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Next Level Coaching

with Jōs

My door is always open to you.

I’m here to help you with anything that will give you an edge in terms of accelerating your networking results, whether you’re in-person, online, or in front of a big audience.

Book a 45-min Next Level Coaching Session with me. This is a customized, 1-on-1 coaching session just for you . . . and just in time for when you need it!

Step 1:

Click the “register” button below, and please complete the Order Form.

Step 2:

Once you select your appointment date & time, fill out the order form and submit payment for only $110. Then, check your inbox for a Confirmation Email.

Which of these Promo Services will help you get the best results this month?

Develop Your Strategic Message

Identify a piece of content (example: your Signature Spiel) and transform it into something with high impact for your ideal audience.

Develop Your Power Talk

Learn how to create and structure your "Signature Talk" to increase your compelling factor.

12 Keys to Accelerate Your Networking Results Coaching

Let's work together to implement this week's (or any week's) Key so you can go further faster.

Create Your "YES Game"

Do you want to get more "YESES"? Challenge yourself to get more "YESES" in a fun, results-driven way throughout the year.

Uplevel your Quarterly Networking Plan

Let's optimize your Quarterly Networking Plan, to get more results in less time.

Just-In-Time Promo Work Session

Are you in a hurry to "get-shit-done" in the midst of doing a million other things? I can help you develop and execute your highest promo priority!

My Expertise

Hi. My name is Jōsephine Hanan, but you can call me “Jōs. ”

I am the Founder of Promote Her Business Int’l, as well as the Creator of the Network HER Way Accelerator (NHWA) & {HER} 6-Figure Circle. I am also a Next Level Coach, #1 Int’l Best-Selling Co-Author & Speaker.

For over a decade, I have been working with Women Entrepreneurs across industries to uplevel their business results.

I got my start in corporate, nonprofit and academic settings, as well as working with the government as a client. I’ve consulted with Fortune 500s. Now I am fully dedicated to my  women-led small business, so I can certainly relate to the pains and passions of Women Entrepreneurs!

It would be my honor to help you discover your “signature brand”, best present yourself, be uniquely compelling, accelerate your networking results, and get more Yeses!

Excited to start coaching together to take your biz to the next level {HER Way}. 

Why Women Entrepreneurs ❤︎ JŌS . . .

Jos helps me to find my authentic voice, humor, and write in a way that resonates with both my personal/business brand and ideal audience. Jos has supported me with everything from writing speeches and updating my eBook to social media, emails, interview responses, and website content, as well as giving me guidance on writing and speaking in a way that sells from the stage, when networking, and online. She has helped me write content much quicker than I could on my own and helped me project manage my marketing efforts… which is great since I’d much rather be out there speaking and empowering teens and parents than worrying about yet another writing or marketing project. Thanks Jos!
Kimberly Schehrer
Teen Breakthrough Expert, Academy for Independence
Jos is an excellent sounding board and adviser when it came to re-designing my website. We talked through branding strategies and how to differentiate my company, the web page content, and blog writing. I can't thank Jos enough for keeping the details of the project on track and the great feedback that allowed us to launch the new and re-vamped website.
Ana Jones
Founder Manager, PHLEX65
I have had the distinct privilege of working with Jos as she is coaching me through multiple drafts to give a TED Talk of my story of why I began a college for adults with special needs through the story of my sister. She has truly gone above and beyond in her caring, expertise, coaching, and guidance. She has been so very astute and spot-on in helping me grow and implement best practices around public speaking. I’m 100% confident that because of her guidance and caring and support, I am going to achieve this goal one day. I just cannot recommend her services enough – she is absolutely the real deal, and you will get so much return both tangible and intangible if you decide to engage her & Promote Her Business services.
DeAnna Pursai
Executive Director/Official Mountain Mover, COLLEGE OF ADAPTIVE ARTS
Jos' strategic marketing and branding coaching is amazing. It's been one of the best investments I've made in myself and business. With Jos' weekly meetings, I felt motivated to keep taking steps forward. I now have a signature program and a signature talk that I would not have imagined or done on my own. If you're a Woman Entrepreneur with a vision and need to take the next step towards clarity, consistency and making money through your passion, then I recommend working with Jos, ASAP.
Tanya Kailath
Caregiver Coach, Enlightened Aging



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