that is supposed to be said).  

Are You Being a Great Role Model of What You Want Said?

Most importantly, are you listening to the words that are coming out of your own mouth, as a role model?  

Are you authentically best representing yourself and your business? 

And when you say something that is not aligned with your business intention, what do you do? Do you instantly recognize it? Do you correct it? Or do you let your ideal audience walk out of your figurative store with no purchase in hand? 

UPlevel Your Reputation and Business Results  

Is it time to UPlevel what you’re saying… and be the most compelling you’ve ever been? Is it time to make sure your team and referral partners are on the same page too? Then, we invite you to Join PHB for Only $1.

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Let’s Network HER Way! 


Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

Not Always Exciting But Wow Do They Pay-Off!

Not always exciting but wow do they pay-off!

Have you ever heard that having a System is key to business success?

But what is exactly meant by “System”, as you can’t do what you can’t define.  According to BusinessDictionary.com, a System is “a set of detailed methods, procedures and routines created to carry out a specific activity, perform a duty, or solve a problem.”

As Michael E Gerber, author of The E-Myth (which is PHB recommended book to read), once said: “Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably.” 

Resistance to Systems

So, why then do so many Women Entrepreneurs resist having a system? 

  • Why do they prefer to fly by the seat of their pants, keep changing up what they do and say, and resist documenting things, which then, makes it impossible to delegate them?  
  • Why do Women Entrepreneurs say they want consistency and predictable returns and yet, operate their business counter-intuitively? 

I’m not going to kid you. As a self-declared creative visionary myself, having a System at first strikes me as boring and repetitive … But wow does it produce results for a business.

Let me give you a real life success story from my Heated Yoga class (and see if this alters how you think about the benefit of systems too!).  

What We Can Learn from My Heated Yoga’s System

My entire 8am Heated Yoga class was packed — mat to mat this morning.  And get this… we weren’t doing anything new… in fact, it was the opposite.  This Heated Yoga class has a system for having the entire class do the same 26 poses —  with the same explanations – and the same high quality instructors — day after day after day …  As this is my 56th day of a 60 day Heated Yoga challenge, I’ve heard and done the same thing 56 times!

And yet, Me — one of the worlds most easily bored people – is still going back for more.

Somehow clients like consistently knowing what they’re getting and can then easily tell others what they’ll be getting.  The yoga instructors also seem to like having the same script, because even though they say the same thing, the class may hear something differently in what is being said that affects their pose (or maybe they totally tuned out the other 55 times, and it takes the 56th time to hear it!).  Plus, the entire Yoga Studio — from the receptionist to the Instructors to the cleaning staff — is on the same page about what it means — and what it doesn’t — to facilitate Heated Yoga, because it’s consistent. 

So, entrepreneurs, I don’t know about you … But I’d rather be bored and profitable then constantly amusing myself by changing and broke….

Powerful lesson. Thank you heated yoga for your business brilliance (and for my flatter tummy)!

What’s Your System?

Now is the time to ask yourself: Do you have a documented system to run your business?

If you do have a system, how often do you revisit it? Are you making sure that you are not the only one who knows what it is… and that anyone on your team is as in tune with it as you are? 

On the flip side, if you don’t have a system, is now the time to create it? 

It doesn’t matter if you are a solo-preneur, a system still ensures that you are providing a consistent level of service excellence, helps people you network with consistently understand what you do, and gives you a way to start to be able to predict your monthly income and results.  Creating a System is also key to having coaches/consultants be able to better support you, so both you — and they — can see how your business operates at a glance and then, more easily guide you on how to UPlevel it.   

Expedite Your Results with PHB’s “Network HER Way” System  

Creating a biz system — and continually UPleveling it — can be challenging, right? 

Here’s the great news: Just because you’re in business for yourself, does NOT mean you need to be by yourself.  Lock arms with our Promote Her Business’ global community of Women Entrepreneurs, who are here to help you get more Yeses and Referrals – month-over-month – in a proven, systematic way for Advanced Networking.  

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HER Way Works!  

Systemize Success,

Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

What “Little Things” Will Make the Difference in Your Business?

