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Hi. My name is Jōsephine Hanan, but you can call me “Jōs. ”

I am the Founder of Promote Her Business Int’l, as well as a Promotion & Networking Coach & Speaker.

It would be my honor to help you discover your “signature brand”, best present yourself, be uniquely compelling, accelerate your networking results, and get more Yeses! Let’s have a conversation about promoting your biz {HER Way}. 


For over a decade, Jōs has specialized in working with businesses across industries to UPlevel their marketing and communications, develop strong leaders, and design, develop and facilitate business training. 

Jōs has worked in corporate, nonprofit and academic settings, as well as worked with the government as a client. She has consulted with Fortune 500s and has had small businesses of her own, so she can directly relate to the pains and passions of entrepreneurs!

One of Jōs’ proudest life achievements in leadership and difference-making goes back to Girl Scouts where she was a top cookie seller for 10 years and earned her Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouts.

Today, Jōs’ Biggest Passion is helping Women Entrepreneurs discover their “signature message” and have it be remembered, repeated and responded to!

How I help You Promote Your Business {HER Way} . . .

Create Your "YES Game"

Do you want to get more "YESES"? Challenge yourself to get more "YESES" in a fun, results-driven way throughout the year.

Develop Your 20-min Power Talk

Learn PHB's way to create and structure your "Signature Talk" to increase your compelling factor. Plus film & promote your Talk to PHB's community.

Uplevel your 30-Day Networking Plan

Let's put our heads together to create and optimize your Monthly Networking Plan, to get more results in less time.

Develop Your Strategic Message

Identify a specific piece of marketing content and transform it into something that has high impact for your ideal audience

Just-In-Time Promo Work Session

Are you in a hurry to "get-shit-done" in the midst of doing a million other things? I can help you develop and execute your highest promo priority!

12 Principles to Promote Her Business Coaching

Let's work together to implement this month's (or any month's) Principle to Promote Her Business.

Which of these Promo Services will help you get the best results this month?




Hang tight . . .