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Your Monthly Networking Plan

1st Fridays from 9AM-10:30AM Pacific
via Zoom video conference.
Each month, ask yourself: What's your plan to get the most Networking Results this month? Start your month off right by creating Your Monthly Networking Plan with our PHB Global Sisterhood. Strategize & pitch your #1 Offer. Create your plan to get more Yeses, Referrals, and Win-Win relationships this month!

You can create your plan by jumping on monthly Zoom call and/or filling out Your Monthly Networking Plan around your schedule.
Create Your Networking Plan

PHB Round-Table Networking

2nd Tuesdays 10AM-11AM Pacific
via Zoom video conference.
During this interactive & empowering Round-Table Networking Event, discuss how to leverage the "The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business," one Principle per month.

Share best practices, sticking points, and peer-mentor each other . . . while Networking HER Way!
Round-Table with Us!

Global Networking Circle

2nd Thursday from 11AM-Noon Pacific
via Zoom video conference.
Join our Global Networking Circle of trust.

During this one-of-a-kind, income-encouraging event: participate in Multiple networking rounds, increase your compelling-factor, discover this month’s Healthy-Her challenge, and conduct a 15-min, virtual "WE Chat" 1:1.

Circle-Up with Us!

Virtual Speed Networking {HER Way}

3rd Thursdays from 11AM-Noon Pacific
via Zoom video conference.
Virtual Speed Networking (VSN) is Advanced Networking done HER way!

Learn & employ "The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way.” During multiple rounds of Networking, build more high-quality, profitable, Win-Win relationships & expand your global network.
Speed Network HER Way

Wild Card Networking

4th Thursdays from 4PM-6PM Pacific
via Zoom video conference.
Each month at the Wild Card Networking Event, PHB presents a high-value, business-building training & networking event to create long-term Wild Success. Events include: Sensory Marketing Experience, Her Signature Spiel, Rock Black Friday & more.

Each event also includes a Workbook to create your “Wild Success Plan” in the next 30 days.
Cultivate Wild Success