What “Little Things” Will Make the Difference in Your Business?

My favorite quote of all times is: “Remember the little things — for one day, they will be the BIG things!” (An anonymous quote I found when making a printshop card when I was 10 years old.)

This is especially important to keep in mind when things are not working the way you had hoped and your attitude is becoming negative. Check out Tony Robbin’s 2 minute talk about how you might just be a millimeter away from success.    

Whether it’s the millimeter in Tony Robbins’ golf game; the millimeter in adjusting your posture in a heated yoga pose; or finding the millimeter improvement that will have a huge impact on your business… The little things are the BIG Things! 

Your Millimeter Difference

Ask yourself:  What is the biggest area you want to move forward in your business (especially an area that isn’t working the way you want it to)?  Now, how can you make a millimeter improvement in that area starting this week? 

If you don’t know — it’s worth working with an expert to support you! Otherwise, you may be taking a lot of time and effort in an activity that is not likely to get you where you want to go, when someone could have just guided you on what was most worth your time.  

(As you can hear in Tony’s example — as famous and masterful as he is, Tony still invests in programs and people to coach and/or instruct him and help him figure out what will make the millimeter difference!)

To discover what you could be missing in your biz results, lock arms with our Promote HER Business (PHB) community! Join PHB for Only $1 . . . and experience our “Network HER Way” system (an empowering, 100% virtual program).  

Participate in 5 monthly, virtual Network HER Way events (around your schedule), benefit from additional promotional opportunities, and build more inspiring, Win-Win relationships this month! 

Time to go that extra millimeter {together}!  


Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

Did You Fall? It’s Time to Lean Forward.

Did You Fall? It’s Time to Lean Forward.

(Day 48 of the 60 Day, Heated Yoga Challenge) 

Today, I fell on my butt.  Not once, but twice — during something called “toe stand”… but then I had an epiphany, thanks to my yoga teacher!

After the 2nd fall, my teacher said she was noticing a pattern in how I was falling (not just from today, but from the other times she had observed me in class).  Specifically, every time I fell, she noticed I was leaning backwards. 

She lovingly pointed out that I could learn something from inquiring into why I fell (as opposed to just be embarrassed about falling in front of the class).   Then, she asked me if I was open to trying toe stand a new way — such as by leaning forward instead of leaning backwards?

What a brilliant idea! What I realized (after class) was that if my teacher hadn’t said to intentionally think about WHY I fell — and go into the posture trying something new — I would have unthinkingly done the same motion. And then, I would have ended up back on my butt for the same reason.

Not to say, that even with leaning forward, I still won’t fall (in fact, I did fall!).  Because it doesn’t mean I’ll get it right the 1st time (or even the 2nd or 3rd time) . . . even if I am doing it the right way.   

So, what’s the bottom line? The fact that I’m learning from my mistakes and falling in a new way is something to be Proud of. I am making progress and crossing off the ways Not to do it (of which I know many). And it’s inevitable that one day, I will be a toe stander!

(In fact, as I’m editing this blog — which is at least a year since I wrote it — I can now do toe stand by leaning more forward (grin))

I think the same goes for business. Over my business career, I have fallen pretty hard — at least Three times — very publicly — on my butt.

And it’s time to stop beating myself up for falling and letting embarrassment stagnate me.  Instead, it’s time to focus on the learning and being intentional about not repeating what doesn’t work.  

Moreover, it’s time to start giving myself some Serious Credit for now being able to check off 3 ways not to succeed in business (grin)

Enough about Me… Where are You Falling? 

What is the place in your business that you have fallen, and it hurts the most?  

Is it time to inquire into why you fell, so you don’t make the same mistake and/or hire a coach/consultant and/or participate in a program to help you see what you may be missing?   

What is 1 new action you can take to “lean forward” … toward your dream (even if it might mean you may fall again)? 

Most importantly, give yourself credit for staying in the game — which many business owners don’t — and being a role model to other Women Entrepreneurs to do the same. You rock!  

Believing In Each Other (even when we fall) 

Being in business is no easy thing — and as you know — and it hurts really bad to fall down on our dreams (I’m tearing up as I’m writing this!). 

