Your Promotion Quotient:


Congrats, you’re in a stage to leave your mark on the world!

{truth be told: your mentorship can make a big difference, yet it can be stressful to figure out where you need to pivot with new ideas to hold onto market share.}

Your business is like a Classic Car: It has an impressive enough history to be looked at as a model that’s worth collecting, preserving, or restoring rather than scrapping.

You Need:
Sustainability & A Supportive spirit

If you’re feeling like this, it’s a sign of having good intuition. This is the stage to pat yourself on the back for playing for sustainability (especially if you learned the hard way).

During the “Lead It” level, it’s often a matter of keeping your edge {with new marketing ideas}, revisiting your exit plan, and being intentional about the business/leadership legacy you want to leave.

However, if your market share is starting to slip and dip, this is the stage you may be figuring out how to turn things around or when to pull the plug while keeping your brand’s dignity and integrity.

. . . And . . . Promote Her Business (PHB) invites you to become a Business Mastery role model to other Women Entrepreneurs, while getting more clarity on leaving your legacy. 

There’s always more to learn, more like-minded women to have authentic conversations with, and more wisdom to pass along to up-and-coming Women Entrepreneurs.

Discuss The 12 Principles with other Women Entrepreneurs, who “Lead It” too

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Congrats! Your brand is established in your marketplace and has peaked at having an edge in your industry, market, and/or niche. It is common for businesses at this level to have their ideal audience associate their brand with their emotions and sense of self.  In turn, they will choose You – even if they have to pay a premium or be inconvenienced (such as waiting in a long line)!  

So, your ideal audience already knows your business and loves you. Where do you go from here?

It’s no longer a question of reaching success — but rather a question of what to do with the success you’ve accumulated as a personal and/or business brand! Here are some possibilities to expand your brand: 

  • Appreciate the loyal customers who supported your business along the way. What can you do to acknowledge them even more? 
  • Celebrate your history and wins with your business community. Your business is more than something that delivers products/services and new ideas. It’s a platform to bring your customers/clients together and form new friendships (given they already have something in common – they love your business). This is also a great opportunity to turn your community into your biggest brand ambassadors (who rave about you to family/friends without being asked to do so) 
  • Think bigger than your business. Think World Impact.  How can you make the most of the power you have from being successful? Think about the struggles you went through to get where you’re at and give other leaders — and Women Entrepreneurs — a hand-up to get there faster and avoid your mistakes.  Not only is your supportive spirit great publicity, but it is reported to feel really great too.  Who are you most passionate about supporting? What is your next step as a leader in the world?  
  • Think about your Biggest Role Model – or someone you always longed to meet or be like –and how they either interacted with you, or how you wish they would have interacted with you.  Then, be that Role Model for someone else.  
  • Is there a favorite cause that you can proactively endorse more or a way to get more of your team and network involved in volunteering for it?

At the “Lead It” stage, most Women Entrepreneurs have already reached their success peak. 

Now, it’s a matter of keeping their position in the marketplace and doing everything in their power to anticipate any market fluctuations, which would lead to their market share decreasing, and pivot accordingly. 

Answer the following key questions to set yourself up for the future:

  • What’s next for you personally and professionally?
  • What’s next for your business?  
  • Do you have a succession plan? If so, is it time to revisit it? And if you don’t have one, is it time to create one?  

Avoid Complacency – the antithesis of Legendary! 

Here are 2 important ways to keep a pulse on the times and move with them: 

1.  Don’t be fooled – just because clients Love You now… doesn’t mean that they will always Love You.  Be on the lookout for signs when the market is getting saturated, you are losing market share, and/or your ideal audience is falling in love with someone else. 

This may be the sign to pivot, go back to Promote Her Business’ “Learn It” or “Live It” level, or otherwise, have your business decline.  

2. Assess your current results with promoting your business: 

  • What’s currently working or on the rise with getting marketing results? Is your team on the same page about consistently identifying what’s working and intentionally doing more of it? 

  • On the flip side, what promotion methods are on the decline for your business? In your industry? Across industries?  

  • How can you keep up with the times and keep innovating and being relevant? 

  • What other marketing strategies and/or vehicles might be worth looking into?  For example: Is there an online platform where you used to get more results but now you might consider moving to another platform because you’re ideal audience is gravitating over there? 

At the "Lead It" level, benefit from Sustainable Practices

At Promote Her Business (PHB), we teach 12 key principles to help you market and grow your business faster and with more authenticity.

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