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Over the last six months, (Promote HER Business) has measurably boosted my confidence as a leader, and both my manager and my fellow team members have noticed the difference. When I first started my position as a marketing manager at a small business, I was still new to the field and fairly timid in my decisions and interactions. I have (now) developed the right skills and habits to continue growing as a champion-level marketer, and my overall happiness with my job has greatly improved.

Marketing Manager, Mountain View, CA

VIP Business Consulting

VIP Business consulting is our top-tier coaching/consulting program for businesses committed to reach champion levels in their marketing, sales and business strategy and execution. Our PHB Preferred team of experts will work with you on not only creating a 100% custom-designed program for you – and your team’s — unique needs but will make sure we’re there to support you throughout the implementation process and create a “culture of success” with raving fans both internally and externally.

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What if your next 90 days yielded you more results than you thought possible? Start your challenge off right with a “biggest-difference” consult, and then, participate in “jump-start your week” quick, 30 minute high-impact calls. In addition, each week, you’ll receive a new promotional challenge straight to your inbox and be able to stay accountable for success through our Promotion Challenge Facebook group! So, what do you say? Are you up for a challenge to explode your business?

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Don’t Settle for Anything Less than Marketing Excellence: Create the Ultimate Marketing Plan – with Expert Support at Every Step

This is a PHB Original: HIGH IMPACT program! PHB’s 7 hours to Marketing Excellence program is an exciting opportunity to create the Ultimate marketing plan and make sure it is aligned with the best strategic business plan for your unique needs. The Marketing Excellence program is perfect– whether you are creating your strategic plan(s) for the first time, re-vamping them for the 10th time, or wanting to optimize what’s already been working and add-on new, proven strategies you might have missed. The best part is you don’t have to waste time and money figuring it out alone – you will have expert support at every step, so you can create a customized business/marketing strategy that’s right for your business from the get go, as well as optimized for you (and you’re team’s) preferences and resources, as well as the best practices this year. And yes, we’ll be happy to help you hone in on what you do best and how to delegate the rest.

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