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PHB's 12 Healthy-Her Habits

The purpose of PHB’s Healthy-Her Culture: To support Women Entrepreneurs to keep conversations and efforts towards health and wellness at the forefront while building sustainable businesses and legacies. That’s why every month, we learn about a new best practice and keep each other accountable in our global community. Check out all the Healthy-Her Habits & Challenges we’ll be covering this year below!  Post about your progress — and cheer on other Women Entrepreneurs – in our PHB FB group on Healthy-Her Saturdays. #HealthyHer  

Healthy-Her Challenge:

Take regular dance breaks. 

You could start your day with a dance, or dance every 90 minutes, or dance to celebrate your wins, etc. If you’re not a big dancer, stretching to a song works too.

*Share with PHB’s Facebook community what song you’re dancing to, and let’s collaborate on the ultimate playlist:) 

#HealthyHer #MoveMore

Healthy-Her Challenge:

Choose 2 inspiring End of Day Rituals. 

How can you wind down your day in an inspiring way? Exercise, meditation, affirmations, gratitude practice, logging your wins and/or something else?

*Share with our PHB community any of your other favorite nightly rituals. 

Healthy-Her Challenge:

Play to get 7-9 hours of restful sleep each night this month. 

*Share with our PHB community what you are doing to make time for more sleep?

Healthy-Her Challenge: 

Once a week, choose a self-care practice to make non-negotiable for your unique needs.

*Share with our PHB community: What self-care practice will you focus on this week?


Healthy-Her Habit:

Choose the 1 Biggest health/wellness area you want to focus on this month. 

Then, ask someone to be your accountability buddy to help you stay on track. 

*Share with our PHB community who you’re going to ask (ex: my mom, my friend, etc) or ask our community if anyone wants to be your accountability buddy. 

Healthy-Her Challenge:

Pick one relaxation practice that you can use during stressful situations this month.

*Share with our PHB community what relaxation practice you’re choosing.  When could this practice come in handy for your business or life?  


Healthy-Her Challenge:

Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day. 

Ex: If my weight is 120Ibs, then my goal is to drink (half) 60oz. Therefore, I’m committing to drinking three 20oz bottles today. Now calculate how much water your body needs.

*Share a picture of your Water Bottle with our Promote Her Business FB Group.

Healthy-Her Challenge: 

Read at least 1 beauty product label each week.

How much is reading labels already a habit for you?

*Share with our PHB community what beauty product label you’re committing to look at this week, as well as any discoveries you’ve made. 

Healthy-Her Challenge: 

Choose 1 meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) that you will consistently focus on every day.

Be intentional about what you’re feeding your body during this meal. Remember: Each bite counts.

*Share with our PHB community what meal you’re focusing on and what you’re intending to eat during it.

Healthy-Her Challenge: 

Experiment with what it means to be “signature you” both personally and professionally. Make a goal to LOVE how you look more than ever this month:)

Have fun playing with what feels authentic and gives you the most confidence. Breakaway from feeling like you have to conform to societal norms or other people’s expectations.

*Share with our PHB community 1 idea you have for experimenting with how you look. What’s something you’ve been wanting to try?

Healthy-Her Challenge: 

Choose 1 food/drink, which you consider “unhealthy”. Substitute it with something healthier.

Take it one step at a time. For example: With your coffee, instead of sugar and creamer, you can use soy or almond milk.

*Share with our PHB community what you’re substituting, so we can all get ideas from each other.

Healthy-Her Challenge: 

Pick one energizing, morning ritual that you can do daily for this month.

*Share with our PHB community which morning ritual you’re choosing and specifically when in the morning you’re doing it. Hint: What gets calendared, gets done!

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