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Is this you?

You're a Woman Entrepreneur, who has GREAT products/services, but not enough of your ideal audience knows about you {yet}.

You're soooo done attending networking events - with the same stiff, overdone format - which don't lead to the profitable win-win relationships and referrals you're seeking.

You hate it when you feel like you have to be something you're not ... just to sell your stuff - and let's be real, when you don't come across as "authentic" people don't buy your stuff anyway!

You believe in collaboration (over competition) and genuinely believe you can go farther together than you can alone. Unfortunately, you're doing so much on your own!

But what if ...

You knew the best ways to promote your business this month and were given more promotional opportunities to do it

You could lock arms with other supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs who were learning, growing, & sharing best practices with you

You could get more leads, referrals, and speaking gigs by Networking HER Way

All while shining the brightest spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs {including yourself} and having FUN doing it

Let's Network HER Way.

  • Step into your Feminine Power so you can be the best ambassador of your brand
  • Be your authentic self while networking, selling and doing business
  • Build collaborative, supportive, win-win relationships faster 
  • Listen and be heard so that you can get/give high-value referrals
  • Know when to share and when to sell 
  • See new possibilities for creative alliances
  • Experience abundance in every opportunity
  • Learn and grow together while networking
  • Be the best Promotion Partner by promoting others the way they want to be promoted

Why our members ❤︎ PHB . . .

PHB is the most well-rounded networking group I've ever been a member of. There's something for everyone no matter where you are in the life stage of your business. The Events each month are always fun and productive, and I leave with new leads or referrals.
Amber Chang
Founder, Bulldog & Bourbon
Being a part of the PHB community has been so enriching. It’s helped me gain skills like public speaking, and learn how to collaborate with other women entrepreneurs more effectively... I’m especially grateful for the amazing people I get to meet, know and build meaningful relationships and dreams with!
Rosevera Amasa
Birth Doula and a Holistic Health Coach, Simply Nurturing
PHB has made a direct difference in my business success by not only providing me a tribe of supportive women but insight on tips and tricks on how to personally and professionally grow. This has resulted in increased sales, milestones met and a newfound confidence in myself and how I work my business.
Freide Lou-Iwamoto
Premier Financial Alliance, Inc.

Leverage: PHB's Formula for Success!

Each month, think:


Which of PHB’s 5 Network HER Way events will you attend this month – around your schedule?


Which 2 inspiring Women Entrepreneurs are you excited to do Win-Win 1:1s with this month?


Did you make 1 request to the global community and support another women’s request this month?  


What are you posting in PHB’s FB Group?  What are you focused on promoting from your Monthly Networking Plan?


Monthly Virtual Events

Made For Purpose-Driven Women Entrepreneurs

{Click over Event boxes for details}

PHB Round-Table Networking

1st Tuesdays 10AM-11AM Pacific
via Zoom video conference.
PHB Round-Table Networking is an interactive and empowering way to discuss "The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business," one Principle at a time, one month at a time.

Members discuss critical Principle of the Month questions: They share their business experiences, best practices, sticking points, and peer-mentor each other . . . while Networking HER Way!
Round-Table with Us!

Your Monthly Networking Plan

1st Fridays from 9AM-10AM Pacific
via Zoom video conference.
Each month, ask yourself: What's your plan to get the most Networking Results this month? Start your month off right by creating your plan with our global PHB community, so you can play to get more Yeses, Referrals, and Win-Win relationships!

You can create your plan by jumping on monthly Zoom call or watching the Replay and filling out Your Monthly Networking Plan around your schedule.
Create Your Networking Plan

Global Networking Circle

2nd Thursday from 11AM-Noon Pacific
via Zoom video conference.
Participate in PHB’s empowering, Global Networking Circle (GNC) of trust with other supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs from all over the world.

During this one-of-a-kind, income-encouraging event: Share your biz during multiple networking rounds, increase your compelling-factor, get feedback on your Signature Spiel, discover this month’s Healthy-Her challenge, and participate in a Win-Win 1:1.
Try: Global Networking Circle

Virtual Speed Networking

3rd Thursdays from 11AM-Noon Pacific
via Zoom video conference.
Virtual Speed Networking (VSN) is Advanced Networking done HER way!

Learn and employ "The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way" and build more high-quality Win-Win profitable relationships. Expand your global network faster.
Experience: Networking HER Way

Wild Card Networking

4th Thursdays from 5PM-6:30PM Pacific
via Zoom video conference.
Take a "wild guess" what this month's Wild Card Networking event will be like (wink)! Each month, PHB will change up the format for the end-of-the-month event to keep things interesting, fun, and go with the flow of what's going on in the world.