That’s why it’s more important than ever to lock arms with other supportive, purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs, who get where you’re coming from, are here to promote and peer-mentor each other, and believe in each other’s greatness.  

We’d LOVE for you to see for yourself by participating in our Promote HER Business (PHB) community. Join PHB for only $1 and experience “Networking HER Way”! 

Participate in 5 monthly, virtual Network HER Way events (around your schedule), benefit from additional promotional opportunities, and build more inspiring, Win-Win relationships! 

Let’s Lean Into Greatness {together}!


Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

Are You Getting Enough Acknowledgment?

Are You Getting Enough Acknowledgment?

Let’s talk about acknowledgement.  Are you getting enough of it?  Over the last decade, I’ve found in networking conversation – after networking conversation – with Women Entrepreneurs that acknowledgement is something everyone seems to need more of {myself included}! 

But how do we get the level of acknowledgement we deserve? At Promote Her Business, we believe the first step is to start by giving ourselves more compliments and celebrating our small wins (especially the ones others don’t notice).

So I’ll proudly start the acknowledgement trend:

Today in yoga, I was doing Eagle pose and for the 1st time EVER I got my left foot to almost go behind my leg. I Rock!! Just saying.  And my hope is that my left foot will serve as a role model to my right foot … That it, too, can follow in its “footsteps” (grin). 

What do YOU deserve to acknowledge yourself for Today? 

  • What’s 1 compliment you’d like to give yourself personally?
  • What’s 1 compliment you’d like to give yourself professionally? 

If there’s anything I would want to leave you with it’s this:  Compliments lead to Confidence. This is so important to keep in mind given that so many Women Entrepreneurs say that they want to have a breakthrough in confidence.  

Now to be clear… when I say “compliments lead to confidence”… I don’t mean giving yourself fake compliments like ‘I look so pretty today”, when you are totally not feeling it. What I do mean is giving ourselves compliments that we know matter to us, are breakthroughs in our performance (no matter how small) and give us pride in ourselves and our growth.  And with that said, saying to yourself: “I look so pretty today” is a great idea as long as you believe it and feel like it’s a compliment you’re ready to take in.  

If you give yourself a compliment and it doesn’t feel authentic — or like not you’re ready to accept it (yet) — that’s ok. Choose something else to acknowledge yourself for; there is always more there than you might realize. 

Ready for a challenge?

Give yourself 2 compliments (1 personal, 1 professional) each day for the next week… and then, the next step is to move from this being a challenge exercise to making it a best practice in your life.  

Keep Accountable and Accelerate Your Business Results  

To keep accountable for the best practices in business — while having other Women Entrepreneurs acknowledge your awesomeness — join our Promote Her Business (PHB) global community. Start PHB Membership for only $1 & let’s “Network HER Way”! 

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Here’s to Acknowledging You!

Keep rockin’ it,

Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

The Top 7 Pet Peeves of Women Networkers

The Top 7 Pet Peeves of Women Networkers

Ladies, let’s face it: When you attend as many networking events/groups — as the Women Entrepreneurs in our Promote Her Business (PHB) community — in addition to accumulating business cards, it’s also easy to accumulate pet peeves.

And sometimes it’s best to get them out in the open — not to be negative or create drama — but rather, to be able to articulate what’s not working — or not working as well as you’d like… so you can tackle the issues head-on and create the Ultimate “Network HER Way” experience (which is exactly what we’re doing at Promote Her Business and appreciate your feedback too).

Here are THE Top 7 Networking Pet Peeves (I’ve heard about all sorts of networking groups over the last decade)…

Do any of these sound familiar? Or make you happy that other women feel like this too!!

1) Attendees Value Short-term Gains over Meaningful Relationships  

People only care about getting immediate business from you. And if you don’t seem to want to buy their products/services today, your relationship is over before it began.

2) Ego-centric 

People have no interest in what you do… they hardly ask you any questions. On the contrary, the only thing they care about is promoting their business until you make up an excuse to get away!

