Connecting for Results

“Sharing Worlds“

with Marilyn Atteberry

Marilyn Peters Brannan Atteberry -- PHB's Chapter Advisor and Licensed Avatar Master -- once said: "There’s a difference between connecting and convincing. People push against a push; whereas, connection is aligned with collaboration, empowerment and a higher likelihood of registrations."

Find out how you can take your ability to connect with your ideal clients to a deeper level during this "Connect for Results: Sharing Worlds" interview, whereby Marilyn will share what's she's learned over the past 45 years of being in business to build more win-win relationships and have all parties feel empowered.

During this training you will:

  • Move from “convincing” to connecting
  • Discover the difference between having an intention vs having an agenda
  • Learn the secret to connecting with new people, existing acquaintances, audiences... and even people who disagree with you!!

 About the Expert

Licensed Avatar Master

Marilyn is especially committed to supporting women entrepreneurs because she’s been an entrepreneur since 1976, and she wants women to be successful in business and feel connected to their hearts and connected to their purpose.

Category: Influence