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Did You Fall? It's Time to Lean Forward.

(Day 48 of the 60 Day, Heated Yoga Challenge) 

Today, I fell on my butt.  Not once, but twice — during something called “toe stand”… but then I had an epiphany, thanks to my yoga teacher!

After the 2nd fall, my teacher said she was noticing a pattern in how I was falling (not just from today, but from the other times she had observed me in class).  Specifically, everytime I fell, she noticed I was leaning backwards. 

She lovingly pointed out that I could learn something from inquiring into why I fell (as opposed to just be embarrassed about falling in front of the class).   Then, she asked me if I was open to trying toe stand a new way — such as by leaning forward instead of leaning backwards?

What I realized after class was that if she hadn’t said to intentionally think about Why I fell and go into the posture trying something new — I would have unthinkingly done the same motion and ended up back on my butt for the Same Reason.

Not to say, that even with leaning forward, I still won’t fall (in fact, I did fall!).

But here’s the bottom line: The fact that I’m learning from my mistakes and falling in a new way is something to be Proud of. I Am making progress and crossing off the ways Not to do it (of which I know many). And it’s inevitable that one day, I will be a toe stander!

(In fact, as I’m editing this blog — which is at least a year since I wrote it — I can now do toe stand by leaning more forward (grin))

I think the same goes for business. Over my business career, I have fallen pretty hard — at least Three times — very publicly — on my butt.

And it’s time to stop beating myself up for falling and letting embarrassment stagnate me.  Instead, it’s time to focus on the learning and being intentional about not repeating what doesn’t work.  

Moreover, it’s time to start giving myself some Serious Credit for now being able to check off 3 ways not to succeed in business (grin)

Enough about Me… Where are You Falling? 

What is the place in your business that you have fallen, and it hurts the most?  

Is it time to inquire into why you fell, so you don’t make the same mistake and/or hire a coach/consultant and/or participate in a program to help you see what you may be missing?   

What is 1 new action you can take to “lean forward” … toward your dream (even if it might mean you may fall again)? 

Most importantly, give yourself credit for staying in the game — which many business owners don’t — and being a role model to other Women Entrepreneurs to do the same. You rock!  

Believing In Each Other (even when we fall) 

Being in business is no easy thing — and as you know — and it hurts really bad to fall down on our dreams (I’m tearing up as I’m writing this!). 

That’s why it’s more important than ever to lock arms with other supportive, purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs, who get where you’re coming from, are here to promote and peer-mentor each other, and are all about mastering the 12 Principles to Promote Her Business, together.  

We’d LOVE for you to see for yourself: Want to join us as a FREE 1X Guest at our next 12 Principles Learning Lab?

As a community, let’s be a role model to the world of shining the brightest spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs and reminding each other to lean forward no matter what!

Here’s to promoting your business and each other: Online. Offline. All the time.

Jōs Hanan, Founder/CEO, Promote Her Business International