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Promote your business in a fun, innovative way to other Women Entrepreneurs during multiple rounds of virtual networking. Have memorable conversations about your biz strengths, ideas, and vision for the future.
Thurs Sept 23rd, 2021 from 5pm-6pm Pacific
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Get Known for Your Genius at this Empowering Networking Event for Women Entrepreneurs!

Share Your Genius & Stand Out

Are you soooo done asking other entrepreneurs the same "what do you do" question and getting the same boring answers? Let's get creative and more compelling as Women Entrepreneurs!

During this empowering event, you'll be asked to share why your biz is genius, your most exciting ideas, and your vision for what's possible for transforming the world. And if you have any doubt about your personal "genius," this is a great opportunity to step into your brilliance more than ever and be cheered on by our whole Promote Her Business (PHB) community for doing it!

Participate in Multiple Rounds of Virtual Networking

You will have many opportunities to network with other brilliant, purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs, while sharing about the strengths that you want to get known for.


Here's a great idea! Have the meaningful conversations that deeper friendships & strategic alliances are made of. Meet new friends at "Her Genius Zone" virtual networking event and continue building referral and supportive relationships post-event with PHB's global community.