3) Not on the Same Page 

People don’t ask your permission before adding you to their list and/or are consistently calling you about attending events you never expressed interest in getting more information about.

4) Unwelcoming 

People act like they’re back in high school. They stand in circles with friends and make it very difficult for new people to break in. And when you talk, they nod their heads to pacify you and then, go back to their conversations, and never offer to introduce you to others.

5) Boring and Redundant

Sure, there are highly repeated, old-school formats for networking — such as where people sit in a circle week after week and do the same 1-minute commercial until you know everyone’s commercials so well that you want to bang your head against the wall, fall asleep or give yourself a high-five for taking yourself to the next level . . . of patience (lol).

And clearly, so many networking groups wouldn’t be boring their members with such an overused format if it didn’t produce results, right? Or, could there be more interesting formats to achieve the same (or even BETTER) results –but it’s just easier doing what’s always been done? 

What’s interesting is a lot of duplicated networking formats are done from a male paradigm — wouldn’t it be cool to explore what it means to “Network HER Way”? {Especially since it’s helping Women Entrepreneurs get more networking results than ever!} 

6) Painful to Watch

Oh, and don’t even get us started on forcing people with an extreme fear of public speaking to present their business in front of a group… as a “perk” of being in a group. Seriously?!! It’s like giving someone with a fear of spiders the “perk” of holding a tarantula at the zoo.

Although we can’t argue that terrified business owners are entertaining to watch (rolls eyes…) — the reality is that a tortuous business presentation is usually ineffective since it focuses both the speaker and the audience on the Wrong Thing.

Instead of focusing the entrepreneur on presenting their products/services in the best light; the entrepreneur is focused on not passing out in front of the audience, and in turn, the audience is focused on feeling sorry for them (as opposed to focusing on why they’d want to buy what they’re selling)!

7) In-authentic

And then, who hasn’t been to a “business” networking group (emphasis on Business), where people say that it’s all about “getting to know each other” socially, and it’s looked down upon to promote what you do? It’s always a bad sign when you start to feel Guilty that your Passion in life IS to help people through your business. Instead, you feel peer pressured to say your passion is some hobby (which you haven’t had time to do … while you were working on your real passion — your business!)

So, how does PHB Create a More Empowering Context for Networking? 

Although our Promote Her Business community is far from perfect — and we genuinely want Your Feedback on continually improving— here are some things we can promise you:

1) Focus on Deeper Relationships: 

We don’t believe in card-and-runs (where people take your business card and never follow up with you again). That’s why we have unique formats to build Deeper Relationships Faster. 

But don’t believe us, join us as a FREE Guest for PHB’s Virtual Speed Networking and build more inspiring, Win-Win relationships while applying one of “The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way” to get more Yeses & Referrals.

2) Put the Spotlight on Others: 

PHB’s events are designed to have Women Listen, have Vulnerable Conversations, and Ask Questions about each other’s businesses (goodbye ego-centric events!) We even go as far as to test our ability to promote each other during Win-Win 1:1’s by using something we call “The A+ Test.”  PHB Members are encouraged to participate in 2 Win-Wins per month — both at events like Global Networking Circle — as well as by initiating Win-Wins with our global sisterhood of Women Entrepreneurs around their schedule. PHB Members are proud to shine the brightest spotlight on each other.   

3) Culture of “Soft-Selling”:

Pushing things on people is not cool, and neither is spamming Facebook groups! If you do this, PHB will not be a good fit for you. With that said, there is a difference between pushing others and promoting your business in agreed-upon ways on our Promote Her Business public Facebook. For example, feel free to participate in Promote Your Business Thursdays (where you can post any product, service, or event you’re offering) or #FavPostFriday (where you re-post other Women Entrepreneurs’ posts, so ladies get a second chance to see posts they might have missed).  Join our PHB FB group here. 

4) Collaboration over Competition: 

At PHB, we don’t do cliques — in fact, we design our events to get to know new people and to be peer mentors. Rather, we believe in collaboration over competition, so Women Entrepreneurs in the same industry can learn from each other and compare notes.

