Join the Silicon Valley (SV) Chapter … and Let’s Have More Women Entrepreneurs — and Male Allies — Get Known in a BIG WAY!

Come network with an entrepreneurial community you can bank on! And in the process, get known as a community who cares about each other’s challenges, is committed to each other’s success, and is all about building long-lasting, win-win relationships which pay off!

When You Join our SV Chapter — PHB’s ground-breaking, founding chapter — you will be connected with some of the most driven, supportive, and trail-blazing entrepreneurs in all of Silicon Valley.  Think of PHB like a combination of your favorite networking group PLUS a year-round marketing/sales education program.

Mark Your Calendar:  Connect with us at 2, off-the-charts, live events per month: 2nd Tuesday Networking/Ultimate Promotion Contest (6:15pm-8:30pm) and 4th Wednesday Luncheon/Business Round-Table (11:30am-1:30pm).  And also receive unlimited access to V-chapter (included in chapter membership!)

We pride ourselves on having events that are nothing like “card and runs”, whereby someone takes your business card and leaves, without either of you ever really understanding each other. On the contrary, our chapter events are known for building deeper relationships, with a roomful of entrepreneurs, quicker.

Special notes:

*Yes, MEN are always welcome to become PHB members and attend events (we’re fans of male allies!).

**1st Time Attendees are FREE and PHB Members receive a member-only discount to all events, including our annual conference!

*** Absolutely, invite friends/Promotion Partners: Who else can benefit from learning the best ways to promote themselves, their business, and each other?

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Meet our SV Chapter Leadership Team


SV Chapter President:

Josephine “Jos” Hanan, Founder/ Chief-Promote-HER, Promote Her Business,


I’m a RAVING FAN of PHB, and proud to be highly biased (Grin). Read my story to find out why I founded PHB and our evolution!

Chief Enthusiasm Officer: 

Elizabeth Miner, Founder, Thrive This Day,

Promote Her Business is a community where women-focused businesses come to be known for their unique capabilities and offerings and to provide support, feedback and publicity to other women-focused businesses based on a thorough understanding of their qualities. PHB is unique in the area of networking and marketing because it is not just a collection of business sound bites it is a body of knowledge and gifts attached to specific businesses and services provided by female entrepreneurs. Connections made in PHB promote better referrals because others in the community understand what I offer and in addition I can make better referrals to others for the same reason saving time for everyone. I love being involved with PHB because I want to be known for my talents and gifts and not just my business category.
Francie Temporary

Recruiting and On-Boarding Director:

Francie Schildhauer, Legal Shield Associate, Legal Shield,

Promote Her Business is THE Best community of like-minded people that I have been a part of. Since I became part of this community my confidence in myself, my business and helping others has grown exponentially! Also, my leadership skill set has improved greatly. As I continue to engage with this community of incredibly talented and caring people, I continue to be empowered through all the support and friendships established along this incredible journey. Jos's vision for PHB is an incredibly empowering one and I look forward to the continued growth of our PHB community.
amy robe

Membership Experience Director:

Amy Robe, Independent Associate, Legal Shield,

As Membership Experience Director, I want our members to have the best year possible. One way to do that is to think of yourself as both a Supervisor and an Employee of your business. Instead of wearing many hats all day long, end your day as a supervisor would by planning for the next day, writing down an action plan, etc. Then in the morning, act as an employee by following through with those actions, making your ``supervisor`` happy.
Kim warren martin

Marketing Director:

Kim Martin, President and Co-Founder, RK Martin International,

In order to Rock Your Week, Have a Consistent Morning Routine. I recommend that our chapter reads: The Miracle Morning.
vai 3

Secretary and Systems BluePrint:

Vaidehi Normand, Image Consultant, Vaidehi Normand Image Consulting,

As entrepreneurs in the SV Chapter, it's very important to look like the experts we are. Be intentional about your image impact: Prepare your full outfit the day before a business event and chose something that brings attention to your face.

Treasurer and Social/Philanthropy Advocate:

Tej Anand, Financial Advisor, Elite Financial,

Being a part of the leadership team is a unique opportunity at the crossroads of both personal and professional development. I like to have an impact on both the female entrepreneur community and the business community at large; and on people's lives, helping them transform their goals into their realities. PHB is unlike any other networking group where the focus is purely business related/transactional. Instead, the visionaries at the helm of PHB take active efforts to create a community where all individuals are appreciated, mentored, and transformed both professionally and personally.
Chinh Pham

Community Outreach Director:

Chinh Pham, Coach and Feminine Empowerment Mentor, Chinh Pham International,

I'm looking forward to being part of Leadership team, because PHB attracts amazing women, and this is the best/most integrous networking group I've ever been in. . I am committed to empowering single women entrepreneurs and leaders who feel overwhelmed and unsupported to infuse juice, aliveness, and love back into their business and themselves.

Silicon Valley Chapter

Join us every 2nd Tuesday for PHB Networking/Ultimate Promotion Contest and every 4th Wednesday for PHB Luncheon/Business Round-Table and meet some of the most driven, supportive and trail-blazing entrepreneurs in all of Silicon Valley. Please note that 1st Time Attendees are FREE, and all PHB Members– receive our special membership discounts, including off of our annual conference! We can’t wait to find out what’s “most interesting” about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS and promote each other: Online. Offline. All the time!

Silicon Valley Chapter

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Consider giving PHB’s 30 Day FREE Trial a Try if…

  • You want to attract and retain more clients than ever before
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  • You want to build a sustainable business and brand, which has your clients, team, and community raving about it for years to come!
  • And you want to do ALL of the Above, while joining forces with some of the most supportive, driven, and trail-blazing women entrepreneurs in the world
Free 30 Day Trial

If there is no PHB chapter near you, inquire about us giving you a roadmap to start one: