Planning for Profit and Productivity

“Why Your Freedom is In the Plan“

with Sherri Coffelt

Why is freedom in your plan? If anyone would know it's THE Sherri Coffelt! Sherri has over 30 years’ experience as a “Corporate Survivor”, multi-six and 7-figure Small Business Owner, Marketing Consultant and Results Coach ... and of course, is also our very beloved SV Chapter Advisor!

*Fill out Your Plan to Profit handout as you go and take some copious notes, because this really could be what you've be waiting for to get focused, envision what's possible for both your business and your life, and align yourself with profitability this year.

During this training you will:

  • Learn who really needs a business plan
  • Get insights into getting a simple plan in place and prioritizing
  • Discover the importance of doing a "Year in Review" and more...

 About the Expert

Founder and CEO, Results Partner Business Coaching/Consulting