Although PHB’s 1st Annual Conference –2017: The Year of Women Entrepreneurs (#2017YrofWE) — is over, the movement is just beginning… and we’d love for YOU to help us keep up the momentum:)

2017 is being called the Year of WE for a reason. So, let’s collaborate with, promote, and learn from each other … and all businesses will rise. Join us for for upcoming networking events and marketing/sales trainings throughout the year by clicking HERE to find out more about becoming a PHB member!

People often ask me: Who said 2017 is THE Year of Women Entrepreneurs (Yr of WE)?
The answer is that our trail-blazing PHB community did! If we had to wait for someone else to declare it, we’d still be waiting. And women are done WAITING.
We are done waiting to step up as leaders in the world.
We are done waiting to showcase our accomplishments.
We are done waiting to be promoted … and instead, are actively, unapologetically promoting ourselves, our businesses, and each other: Online. Offline. All the Time!
Want to support women entrepreneurs throughout 2017? Then, join the MOVEMENT – and let us support you too.

Josephine “Jōs ” Hanan, Founder/CEO, Promote Her Business, and Silicon Valley (SV) Chapter President


Let’s start the #2017YrofWE movement, by celebrating the amazing entrepreneurs at the conference.

First, Congratulations, Cynthia Jolicoeur with Primal Tactical Personal Protection, for being voted “Most Interesting VIP Vendor” and helping more women step into their power and feel confident about defending themselves!


As Cynthia explained:

“I teach personal protection/self-defense courses (my website is; the majority of my clients are women but I teach everyone and anyone. My youngest so far is 5 and oldest is 90, and I’ve had blind and deaf students too. I’m currently developing a custom program to help survivors of domestic violence.


Although I am a martial artist, what I teach is not martial arts, it is real-world self-defense that addresses the mental and emotional aspects as well as the physical, and is based on what the human body’s survival system is already wired to do. You don’t have to train for years, you can become safer in a day, and you’ll never forget what you learn (it’s all brain-based learning and non-perishable skills).”



A Huge Thank You also goes out to our Amazing Speakers, who we’ll be learning more from throughout 2017!

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