Here are some of PHB's past events to give you a flavor of our one-of-a-kind events: Barter Networking, Promote-A-Friend, Declaration Rally, and more...
Have FUN Wild Card Networking

Conduct 2 Win-Win 1:1's / month

Have you ever felt frustrated with networking? Are you tired of people pitching you and not getting anything in return? Do you want to get in leagues with more Advanced Networkers? Over the last decade, PHB has found . . . Conducting Win-Win 1:1's is the answer! That's we encourage you to do 2 Win-Wins per month using PHB's proven Win-Win Log and Advanced Networking methodology, which is revolutionizing how networking is done!


Participate in Request 1, Support 1

Surround yourself with other supportive Women Entrepreneurs, who “Network HER Way” - Collaboratively, Authentically, Creatively, and Beautifully. Each month participate in "Request 1, Support 1"... whereby you “Make 1 Request” to our community. Then, “Support 1 Request” of another Woman Entrepreneur before the next month and make her day. Build year-round biz friendships of a lifetime!


ONGOING Promotional Opportunities

Regularly promote your business on our Promote Her Business Facebook group. Align your promotion focus with Your Monthly Networking Plan. Share your wisdom and connect with other supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs. Post value/education daily and promote other Women Entrepreneurs. Interact with PHB's FB group on Network HER Way Monday, Teach Her Tuesday, Promote Your Business Thursday and more.


Private Networking Circles

PHB’s Private Networking Circles (PNC) are about creating an empowering, exclusive, close-knit environment for 6 – 15 Women Entrepreneurs to learn together, grow together, have fun together, speak more, and promote the heck out of each other’s businesses. As a PHB Member, it’s free to start or join a Private Networking Circle.

What else PHB Members ❤︎ . . .

It's been awesome to find PHB's Learning Community. I've learned new skills that have helped me Up-Level my business & connected with pretty awesome Women Entrepreneurs who were on the same journey as me. It’s like learning amongst friends!
Holly Hansen
Happiness and Empowerment Coach And Founder of Mental Spa Experiences, Four-Keys Coaching
Every business hits a roadblock since business owners tend to wear too many hats. These roadblocks can be fatal if you do not have a company like Promote Her Business (PHB) mentoring and getting you out of this mental hurdle. I personally know of many businesses that PHB has helped. I will always recommend PHB to my clients.
Indu Jayakumar
CEO/President, LocalBizNetwork.com
I enjoy being in PHB, because it is beyond a networking organization. It is a mission to empower and build the business, skills and prosperity of its members. PHB is committed to creating a “tight knit team” of aligned members. . .
Marilyn Atteberry
The Avatar Course

Whoo Hoo!
Let's Network HER Way!

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Leverage The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way

Shhh... "The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way" aren’t your average networking tips. These are the secrets that will give you an edge to getting more virtual networking results - saying the right things at the right time, to get you more business from the right people. Read the "The 12 Secrets" pdf and apply each Advanced Networking Secret at PHB's virtual events and beyond.

APPLY the WEEKLY "Network HER Way" TIP from FB LIVE

Learn how to accelerate your networking results every Monday. Watch the weekly "Network HER Way Monday" FB LIVES to try out Advanced Networking approaches to get more business, referrals, and build more profitable, Win-Win relationships.

Create Your Monthly Networking Plan with us

Each month, ask yourself: What's your plan to get the most Networking Results? Start your month off right by creating your plan with our global PHB community, and play to get more Yeses, Referrals, and Win-Win relationships! You can create your plan by jumping on our Zoom call and promoting your biz to our PHB community, as you plan. Or, you can fill out your Networking Plan around your schedule.

UpLEVEL Your Signature Spiel

The most common question Women Entrepreneurs get asked is: "What do you do?" Just because the question gets boring to hear, it doesn't mean that your answer can't be extremely interesting. At PHB, we're here to help you develop a 1-minute "Signature Spiel" that will help you be remembered, repeated, and responded to more quickly. The best part is you can lean on PHB's global sisterhood to give you feedback and peer-mentor you during events and Win-Wins... until you've developed a Signature Spiel that is as awesome as the products, services, and/or events your offer!

round-Table on The 12 Principles to phb

Each month, be introduced to one of The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business - PHB’s step-by-step methodology to skyrocket your success. The 12 Principles include Your Brand, Plan & Team to Your Marketing, Sales & more. During PHB Round-table Networking, compare best practices with other Women Entrepreneurs, help each other get un-stuck, & create high-value actions for real results.

Join or start a Private NetworkinG Circle

PHB’s Private Networking Circles are about creating an exclusive, empowering, close-knit environment for Women Entrepreneurs to speak more, promote yourself more and build the strongest relationships. As a PHB Member, you can either Join a Circle, or you can Start a Circle - around an industry or interest - for no additional cost.