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How to be an Expert Speaker at Her 5 Biggest Challenges

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The Step-by-Step Process


Provide Your Promotion Info: Fill out the Expert Info Google Form so that we have all your info to feature you as an Expert. Note: If you need to make any updates after submittal, please update the form and then tell Jos in the private FB Chat, so she can keep up with all speakers in 1 place and not go crazy:) Assume Jos did NOT receive your update, unless she replies that she has. Last day to submit changes on anything is 11:59pm Pacific Time on day of Kick-Off Call (see below). 


Register for the Event: Experts need to register as an attendee too, so you can be “in the loop” of all emails that go out about you – and have the same attendee experience as your invitees. You will also have access to download the Workbook that Attendees will use to track the discussion you are moderating.  Also, if you catch anything – typos, broken links, etc – let Jos know right away and she’ll make sure our PHB team fixes it, so we can have the most professional event. 


Participate in the Experts’ private FB Chat:  The chat is called: HER 5 BIGGEST Challenges <Year>. If you’re already a friend of Jōs’, she’ll auto-add you. Otherwise, request to join the group chat. The chat is an opportunity to ask Jos questions (other Experts are probably thinking as well) and get to know the other Experts pre-event. Let us know you’re in; introduce yourself, your biz and your discussion topic for the Event. 


Mark Your Calendar for the Event:

HER 5 BIGGEST Challenges is happening: <Thurs June 23rd from 5-7pm Pacific Time> via Zoom. Auto-add the event to your calendar by clicking on your calendar of choice. 


Watch the Entire Training Video: Watch the Expert Training to:

  • Review Event Format
  • Review Panel Format
  • Review Breakout Format
  • Learn Best Practices for Facilitation
  • Prep 2-3 moderator questions
  • And More . . .


Experts’ Kick-off Call: Meet other Experts, ask Jōs Q&As, brainstorm how to get your network excited about attending! Yes, this will be recorded and you’ll get the most value from attending in-person.

When:  (A little more than 2 weeks before) <Wednesday June 8th from 11 am -Noon Pacific Time> via zoom.

Deadline: your offer should be well-crafted an submitted to PHB for publication. If you need to inform PHB or edit your offer, please update the Experts Info Form.  Then tell Jos in the private FB Chat, so she can keep up with all speakers in 1 place. Assume Jos did NOT receive your update, unless she replies that she has. Last day to submit changes on anything is 11:59pm Pacific Time on day of Kick-Off Call.


Invite FREE Guests: Invite Women Entrepreneurs until 5 Register and confirm with you they will attend. Jōs will periodically give updates in our FB chat about RSVPs. And if you have a question about if one of your “peeps” RSVP’d, Jōs is happy to look them up and let you know.


Set Yourself Up for Success: 
Be prepared. Double-check everything on both the Registration & Free Offers webpage are correct about you and clickable. Practice the “Challenge Statement” you are going to say during the panel, be ready to facilitate your 3 Moderator Questions for the Breakouts & practice making your Free Offer that you will make at the Free Offer Pitch Panel. Also, remember to test your tech (zoom video/audio) ahead of time.   


Zoom-In Early the Day-Of:    Please arrive 10 mins early, so we make sure we’re good.

Use the button below to access our zoom meeting.

Only as Backup plan – go to zoom.us, join w/ meeting id: 928 1642 3602

If you need help once you are in the Zoom breakout room: Press the ? mark and let me know!

If you need help at any critical time: Text Me (see contact details below)


The Fortune is in the Followup: Feel free to reach out to any of the attendees who’ve shared their contact info on the Attendee Google Spreedsheet. Important: You cannot add anyone to your list without their permission/opt-in . . . but you can personally reach out and connect on social media, ask to do a Win-Win etc.  (Note: When they opt-in to PHB they’re not opting in to every Expert’s list)


Feedback is Always Appreciated: Would you please do us a quick Favor? Would you fill out The Experts’ Survey within 2 days of the Event? This is also a great way to harvest ideas about how to craft a survey for your own future events.

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