Transform Your Image — Part 2

Transform Your Image -- Part 2

“"Create a Successful Professional Image"“

with Wendy Ryan

During this high-value interview, Wendy shares how successfully owning your impact and image has affected her business, and how it can affect yours too!

During this training you will:

  • Learn from Wendy's straight talk about the time, money, and effort it really takes to up-level your image
  • Discover the biggest concerns our success story had when she started her image transformation
  • Find out what Wendy wished she would have known earlier, so she could have avoided her biggest mistake and more...

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Founder and Principal, SJ Leadership Coach
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Transform Your Image — Part 1

Transform Your Image Part 1

“"How to Dress to Stand Out as an Expert!"“

with Vaidehi Normand

Ladies, like it or not, research shows that how you look can affect your ability to attract higher paying clients, bigger speaking opportunities, and high-level referral partners.

Feel free to start a PHB folder on your computer and save the “Dress To Stand Out & Be Remembered“ handout to it. Then, after listening to this powerful interview, follow Vaidehi’s 3 Step Formula on your action sheet.

During this training you will:

  • Learn how successful business owners use image to their advantage
  • Gain new insights into what it’s really like to work with an Image Consultant
  • Discover one sizzling hot action that you take TODAY to make a huge difference in how potential clients perceive you… and more

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