For example: PHB Round-Table Networking is an interactive and empowering way for PHB Members to share their business experiences, best practices, and sticking points . . . while Networking HER Way {aka: collaboratively}!

5) Networking HER Way: 

We believe there are many ways to get a successful result when networking — and using an overdone format doesn’t have to be one of them! That’s why PHB formats are very innovative and unique… and they aren’t like any other women’s group, business group, or networking group.  

At PHB, we “Network HER Way” … and put on 5 virtual, networking events each month, which are very fun, very memorable, and highly rewarding! 

For example: Ladies rave about our monthly, Wild Card Networking event.  Each month, PHB changes up the format to keep things interesting and go with the flow of what’s going on in the world. We’ve done Barter Networking, Promote-A-Friend, Declaration Rally formats, and more… Start PHB Membership for only $1 to experience what next month’s format will be (grin). 

6) Speaking Perks:

The only people who get the “perk” of speaking are Women who actually want to be on stage. When you become a PHB Member, you can apply to join or start a PHB Private Networking Circle — for no additional cost — and experience what having a 30-minute, Get-To-Know Spotlight is like!  In addition, you can regularly have your voice heard by posting to our  PHB FB group. 

7) Online and Offline Promotion: 

Women have been anonymous and hidden away enough over the centuries. We are called Promote Her Business for a reason, and we won’t bait and switch you when you join us. Yes, you will make new friends; yes, you can socialize; and yes, your business won’t be the only thing you talk about. 

But you will ALWAYS get to promote your business– without guilt. And we firmly believe in promoting your business and each other — Online. Offline. All the time.  The more people know us, the more they think of us 1st and buy from Women Entrepreneurs 1st. And we believe in focusing on promoting yourself – and your networking strategy – so much that we have Your Monthly Networking Plan zoom, so ladies can set themselves up for success month-over-month {together}. 

What’s the Next Step?

Have some of your biggest pet peeves have been addressed in the Promote Her Business community?

If so, we invite you to Start PHB Membership for $1 Today. 

Attend 5 virtual “Network HER Way” events per month around your schedule. Get to know our global sisterhood of Women Entrepreneurs to get more referrals, build more Win-Win relationships & inspire more women to do business with you.

Let’s Network HER Way! 


Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

PHB’s Dream for Women Entrepreneurs

PHB’s Dream for Women Entrepreneurs

Our Promote HER Business Sisterhood – of inspiring Women Entrepreneurs (WE) – has a dream that women everywhere will step into their power… and be the leaders the world’s been waiting for.


We have a dream that women will speak out about their great products, great services and great ideas… unapologetically.

  • We have a dream that women will be PROUD of the brand called THEM
  • We have a dream that women will only create brands that matter and make a difference
  • We have a dream that women will leverage their network to promote each other and spread important solutions

We have a dream that women will create more businesses that more women can rise up in.

  • We have a dream that women will get more funding than ever before
  • We have a dream that women will be independent and yet, delegate more
  • We have a dream that women will be gentle on themselves and take as many breaks, vacations and massage sessions as they need

We have a dream that women will do more than “disrupt” the world; they will “direct” the world on how to collaboratively progress.

  • We have a dream that women will stay abreast of what’s going on in the world and courageously stand up for what they believe in and be civically engaged
  • We have a dream that women will get on more Stages and be thought of 1st, so they can be bought from 1st  
  • We have a dream that “Mom-preneurs” will revolutionize what it means to be on the “mommy track”, so more women have role models of being on a lucrative, prestigious and family-friendly track 

We have a dream that when future generations think about “history’s best entrepreneurs” – they think of countless Women Entrepreneurs – and not only of men, who started in their garages.

We have a dream that women won’t stop until they leave a legacy.


Ladies… This Is YOUR Month. This is YOUR Year. This is YOUR Life.

We Believe in YOU. So, Dream BIG and Prove Us Right!

Plus, you are not alone. Our Global Sisterhood cares about you. When you Join the Network HER Way Accelerator (NHWA), we’ll be here dreaming with you!  

Network HER Way during weekly, virtual networking events with our global community of inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, who are rooting for YOU to succeed:)  Plus, learn best practices to accelerate your networking results this quarter!

