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People often ask me: Who said 2017 is THE Year of Women Entrepreneurs (Yr of WE)?
The answer is that our trail-blazing PHB community did! If we had to wait for someone else to declare it, we’d still be waiting. And women are done WAITING.
We are done waiting to step up as leaders in the world.
We are done waiting to showcase our accomplishments.
We are done waiting to be promoted … and instead, are actively, unapologetically promoting ourselves, our businesses, and each other: Online. Offline. All the Time!
Want to support women-owned businesses throughout 2017? Then, join the MOVEMENT – and let us support you too.

Josephine “Jōs ” Hanan, Founder/CEO, Promote Her Business, and Silicon Valley (SV) Chapter President


2017 is being called the Year of WE for a reason. Let’s collaborate with, promote, and learn from each other … and all businesses will rise 🙂

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One thing I love about PHB is the absolute dedication to the success of women in business. Jōs and her team are passionate in their support, and are deeply caring about PHB members, and women in general…

Lynnea Hagen, M.S., Business Turnaround Specialist/Speaker/Best-selling Author, Abundance Company,

PHB’s Amazing Speaker Line-Up!

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