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I just love Promote Her Business Marketing and Sales organization. Jōs has gathered together some amazing experts (including herself) in sales and marketing to create a one stop shop of experts for women entrepreneurs. Too many times women unconsciously hinder themselves from being successful in business by lack of faith in their value, not knowing how to reach their target audience and hiring the wrong people to help them. PHB specializes in helping women entrepreneurs get past success blockers and finally reach the success levels they dreamed of when they first started their businesses.

Holly Hansen, Happiness and Empowerment Coach And Founder of Mental Spa Experiences, Four-Keys Coaching –

Holly Hansen

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At PHB, there is no such thing is “paying your way” to the top of our referral list. On the contrary, we pride ourselves on only recommending seasoned, results-producing Experts. Our Experts have consistent, track records of success – and are only recommended if members of our PHB community and beyond have raved about them.

Here’s how to WIN by leveraging our network of highly-respected and vetted “PHB Preferred” experts:

  • Save Time: PHB Preferred is being called “a busy entrepreneur’s dream come true,” because we’re doing the work of finding the BEST experts, so you don’t have to. When you become an official PHB member, already vetted and highly-respected experts in marketing, sales, business services and more will be at your fingertips.
  • Secure a Peace of Mind: Forget trying to run your business based on your last google search and instead, feel a new peace of mind from being introduced to experts that countless women entrepreneurs’ have benefited from time and again.

So, what’s next?

Setup a 15 minute consultation to receive recommendations on PHB Preferred Experts, who may be able to support you in overcoming your BIGGEST marketing, sales and business challenges.  Click HERE to Book your 15 minute “Who Would I Prefer to Work With” appointment today.

One thing I love about PHB is the absolute dedication to the success of women in business. Jōs and her team are passionate in their support, and are deeply caring about PHB members, and women in general…

Lynnea Hagen, M.S., Business Turnaround Specialist/Speaker/Best-selling Author, Abundance Company,

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