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Promote Her Business (PHB’s Private Networking Circles can best be described as the epitome of “doing business HER way.” They are an empowering, one-of-a-kind, intimate gathering that you won’t find anywhere else. They happen each month and have 2 empowering, income-encouraging formats.  

Private Networking Circles typically run anywhere from 1.5-2 hours and are intentionally designed so that more women remember you and can make better referrals to You!  

*For current PHB Int’l Members: This is a Membership BONUS. There is no additional charge to participate in a Circle, and there are no additional fees to start a Private Networking Circle with women you love spending time with.  

3 Steps to Circle Success

Within the 1st month of joining, meet with your Circle Organizer to get the most value from Circle from the get-go: Go over the “Everything” spreadsheet, ask questions, and learn how to communicate with your Circle in between events (such as through FB private group chat). 

Make attending Circle a fun priority, and put it as a repeating event on your calendar (with the link to attend). If you can’t attend – or will be late – proactively communicate, so all Circle Members know where all Circle Members are.   

Building win-win relationships start at regularly scheduled Circle events and deepen in between events. So, get to know other ladies through special events, going to each other’s events, and scheduling more 1:1s.   

Private Networking Circles

what you get

Increase your understanding of The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business and share best practices, stay accountable for the monthly Healthy-Her Challenge, and participate in Win-Wins using PHB’s proven Advanced networking formula. 

This is the epitome of “doing business her way.” 1 to 2 women each time sign up for a “Get-To-Know” spotlight. They have up to 30 minutes to share 1 thing personal, 1 thing business, and be interactive and engaging.

That’s all! No stuffy presentations, and presenters can allocate the time however they see fit. It’s an opportunity to step into your feminine power of being creative and memorable.

Relationship Circle is an uplifting way to get to know the real woman behind the business, ask her questions, and do more business and referring to her! This format also includes a Healthy-Her check-in. 

When you first join a Circle, you’ll be given a special New Member Spotlight.  After which point, you can promote your business at all Circles, as well as be on the constant lookout for how to best support and promote other Circle Members too.

Speak up during member announcements, and as applicable, share your flyers, special promotions and/or events in whatever ways your Circle agrees to (such as a Member Table and/or Online Calendar, etc).

Private Networking Circles have the option of choosing a “Favorite Cause” which is supported throughout the Circle Organizer(s) term. 

Circle Members ask a Cause Representative about the best way to support them,  whether that’s through volunteering time, promoting the cause through social media, and/or making financial or in-kind donations, etc

Circles can do quarterly socials like Happy Hours, holiday parties, arts & crafts, and more.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your questions

Everything you ever wanted to know about your specific Private Networking Circle will be on your Circle’s “Everything” spreadsheet. It’s called that for a reason (grin).

Everything will include Zoom links, your Circle’s Promotion Calendar, fav cause info, when you’re having your get-to-know Spotlight and more. 

Just make sure that the “Everything” spreadsheet is shared with you and that you proactively go through all the spreadsheet’s tabs, so you know what’s on there.

The purpose of a Private Networking Circle is about quality of relationships over quantity of people. Circles are intended to foster deeper levels of connection, friendship, trust and support, and they typically have anywhere from 6-15 Women Entrepreneurs in them. Having a smaller, more intimate circle helps all members know all members.

When you have a more exclusive Circle, it also makes it easier to find a venue or host from your home if you choose in-person events. However, you can easily do this empowering, proven format online.

Being a Private Networking Circle Member is a special bonus to your PHB Int’l Membership. 

Your PHB Intl’ Membership includes all the following benefits, which you can leverage around your schedule with our global community.

In terms of attending PHB Int’l events with our global community, there is no need to tell us if you’re going to miss one. 

On the other hand, when you commit to being in a Circle, you are making a promise to your intimate Circle of Women Entrepreneurs to get to know them – and be able to better support/refer each other – by prioritizing attending Circle.

It’s only for Circle that you need to put in the group chat if you’re running late or will miss a Circle, so everyone knows where everyone is.   


