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Rock Your Productivity

*For the ultimate productivity edge: Go to your Member Dashboard (Rock Your Business Training icon) to fill out your Rock Your Week, Rock Your Day, and End Your Day Action Planners

The 12 Principles
Learning Lab

Watch this video and take a deeper dive into implementing this month’s PHB’s Principle into your business!

Global Networking Circle

This one-of-a-kind, income-encouraging event will give you opportunities to learn best practices in promotion, receive/give marketing feedback, discover this month’s Healthy-Her challenge, and build more inspiring, Win-Win relationships.

If you missed this event, ask yourself: What is 1 short piece of content/branding you’d like to get peer feedback on… a blog, speech, video script, logo, etc. Consider doing a Marketing Sneak-Peek at the next event.    

Please note: For privacy reasons, we may — or may not — record peer feedback, depending on a Member’s comfort level. We also don’t record the Win-Win session. 

PHB's Healthy-Her Challenge

Apply for the Healthy-Her spotlight

Virtual Speed Networking (VSN)

Learn & Apply this month’s                Advanced Networking tip.

*At PHB, we uphold a “Request 1, Support 1” philosophy: 
Even if you didn’t have a chance to make a request to our community, pay it forward by checking this Support 1 sheet.  You might just notice that making another’s women’s day … makes your own day too (wink)!   

PHB Round-Table

Since the PHB Round-Table is at the end of the month, it helps Members stay accountable to the monthly actions that were given to Members during the 12 Principles Learning Lab at the beginning of the month.

Members discuss critical Principle questions, and they share their business experiences, learnings, and best practices.

PHB Round-Table is also an opportunity to share your progress on PHB’s monthly Healthy-Her Challenge and benefit from the wisdom of other busy Women Entrepreneurs, who are finding new, inspiring ways to prioritize health/wellness in their lives. 




Hang tight . . .