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Submit a Healthy-Her Video!

Want to be featured in PHB's Healthy-Her Spotlight?

At PHB, we applaud you for being a Healthy-Her role model, deepening our community’s health/wellness knowledge, and sharing your experiences with taking on our monthly habits and challenges!

Here is an overview of the submission steps for PHB Members Only:
1) Read about the entire process below.
2) See which of PHB's 12 Healthy-Her Habits you'd like to align your video with.
3) Make a short video
4) Submit your application with a link to your video.

get known

The more Women Entrepreneurs see you, the more they think of you 1st, buy from you 1st, and refer others to you 1st.


When other ladies see you doing the Healthy-Her Challenge of the month, they’re more likely to do it too, so you’re raising everyone up!

Showcase your expertise

If you are a Health/Wellness Expert, this is a great way for PHB's community to be introduced to your wisdom and be more likely to check out your products/services.

stay accountable

Committing to do a video is built-in accountability for making sure you're doing the Challenge and being the Best You this year!

have fun

It's so fun to share your knowledge, wins, inspiring thoughts with your peers. Also consider co-producing a video with other Members, since it's always more fun with friends:)

Why Apply for the Healthy-Her Spotlight

healthy women have . . . healthy businesses

Understand the Process

Make sure to read  everything on this webpage, including the Frequently Asked Questions. 

Decide on the Month

Review PHB’s 12 Healthy-Her Habits here to decide which topic and month you’d like to align your video with.

Make Your Quick Video

Create a 2-3 minute video (5 minutes max). Then, be ready to submit the video link when you apply.  

Submit Your Application

 If accepted, you’ll be featured on PHB facebook to our global community! 

Healthy-Her Spotlight

frequently asked questions

This exciting opportunity to be featured is exclusively for PHB Int’l Members. 

No. The Healthy-Her Spotlight is not restricted to just Health/Wellness Experts, because you can either teach us something OR just share how your personal experience with the Healthy-Her Habit or Challenge is going. With that said, if you are a Wellness Expert, being featured does help you get known as a thought leader.  However, there’s also a lot of value in Members – who aren’t Wellness Experts — sharing their everyday experiences and giving their peers new ideas:)

We are seeking 2-3 minute videos (5 min max) about the Healthy-Her topic/challenge of the month. 

Look at The 12 Healthy-Her Habits here to see what you want to apply for.  We do want your topic to align with PHB’s topic and/or challenge of the month. 

*Please note: You are not limited to submitting a Healthy-Her Spotlight video for the month we’re currently in. Feel free to look at The 12 habits for the entire year, and then, submit video(s) for whatever you’re most excited about! 

  • Your wins (aka results/progress) 
  • Your challenges 
  • Inspiration/ quotes
  • Humor
  • Stories 
  • Quizzes
  • Facts/stats 
  • Encouragement to other Women  
  • Your expertise (having the community take a deeper dive into the topic)
  • Do a video with PHB Int’l member(s) or your even your Private Networking Circle  

You are free to do whatever you think. However, if you want a suggested format, here is one to jump-start you:

  • Start Strong: Say something interesting about topic that would make Women Entrepreneurs want to listen more
  • Introduce yourself and your business
  • Tell us what you’re going to tell us 
  • Teach/Share something 
  • Ask questions/interact with audience
  • If you’re a Health/Wellness expert, feel free to send audience to your website or offer something for Free 
  • End with a powerful, memorable last line

Not at this time. Feel free to submit videos for as many Healthy-Her Habits and/or Challenges as are of interest to you. 

If accepted, your video will be posted on our Promote Her Business FB group. Please make sure you’re part of our FB group,  so we can tag you.

  1. Look at PHB’s 12 Healthy-Her Habits, so you can align your video with a Healthy-Her Habit and/or Challenge for a specific month 
  2. Create a 2-3 minute video (5 mins max) about the topic. Your video needs to focus on value (it’s not intended to be a sales video). However, if you’re a Health/Wellness expert, you can mention your website or 1 Free offer at the end if you have one.   
  3. Submit the Healthy-Her: Application form (which should only take about 5-10 mins). This includes submitting the link to the video itself.   
  4. Jos strives to reply back to you within 1 week of submission… and if you don’t hear from her within that time frame, proactively follow-up: contact@promoteherbusiness.com  
  5. If your video is accepted, there’s nothing else to do. Jos’ team will let you know which Healthy-Her Saturday your video will be posted on Promote Her Business Facebook group to our global community (typically around 1pm Pacific).

Whoo Hoo! You're excited about being featured in PHB's
Healthy-Her Spotlight!
*Make your video and then, submit your application.




Hang tight . . .