Network HER Way Accelerator

The Premier Networking Results Accelerator for Women Entrepreneurs

The Network HER Way Accelerator (NHWA) is a networking & training membership program for Women Entrepreneurs who want to leverage networking – as a primary strategy – to achieve their marketing & sales goals. We support our Global Sisterhood to transform “HER 12 Biggest Networking Challenges” by implimenting “HER 12 Keys to Networking Results” through our quarterly advanced networking curriculum. Learn it here and apply it everywhere you network {including NHWA}. Let’s network and grow together at our weekly virtual events to harvest more leads, create more referrals and collaborate in more win-win relationships.

Key #1

Plan to Promote Quarterly

Know where you’re going. Set your specific goals & actions to promote your biz for the next 3 months. Create your Quarterly Networking Plan to see your success bloom.

Key #2

Assess Your Networking Mastery

Discover your proficiency with all 12 Keys. Take the Networking Mastery Assessment to find out your Networking Personality, so you can be a better connector & influencer!

Key #3

Create Your Ultimate Networking Success System

Create your Ultimate Networking Success System to set the bar for your long-term results – including your Spiel & Irresistible #1 Offer. Stay accountable for progress all year long.

Key #4

Access High- Quality Leads

It’s not just about getting leads . . . It’s about getting High Quality Leads. Reach out to get the relationship rolling, and use your Networking Results Log to stay on your game.

Key #5

Prep to Impress {Every Time}

Be ready to Network! Take 5 mins to run through your Networking Prep Checklist. Now you’re ready to impress.

Key #6

Go Network, Network, Network {No Excuses}

Network every chance you get! Take advantage of all of NHWA’s networking opps & trainings. Then, apply your super skills everywhere you’re networking.

Key #7

Do Your Post-Event Debrief

While it’s fresh, log your leads! Then, assess your networking effectiveness so next time, you can be the best networker you’ve ever been. Debrief with a Networking Buddy.

Key #8

Followup to Build Relationships

Don’t be just another followup email! Use your feminine intuition to customize your connection efforts so you will be remembered and responded to.

Key #9

Move from Relationship-Building to Selling

Get unstuck. Clear the resistance to selling. Overcome objections. And demonstrate the value of your offer to persuade prospects to buy.

Key #10

Create Referrals & Promotion Partners

Get more exposure. Move from casual referrals to committed Win-Win Promotion Partnerships, who give you higher quality referrals & additional promo opps.

Key #11

Get More Yeses!

Be the woman that the world says “Yes!” to. Learn the steps to get the smaller “Yeses” that build up to the BIG “Yes!” Every time you get a “Yes,” that’s Success!

Key #12

Review Your Results Quarterly

Review your results, so you can lean into your strengths & quicken your learning curve. Your Quarterly Networking Results Tracker is your compass for navigating the next quarter, stronger.

❤︎ Members Are Getting Inspiring Biz Results . . .


Freide Lou-Iwamoto
Premier Financial Alliance, Inc.

has resulted in increased sales, milestones met and a newfound confidence in myself

This has made a direct difference in my business success by not only providing me a tribe of supportive women but insight on tips and tricks on how to personally and professionally grow. This has resulted in increased sales, milestones met and a newfound confidence in myself and how I work my business.

Rosevera Amasa
Birth Doula and a Holistic Health Coach, Simply Nurturing

A game-changer for seeing more productivity in my business

Being a part of the community has been so enriching. It’s helped me gain skills like public speaking, and learn how to collaborate with other women entrepreneurs more effectively. Participating in trainings have also been a game changer for seeing more productivity in my business. I’m especially grateful for the amazing people I get to meet, know and build meaningful relationships and dreams with!

Amber Chang

Amber Chang
Founder, Bulldog & Bourbon

I leave events with new leads and referrals

This is the most well-rounded networking group I’ve ever been a member of. There’s something for everyone no matter where you are in the life stage of your business. The Events each month are always fun and productive, and I leave events with new leads or referrals. The Round-table discussion allows me to do some market research.

Holly Hansen
Founder of Mental Spa Experiences, Four-Keys Coaching

Helped me Up-Level my business & connect with pretty awesome Women Entrepreneurs

It’s been awesome to find this Learning Community. I’ve learned new skills that have helped me Up-Level my business & connect with pretty awesome Women Entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as me. It’s like learning amongst friends!

Live Customized Membership Onboarding

We genuinely care about Women Entrepreneurs’ BIG, audacious Dreams & Biz Success – including Yours!

Start your NHWA Membership with a customized 1 hour “New Member Accelerator Onboarding” Zoom meeting with our NHWA Ambassador.

Together, we’ll to make sure you know how to leverage all your Member Benefits to best promote your biz!

Why Members ❤︎ to Network HER Way . . .


Join {HER} 6-Figure Networking Circle for Free

Let’s Get to 6-Figures Together!

{HER} 6-Figure Circle is for Women Entrepreneurs who have set for themselves the BAG {Big Audacious Goal} of hitting 6-figures in their business.

Circle is a like-minded, empowering, one-of-a-kind, committed, intimate gathering, where you get to promote your biz, speak more, round-table on 6-figure best practices, and be peer-mentored.

No woman needs to do it alone! Surround yourself with other Women Entrepreneurs who are serious about hitting 6-figures too.

Join {HER} 6-Figure Circle to move from your Big goal to your Best reality!

Once you become a NHWA Member, there is no additional cost to join the Circle.

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The Premier Networking Results Accelerator for Women Entrepreneurs

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