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The 12 Principles
Learning Lab

Move toward mastery of the 12 Principles to Promote Her Business by bringing the learning to life in your business this month!

During this results-accelerating Learning Lab, move from understanding the Principle of the month to assessing what you’re doing, sharing best practices, and deciding on your next action steps. Also, get direct access to PHB’s Founder, Jōs, to ask her your most pressing questions about this month’s principle.

1st Tuesdays 10AM-11AM Pacific via Zoom video conference.

Global Networking Circle

Participate in PHB’s empowering, Global Networking Circle of trust with other supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs from all over the world.

This one-of-a-kind, income-encouraging event will give you opportunities to learn best practices in promotion, receive/give marketing feedback, discover this month’s Healthy-Her challenge, and build more inspiring, Win-Win relationships.

2nd Thursday of each month from 11AM – Noon Pacific via Zoom video conference.

Virtual Speed Networking

Advanced Networking done HER way!

Learn and employ “The 12 Secrets to Being a Savvy Virtual Networker” and build more high-quality Win-Win profitable relationships. Expand your global network faster.

3rd Thursdays from 11am-Noon Pacific via Zoom video conference.

PHB Round-Table

The PHB Round-Table is an interactive and empowering way to take a deeper dive into the progress you have made with the Principle since the start of the month.

Members discuss critical Principle questions, and they share their business experiences, learnings, progress, and best practices.

4th Tuesdays from 10AM-11AM Pacific via Zoom video conference.

PHB's Healthy-Her Challenge

Make a Quick Video & Apply for the Healthy-Her spotlight

PHB Power Talk Interview

Apply for Your 21 Min Spotlight




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