Let’s manifest our biggest dreams {together}!

We’ve got this,

Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

What Type of Networker Are You?

What Type of Networker Are You?

What is your Networking M.O. (Modus Operandi)? 

Ladies, no matter if you’re a Newbie Networker, an Intermediate Networker, or an Advanced Networker, there is always room to grow into your highest self, get more networking results, and be a role model to more people. 

Take the following assessment, and first decide if you’re: 

  1. Answering about how you network OR
  2. Answering how your team networks

Now picture you — and/or your team’s — overall networking style. Then, ask yourself the following 12 Questions to get a comprehensive sense of your Networking M.O: 

1. Are you representing yourself as “Hot or not”?  

In other words, when you go to an event or have your ideal audience see or hear you over phone or video conference, do you come across as “hot” or “not”? Are you wearing a “power outfit”, and do you sound confident and compelling?  

2. Are you more Strategic or Reactive?  

Before going to a networking event, do you set a goal about  “what it means to win”? Or do you “wing it” and hope for the best?

3. When you network, do you focus on Online, Offline, OR Both? 

Before Covid-19, many Women Entrepreneurs’ strategy heavily relied on in-person events and in-person networking groups… and then, everything shifted.  We are in a “new normal” and Virtual Networking via video conference is critical to keep building inspiring, Win-Win relationships in our climate of uncertainty and disruption.  Check out How to Start PHB and participate in 5 monthly, virtual “Network HER Way” events around your schedule, while getting additional promotional opportunities! 

But what if: in addition to building relationships with PHB’s global community, you also want to be in a more exclusive circle of friends… whether that’s face-to-face via video conference or in-person?  

When you become a PHB Member, you also have the option to  join or start a small Private Networking Circle at no additional charge. You can then participate in an exclusive Circle of trust and support with the most supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs you know, while leveraging PHB’s “Network HER Way” formats:)

4. In general, are you more likely to be Early or Late?

As my former high school Marching Band Director often repeated: “To be on time, is to be late!”  When you get to networking events later, you are sabotaging yourself from connecting with more people if you had come earlier… 

5. Are you In the Networking Game from the moment you arrive or In Wait? 

Do you find that it takes you time to “warm up” to the event, or are you in your confident networking energy from the time you walk in the door and/or join the video conference?  Pick a visual trigger — such as walking through the door OR turning your video camera on during Zoom — to remind you to step into your highest, most vibrant energy. 

6. During the networking event, are you more Present or Distracted? 

Do you feel like you spend most of your time looking at your phone, paying attention to disruptions, and/or figuring out who you will talk to next? OR do you feel like you are listening to others as you wish others would listen to you and differentiating yourself by being fully present? 

7. Does you networking feel more like a Conversation or a Presentation? 

Are you “speaking at” or “speaking with” people?  Does your networking feel more like a mini presentation or more like a meaningful conversation?  Do you find you are listening more or talking more? 

Here’s a HUGE clue: Is your ideal audience asking you questions to show they want the conversation to continue?

8. Do you feel like you are more likely to be Approached by Others or more likely to Approach Others? 

Approaching others takes courage . . . especially when you’re trying to break into circles of people, who haven’t welcomed you in. Once you are someone who is not afraid to approach others, others are more likely to approach you, because they feel your confident energy and are more likely to be attracted to it. And when we say, “others,” we mean others who you want approaching you (not just “others,”  who see you as this introvert & think it would be easy to aggressively approach you, because you’re not talking to anyone – yuck!). 

9. Are you more likely to Connect Others or Are you Waiting to be Connected?

Are you acting like you’re just another participant at the event (and blending in with the scenery) or are you differentiating yourself by acting like you’re the host and going out of your way to introduce the people you meet to other people?  As my friend, Tony Wilkins, an Advanced Networking Expert used to say: Always ask — “What do you need and how can I help you?”

10. Are others Interested in what you’re saying, or are you trying to be Interesting?  

When you’re at a networking event, do you find that others are asking you questions and genuinely interested in what you have to say? Or, do you feel like it’s an uphill battle, where you’re constantly having to convince others, because they don’t seem to get it?