  1. Open (open to having guests from the public contact them – such as PHB Members inquiring about attending). Open Circles want to grow their membership and appreciate leads… such as from women they wouldn’t have known otherwise.They typically promote to the public online and also have their members invite guests too. 
  2. Closed (closed to anyone who isn’t a Circle Member’s personal invite.) Closed Circles have the highest level of exclusivity and only want new members who’ve come from trusted referrals. The Circle may also be closed because they’ve reached their maximum number of members (and could have a waiting list). 

*Circle Organizers can also choose if they want to have their Private Networking Circle be Virtual or In-person. And yes, in these uncertain times, you can easily shift from in-person to virtual and back again. You can also do a hybrid approach (such as Circles events that are virtual while quarterly socials that are in-person).

The #1 Difference is how deep you’re taking the Win-Win relationships and friendships you’re building with other supportive and purpose-driven women.

PHB Global Networking Circle is facilitated by PHB Int’l and is only offered virtually. The CEO/Founder of PHB, Jōs, leads the Marketing Sneak-Peek (which isn’t done during PNCs) and you have the opportunity to do Win-Wins with women throughout PHB’s global community.

On the other hand, PHB Private Networking Circle (PNC) is about having you build a personalized, exclusive Circle of Trust and Support. At PNC, all members “get-to-know” all members through a very powerful format; you start to know the real woman behind each business! 

Your Circle creates a safe space for women to have vulnerable conversations, hold each other accountable for the Healthy-Her Challenge, move toward mastery of The 12 Principles to PHB together, share best practices, and form essential strategic alliances and friendships.    

All PHB Private Networking Circles have a  1X Free guest policy, so you can invite friends into your Circle and see if it’s a good fit for everyone.  

At the end of attending a Circle event, the Circle Organizer(s) will ask your friend if they’d like to request to join your Home Circle (and actively participate).

If so, members will vote about accepting your guest, as each Circle strives to create the ultimate inner circle of trust, friendship, support and inspiring, Win-Win relationships! 

If your guest is voted in, the Circle Organizer will contact them, and the next step is for them to become a PHB Int’l member online (if they aren’t one already) before they can continue participating in your Circle.  

Yes. Once you’re a PHB Int’l Member, there is no additional charge to participate in a PHB Private Networking Circle. 

There are also no extra fees to Start a PHB Private Networking Circle! 

PHB requires that you pick 1 Circle as your “Home Circle” (aka: the one you’re telling the Circle Organizer you will be actively attending). That way, the Circle Organizer can anticipate how many Women Entrepreneurs are attending and setup accordingly.

Also, having a “Home Circle” is an opportunity to move from having superficial networking contacts to deep relationships, which win-win, profitable relationships are made from. A Home Circle is your opportunity to not feel so lonely as a Woman Entrepreneur and truly have a strong Circle of friendships that inspire your life and fuel your Biggest Business Dreams:)



Find a Circle: The purpose of visiting Circles is so you can either find a “Home Circle” or because you already have a “Home Circle” and want to experience how other Circles work. PHB requires members to choose a Home Circle, and not to just drop into Circles indefinitely, as the purpose of Circles is to build deeper relationships and commit to supporting a small group of Women Entrepreneurs, who all know each other and have each other’s backs. 

Visit Other Circles: In addition to participating in your “Home Circle”, you are welcome to visit other Circles as a guest at no additional costs… but only if the Circle is open to it. Ask the Circle Organizer if you can“visit”. Talking to the Circle Organizer ahead of time also helps them to understand if you are visiting from a Home Circle or if you’re considering making their Circle your “Home”. 

If you need to stop being a Circle Member please take these steps:

  1. Tell your Circle Organizer, so they can take you off the “Everything Spreadsheet” and remove you from Member chats. 
  2. Tell your fellow Circle Members that you’re leaving and any reasons you feel comfortable sharing. It’s better if they hear it from you directly than the Circle Organizer.  
  3.  Please note that leaving Circle isn’t the same as stopping your PHB Membership. Stopping one does not stop the other. If you no longer want to be a PHB Int’l Member with our global community, then cancel your membership here
  4. (Optional) If the reason you’re leaving Circle is that the time no longer works, consider Starting a new Circle around your schedule, which is no additional cost.