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Apply for a PHB Power Talk!

Want to be featured in PHB's GLOBAL, Online COMMUNITY?

At PHB, we applaud you for considering to step into the FB LIVE spotlight, and offering to share you wisdom with our online community of Women Entrepreneurs.

Here is an overview of the 21 Minute Power Talk Interview process:
1) Watch PHB's Power Talk Interview training: You can find this training on your Member Dashboard. Watching the entire video is a prerequisite to applying, so you can shine as a Speaker and be on the same page as Jos.
2) Submit Your Application: This should only take about 10-15 mins to complete.
3) Hear Back: Jos strives to reply back to you within 1 week of submission. If you don't hear back in that timeframe, proactively reach out to Jos at contact@promoteherbusiness.com
4) If Selected: You'll be interviewed by Jos on a Friday (typically 9AM Pacific). You'll receive a link to be.live (to test it out ahead of time). Invite Women Entrepreneurs to experience your Power Talk LIVE in our public PHB FB Group.

get known

The more Women Entrepreneurs see you, the more they think of you 1st, buy from you 1st, and refer others to you 1st.

Showcase your expertise

This is a great way for PHB's community to be introduced to your wisdom and be more likely to check out your products/services.


When other ladies see you Speaking Up, they’re more likely to do it too, so you’re raising everyone up!

reach more women faster

Speaking to a entire community -- as opposed to just doing 1:1s -- can accelerate awareness of your brand.

Make a real difference

What you're going to teach Women Entrepreneurs during your Power Talk can be an extreme contribution to their personal and/or business lives.

Why Apply for a Power Talk 

Step Into The 21 Minute Spotlight

Watch PHB's Power Talk Training Video

Watching the video here is a prerequisite to applying, so you can set yourself up for success.  

Understand the Process

Make sure to read  everything on this webpage, including the Frequently Asked Questions. 

Submit Your Application

If accepted, your 21 Min Power Talk interview will be streamed on PHB facebook to our global community! 

Share Your Expertise

Invite Women Entrepreneurs to attend your Talk LIVE & share it afterward. 

Your Power Talk Interview 

frequently asked questions

This exciting opportunity to be featured is exclusively for PHB Int’l Members (including Free 30 day trial members). All levels of Speakers are welcome to apply.

Here is the format of a 21 Minute Power Talk:

A) Introduction: Jōs introduces you using the info you submit in your application ( 2 mins)

B) Teaching: You teach high-value content that can benefit Women Entrepreneurs and give them value/results whether they choose to work with you in the future or not . Do not include your offer during the teaching section, because Jos will ask you about your offer at the end. (14 mins max)

C) Golden Nugget: Jos will ask you: What is the Biggest Takeaway you want Women Entrepreneurs to remember from your teaching? Think simple, catchy, and practical. This is not your offer. (1 min)

D) Offer & Ending: Jōs asks you to explain your 1 short offer & Jōs wraps up (4 mins)

If accepted, your Power Talk Interview will be featured as a FB LIVE on our Promote Her Business FB group. Please make sure you’re part of our FB group,  so we can tag you. Also, if accepted, invite Women Entrepreneurs to watch and interact with us LIVE.

 If selected, you will be interviewed by Jos on a Friday at agreed upon time (typically 9AM Pacific but can be negotiated).

Giving a Power Talk is a FREE perk from PHB Members. There are no hidden application or selection fees.

Jos strives to reply back to you within 1 week of submission… and if you don’t hear from her within that time frame, proactively follow-up: contact@promoteherbusiness.com  

  1. Get on the same page with Jos about when your Power Talk interview is and put it on your calendar.
  2. Invite Women Entrepreneurs to watch your Power Talk LIVE and interact with us.  Give them the link to join our PHB FB Group.
  3. Test the Be.Live tech ahead of time – Jos will send you link, so you can try out your audio/visual BEFORE your Power Talk. 
  4. Review the Do’s and Don’ts from PHB’s Training Video here. 
  5. Keep asking yourself: “How can I 1-up myself?” 

Click on the Be.Live Interview Link 10 mins before your Power Talk interview starts. That way, we can make sure everything is good before launching.

Fill out the quick Power Talk Application here. It should only take about 10-15 minutes max to complete. 

Whoo Hoo! You're excited about giving a PHB Power Talk!
*Watch PHB's training video and then, submit your application.




Hang tight . . .