Speak to Fuel Your Business -- Part 1

““Grow Your Revenue with Public Speaking”“

with Caterina Rando

If you want to know how to leverage public speaking to fuel your business growth, we highly recommend you listen to Caterina Rando, an off-the-charts Speaker and Speaking Expert who hosts over 80 days of her own, live in-person events and 2-day summits with 100 plus women… so, hands-down, Caterina knows what she’s talking about and lives it!

Feel free to start a PHB folder on your computer and save the "Public Speaking with EASE" handout to it. Then, after listening to this powerful interview, review the handout, which touches on everything from connecting with your audience and overcoming anxiety to voice tips and how to deal with difficult people in your audience!

During this training you will:

  • Learn how to gain influence and clients from public speaking!
  • Discover the BIGGEST MISTAKES entrepreneurs make in their efforts to use public speaking to build their business
  • Hear a Super tip on how to use Social Media to gain more speaking gigs and more...

 About the Expert

Women’s Business Mentor Extraordinaire & Founder of Thriving Women in Business Community