Budget For Marketing Success Part 2

““The Secrets to Having Your Marketing Budget Work for You"“

with Doreen Milano

Are you ready to not only be able to work on your budget but have your budget work for you?!! Doreen is known for turning around a business that was losing in excess of seven figures to profitability in excess six figures within 18 months! Just imagine what she can help you do with your numbers! Listen Right Now to Doreen Milano’s Encore Interview.
Also, download the "Budget4Success_Advantage Sheet" spreadsheet, which has been updated with new terms since the last training.

During this training you will:

  • Learn how to avoid over and under-spending
  • Find out about adding a budget optimization tool to your business tool box
  • Discover 2 terms you need to put in your Promotion Dictionary and remember forever… because they can make you money over the long-run

 About the Expert

CEO, Visions to Excellence