Secrets to Success on Meetup-- Part 1

““Build Your Exponential Audience”“

with Sunil Bhaskaran

Sunil has 68,000+ business owners and professionals in his meetup organization and is growing at 800 new members per month … wouldn’t YOU like to know how to do that too?!!

Sunil says to ask yourself: “Am I willing to have a BIGGER Vision than I have now?” Given that Sunil’s vision is — “100 Million Joyful and Successful
Entrepreneurs Globally by 2045″—he definitely practices what he preaches!!
Take Sunil’s FREE “Learn six ways to make money using meetup” training at to learn how to do this on your own if you wish.

During this training you will:

  • Learn how to align your grand Vision with Meetup’s capabilities as a platform
  • Gain new insights into speakers, entrepreneurs, and trainers’ biggest concerns about Meetup
  • Discover the most innovative and up-to-date ways to build a large engaged audience through Meetup

 About the Expert

Founder, Global Meetup Mastermind
Category: Meetup