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"Live IT" Level

Congrats, you are in a stage filled with growth potential!

{truth be told: this can be a very intense and demanding time that can take a toll on your body and relationships}

It’s kind of like driving with the pedal to the metal: It’s exciting because you’re in the fast lane and moving your business forward as quickly as possible. Yet, no matter how fast you go, it’s common to feel like you never have enough hours to get everything {including magical marketing} done . . . and there’s only one you!  


You Need:
Smart Action & Support

If you’re feeling like this, it’s a sign of having good intuition. This is the stage to acknowledge yourself for getting this far. However, if you want to accelerate even more, it’s critical to find new ways to work smarter, automate more, and not be the only one driving everything.  

During the “Live It” level, it’s important to move from “knowing” what to do — to putting what you know into practice in a way that can be duplicated. 

It’s time to distinguish what works, document it, and intentionally have you — and your team — get in the habit of repeating best marketing and sales practices. 

It’s also the time to optimize what you have and be on top of marketing practices that are aligned with new variables that didn’t affect your past marketing efforts. 

. . . And . . . Promote Her Business (PHB) has resources and expert support to help you grow toward business mastery with more ease, while having like-minded Women Entrepreneurs cheer you on! 

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Your business is growing … from your need for extra support (to keep up with the demand) to your concerns about managing your overhead. You are likely to have a few employees and/or contractors, since your business may be generating enough revenue to attract the support you’re looking for. 

In fact, Women Entrepreneurs’ contribution to hiring staff – and creating jobs — has been and will continue to be VERY important. It’s just as important for women to rise up in companies, as it is important for women to create companies to rise up in and lead the way in employee policies that are advantageous to women and their families.

As there’s only 24 hours in a day, being clear on what to do versus what to delegate will be key. Take a few minutes to answer questions about marketing/sales support:

What are you willing to outsource?

  • Keep in mind that delegation is different than abdication. Just because you outsource doesn’t mean you don’t have to be on top of project management, as well as making sure everything completed was completed to your level of satisfaction and quality standards.  Make sure to do your own periodic testing and make sure what you assume is working really is.  

What are you keeping in-house?

  • For example: You may want to make sure all your content marketing is in your voice and aligned with your signature brand. OR, you may prefer to be the only one who talks to your ideal audience about your highest-tier products/services, etc. 

Where do you need more support?

  • Feel free to request support in our public Promote Her Business facebook group, such as asking: “Do you have any recommendations on social media experts or virtual assistants?” 

It’s common to feel like time is flying by and there aren’t enough hours in the day to catch your breath. 

The “Live It” level is a great time to revisit your marketing/sales technology and automations, so you continually stay in front of your ideal audience, especially when you’re too busy to manually do it. 

Although your business momentum is exciting, it can also be exhausting: Make sure to be taking care of yourself and give your brain and body the time they need to recharge, or you won’t be at your best and your business can suffer. 

At PHB, we promote having a “Healthy-Her” community and often need to keep each other accountable more, as we “step on the gas” more.   

The “Live It” level is the test of how important “work” versus “life” priorities really are to you; pay attention to what you’re role modeling to your family, team, and other entrepreneurs. 

Pay Attention to New Marketing Variables. 

Have you ever heard, “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you keep getting what you’re getting?” It’s not always true!  

If you keep doing what you’re doing… you could get different results …  if you’re doing it for a new audience, with new products, using a different distribution channel or from a new location. 

It’s important to continually monitor how new variables affect your marketing outcomes. Here are some new variables, which can affect your marketing and sales results:  

  • New distribution channels require different promotion. For example: Planning a launch for a book is different than planning a launch for a brick-and-mortar grand opening.
  • New locations can attract new types of customers. For example: New types of people can be attracted to a new location, and the change might not be based on the geographical location. New types of customers could be based on the proximity from the street, signs, special promotions, or the layout of the business itself. Plus, different customers may have different buying behaviors.
  • New teammates can affect the power of both your marketing and sales message. How do you have new teammates– whether in marketing, sales, customer service, etc – talk about your offerings? What about your messaging needs to be consistent versus where does your team have leeway to go off script, be themselves, and  connect with your ideal audience? 
  • Positioning the same product/services to a new market creates new challenges. Because a new segment, by definition is different – demographically and/or psycho-graphically – than your previous audience, you need to start to understand them like you understand another language. 

To align your marketing insights to your specific situation, answer these critical questions:  

  • What is working from a marketing perspective and needs to stay the same and scale? 
  • On the flip side, what’s a new variable in your business, and how will your marketing/sales be potentially affected?  

At the "Live It" level, benefit from Best Practices

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