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Do You Really Know What Your Employees Are Saying ... About Your Business?

I’ve got to tell you this Funny Story…

So, I was just in a really cool candy store (yes, they still really exist) … With a delicious looking and smelling chocolate bar in my hand ….

As I’m about to pay, I say to the employee at the register: “I LOVE your store; it’s been forever since I’ve been in one of these!”

This employee looks at the chocolate treat in my hand and says: ” Yes, it’s a dangerous place to be in if you haven’t eaten lunch yet. I always tell customers to go to lunch first and then, come back … Or they might hate themselves later!”

So, this employee convinced me! 

I walked out of the candy store with no purchase … Proud not to mitigate my Yoga results … Thank you employee! And sorry business owner.

And no, I definitely did not come back after lunch.

Do You Know What Other People Are Saying About Your Business? 

If you have employees or assistants, are you in tune with what they’re saying to your customers? Is it time to do another marketing huddle on what they are literally saying and maybe also emphasize what should be avoided? 

Even if you don’t have employees, let’s say you are in the direct sales industry, do you know what other people on your team — and in your business — are saying to promote the business? In general, are they hype-e, pushy, or genuinely friendly and doing what’s in the best interest of the potential customer?  That directly impacts the entire business’ reputation and how open potential customers are to your business before you even speak to them. I often suggest to direct sales people to go to networking events and stand in the same circle as other people in their business, so they know what’s really being said (as opposed to the script that is supposed to be said).  

Are You Being a Great Role Model of What You Want Said?

Most importantly, are you listening to the words that are coming out of your own mouth, as a role model.  Are you authentically best representing yourself and your business? And when you say something that is not aligned with your business intention, what do you do? Do you instantly recognize it? Do you correct it? Or do you let your ideal audience walk out of your figurative store with no purchase in hand? 

UPlevel Your Reputation and Business Results  

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Jōs Hanan, Founder/CEO, Promote Her Business International