Join Us for EOY Reflection Networking & Training

Wed Dec 14th, 2022
5pm-7pm Pacific Time
via Zoom Video Conference

End the Year with Reflection, Biz Friendships and Self-Love!

Ladies, get ready to "reflect for success" on your past biz year during multiple rounds of Networking {HER Way}.

Then, go into the New Year stronger than ever... with inspiring Women Entrepreneurs thinking about your biz & cheering you on!

Join us for PHB's super empowering Wild Card Event: "End of Year (EOY) Reflection" Networking with our global sisterhood.

Get Prepared . . .

When you attend The "EOY Reflection" Networking Event, you will get access to the Workbook, your blueprint to Reflect for Success!

What To Know About Attending "EOY Reflection" Networking . . .

Reflect & Learn From the Past Year

This event is a special opportunity to really take in what you did over the past year. To look at what worked, what didn't work, and where you stand going into the New Year.

Plus, it will be a fun, supportive environment to compare biz learnings with other inspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

Have More Ladies Remember Your Biz

Do you know one of the biggest mistakes that Women Entrepreneurs make?
They wait until the New Year to first be introducing or reminding their ideal audience of their biz. Then, it's super hard to be heard over all the clutter of everyone else promoting their biz too.

At PHB, we want to give you the ultimate advantage of having ladies already be thinking about your biz at the End of Year. That way, ladies go into the the next year already having you on their mind. Brilliant, right?

Celebrate Your Biz Accomplishments

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get caught up on how we never seem to be "there" yet . . . (wherever "there" is for your biz)?

Here's an opportunity to celebrate how far you've come and bring more of what's working into the New Year, while having other ladies cheer you on {and vice-versa}.

Participate in Multiple Rounds of Empowering, Virtual Networking

Are you soooo done asking other entrepreneurs the same "what do you do" question and getting the same boring answers? Let's get creative and more compelling as Women Entrepreneurs!

During multiple networking rounds, you will have many opportunities to introduce yourself to other fun, supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs, while ending the year with power and celebration!

Why our members ❤︎ EOY Reflection . . .

The thing I liked best about EOYR is the brainstorming and information sharing we all did to create a single defining sentence about ourselves and our work in the world! What would I improve? I can't answer because I am ill and exhausted but have FOMO so was here anyway!
Sara Haller
Boss, Simple Solutions With Sara
The event is great. I really liked coming up with words to describe me and my mission which included "Master Creator, Facilitator, and Empowering women who are vulnerable and committed to empowering others."
Marilyn Atteberry
Avatar Master, New Era Avatar
What I like about PHB is that it focuses on the connection and getting to know you as a person instead of making it all about selling
I always learn a lot at PHB events. This event was a fantastic tool to get some direction in reflecting on the past year and setting up 2022 for success! It was great to get different perspectives from some fabulous women business owners while also having fun!