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"LEARN IT" Level

Congrats, you are in a stage filled with pure success potential!

{truth be told: overwhelm and frustration can get you down}

It’s kind of like learning to drive a car as you’re driving it: Everything is in motion, and there’s a yearning for feeling more capable and in control.

You Need:
Success Support

If you’re feeling like this, it’s a sign of having good intuition. This is the stage to make sure your business is standing on a solid foundation, so you have something strong to build upon.  

During the “Learn It” level, it’s common to wish an Expert would just give you the manual on how to market magically and win at business (so you don’t need to waste time figuring it out on your own). On the other hand, who has time to read a manual (grin)? 

Yet, if there ever was a time — to make the time to learn how to promote your business — and avoid other entrepreneur’s mistakes — now’s the time to do it. Have patience with yourself, ask for support to accelerate your results, and give yourself a break: You’re doing the best you can (as you build your dream, girl!).

. . . And . . . Promote Her Business (PHB) has resources and support systems to help you market and succeed with more ease.

Our PHB Global Sisterhood is here to cheer you on and grow with you toward business mastery each step of the way.

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How To Level Up Your Marketing Results
Marketing Tips for "Learn It" Level

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Although learning new things about promoting your business admittedly takes effort and time, what you have going for you is that this is new territory for you. Keep in mind that exploring what’s possible can be exciting and fun (if you tell yourself that it is).  

Throughout the “Learn It” stage, connect to your passion by creating marketing pieces about Why you started your business, Why everyone should work with and for you, and Why your ideal audience needs your products/services for years to come. 

The more time that goes by, the harder it will be to remember what it was like to build your business, so document your originating story while you’re living it. (Remember: the advantage of difficult times is they make an even better story)! 

Here’s something that may be difficult to hear:  The speed of the “Learn It” stage is usually S-L-O-W-E-R than most purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs want, and their sales are generally lower than they want too! If things aren’t going quickly, Breathe … this is common for your business level. 

It commonly takes anywhere between 1-3 years (and sometimes longer) to develop your business and build the brand awareness you may be aiming for… hang in there!  

What will help reduce overwhelm is only focusing on one of the 12 Principle to Promote Her Business each month and making steady, continual progress toward business mastery.

Marketing investments are often high in this stage because you are learning new ways to put yourself out there. Give yourself time to test what works (and what doesn’t), especially since you’re first establishing a baseline for comparison.  

Also, keep in mind it requires a lot of repetition to bring about awareness of how awesome your business is… and if you’re working with a smaller marketing budget, it will most likely take more time to be remembered. 

So, how do you know if your brand awareness is increasing?  Discover your ideal audience’s emotional attachment to your business. Your audience’s emotions are what cause them to buy and keep buying from you (instead of someone else).   

The great news is that you can concretely tell when your ideal audience feels a strong emotional tie with your product/service, an emotion that inspires brand loyalty and repeat purchases! 

You can assess your ideal audience’s emotional attachment to your brand by surveying them throughout the year and tracking how their feelings are evolving over time and adjusting your marketing approaches accordingly.  

You can also intentionally stir your ideal audience’s emotions by being intentional about the “feel” of your brand. Start by answering these critical questions:   

  1. When a potential client hears the name of your business, how do you want them to feel? Use 2-3 adjectives. 
  2. When a client hears about the main product/service you’re committed to promoting, how do you want them to feel? Use 2-3 adjectives. 
  3. How does your pricing affect how your clients feel about your brand? 

For example: If your price seems too high (and your value isn’t established), your ideal audience might feel like they’re being taken advantage of and go elsewhere. On the flip side, if your price seems too low, it can dilute the feel of a “high-quality” product/service.  

At the "Learn It" level, benefit from Step-By-Step Guidance

At Promote Her Business (PHB), we teach 12 key principles to help you market and grow your business faster and with more authenticity.

The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business are the foundational building blocks to being a successful Woman Entrepreneur. They support Women Entrepreneurs in having a trusted, step-by-step framework to help your business grow and evolve by working smarter, implementing best marketing practices, and scaling up year-over-year.

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