11. Are you more Organized or Disorganized both at the event and afterwards?

At networking events, does the way you pass out your business cards and/or marketing collateral look professional, or are items falling out of your purse and/or plastic baggie?

Also, after an event, do you have an organization system to easily figure out who were your hottest leads and remember what you spoke about?  

12. Are you more likely to Follow-up or Waste Your Time?

The fortune is in the follow-up and at PHB, we always say: “The more time goes by, the less likely your ideal clients are to buy”. 

For every event you put on your calendar, are you also putting time on your calendar for follow-up? Moreover, are you making sure that follow-up is being done in a timely manner… ideally, within 24- 48 hours?  

Draw Your Own Conclusions…

Now, given what you discovered about yourself, how would you describe your Networking M.O.?

Even more interestingly, how are you committed to having your Networking M.O. be?  

Participate in PHB’s virtual “Network HER Way” Events

It’s time to step into your Networking Greatness and shine the brightest spotlight on your biz {and other Women Entrepreneurs too}!  Start PHB Membership for only $1and let’s Network HER Way!  

Attend 5 virtual “Network HER Way” events per month — around your schedule. Get to know our global sisterhood of Women Entrepreneurs to get more referrals, build more Win-Win relationships & inspire more women to do business with you.

Looking forward to getting to know you {& your Networking M.O.} soon! 

HER Way Works, 

Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

Get More Yeses with 1 Simple Action

Get More Yeses with 1 Simple Action

What if: Day after day, more of your ideal audience said YES to what you’re offering?  Start by taking 1 simple action, which can transform your life and help you get more results than ever before! 

Yes Tip #1: Invite them Anyway 

People have enough of their own excuses, so don’t give them anymore.

If you’re on the fence about inviting someone, let them make up their own mind.  Invite them!  

If you haven’t talked to them in a while — Invite them as a way to re-connect…. 

If they already do events or buy products/services like yours (that means they’re more likely to do more — not less),  Invite them!  

If they’ve never done events or buy products/services like yours, don’t stifle their opportunity to try something new, learn something new, and grow. Invite them!  

If you think they may live “too far” away, see if that’s really their concern or just yours (see if they even bring it up). Invite them!  

(*I’ve flown across the country during the Super Bowl to go to marketing trainings, attended a Women Entrepreneur Conference on Valentine’s Day and took one of the most transformational courses of my life on New Year’s!)  

Are you starting to see a pattern? 

But what if you don’t think they have enough money to go?  Stop insulting their ability to find the money to get what they want: Invite them!  

But what if they’re super busy people? It tells you they can do more than most people do, so if anyone can figure out a way to work with you — it’s them. Invite them!  

But what if they’ll think you’re salesy? If you think they can benefit from growing themselves, their business, and/or their high powered connections and you don’t invite them, you are doing them a Disservice — Invite them!  

But what if they’re a celebrity — or they seem like “way out of your league” — and it’s hard for you to challenge yourself to even talk to them? LEVEL UP . . . Invite More People Who Challenge YOU to Be the BEST You when you talk to them!

But what if it’s 24 hours before the event?  At PHB, our mantra is “Play till the end” — This means to give everyone every opportunity to do what’s best for themselves and/or their business.  Invite them!  

And if there’s anything else you have a question/concern about — or any excuse that stands in your way of inviting — feel free to comment below, and  I’d love to give you my opinion on it — although you’d probably guess what I’d say (GRIN)

We’d also like to Invite YOU to…

Lock arms with Promote Her Business’ (PHB) global community. Start PHB Membership for only $1, and play to get more Yeses month-over-month by Networking HER Way! 

As a PHB Member, participate in PHB’s 5 monthly, virtual “Network HER Way” events (around your schedule), learn best practices in promotion, and accelerate your business, referral & Win-Win relationship success! 

So, can we count you in? 

We sure hope so and are looking forward to getting to know you & introducing you to PHB’s global sisterhood of purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs:)

Let’s Network HER Way! 

Keep inviting, 

Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l