Insta-Influence on Instagram -- Part 1

““Insta-Influence on Instagram”“

with Aeriol Ascher

Aeriol Ascher has built and maintained her small business for the last 10 years by leveraging social media and building her online presence. It was through social media and online promotions that Aeriol’s signature “reiki angel massage” was voted best in Silicon Valley 4 times and also her Healing Center was named “best day spa” in Silicon Valley 2015 by the San Jose Mercury News after only being open for less than one year!

See how Aeriol is leveraging Instagram to build her online influence and get ideas for your own business: @AskAeriol ; @BigDogDreams ; @HolisticBusinessCoaching (download a FREE report for building your holistic healing business)

During this training you will:

  • Learn the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make on Instagram
  • Find out "must-know" terms on Instagram
  • The optimal number of hashtags to use and more…

 About the Expert

Intuitive Healing Artist, Inspirational Speaker, Vocalist and Holistic Business Coach,
Category: Instagram