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principle of the month

In order to improve real-life application and get the most valuable real-time results from PHB, we focus on one Principle each month for 12 months. This way, we explore all 12 Principles over the course of each year, so we can pull each other up and move toward collective mastery.  

At the beginning of each month, be introduced to the Principle of the Month — and participate in interactive exercises and group coaching — by attending The 12 Principles Learning Lab. Then, stay accountable for putting what you learned into practice — and share best practices with other Women Entrepreneurs- during PHB Round-Table.

Ready to step into your feminine power? It’s a beautiful and often under-played asset. Leverage the feminine (in your own way) to attract more clients and re-invigorate your biz with creativity!

  1. What percentage of time do you think you spend in your Masculine Power versus your Feminine Power in business? Give a specific percentage (ex: 40% feminine /60% masculine). Why do you say that? (5 min) 
  2. What works about your feminine/masculine ratio? And is there anything you’d like to change? (5 min) 
  3. At PHB, we’ve identified 9 Feminine Powers (which we discuss in The 12 Principles eLearning course). One Feminine Power is the Power to Emote. This is a critical power, because people buy out of emotion and then, justify with logic. Share the #1, most emotional reason behind why your ideal audience would buy your product/service. (5 min) 
  4. Another Feminine Power is the Power to Spend. According to Bloomberg, 70-80% of all consumer purchases in the US are made by women! Your dollars are your vote as to what stays in business and what doesn’t. What do you think more women should buy/invest in and why? (5 min) 

This Month’s Action 

Pay attention to how much time you spend in your masculine vs feminine power, and see if you can be more intentional about what energy would best serve you based on different business situations.  

*Take PHB’s “Feminine/Masculine Baseline Assessment” to discover your feminine/masculine ratio. (This is part of the Principle 1: “Your Power” eCourse through your Member Dashboard.)  

Your Long-Term Action 

Review all of PHB’s 9 Feminine Powers and choose 1-2 Powers you’d like to incorporate into your business in a much bigger way over the year. What will you choose? The Power to Spend, #GossipForGood, Care, Collaborate, Flow, Emote, Role Model, Be Vulnerable, and/or Create?

Once you’ve picked your Power(s), decide on specific ways to implement them throughout this year. For example: For the Power to Collaborate, you could ask someone to go from collaborating with you this month to becoming a year-round referral partner, etc.

Do you have a clear plan for your business, one in which you have faith will work? Now’s the time to revisit it and create a more effective plan, ma’am.  

  1. What is your 1-year goal? Specifically, by when will you accomplish it (aka: what’s the end date)?
  2. What are 5 objectives (ways) to accomplish your 1-year goal? It’s suggested to have the majority of ways be directly aligned with accomplishing your goal. 
  3. When planning, it’s important to pay attention to what similar businesses are doing. What do you admire about similar businesses? How are you different from them? 

This Month’s Action 

Move from having a high-level vision and plan to hitting your First Critical Milestone, which is the first big win to reassure yourself that you’re making timely, relevant strides toward your 1-year goal. Start by filling out your First Critical Milestone plan. (This is part of Principle 2: “Your Plan” eCourse – modules 2.2 and 2.3 – through your Member Dashboard) 

Your Long-Term Action

Take a fresh look at each part of the Annual Plan for your business, and take the following actions: 

1) Visualize: Put your plan somewhere you can see it and continually update your plan as your business evolves 

2) Optimize: For each part of your plan, ask yourself: What am I else am I missing? And how can I do this even better?  

3)  Diagram: Put all parts of the plan into 1 visual with important milestone dates, so you can stay on top of actually accomplishing your goal in a 1-year timeframe.

Are you prepared to build an All-Star support team? It doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur or have many employees, explore your leadership style & building a stronger more unified team.

  1. What are all the hats you wear in your business? (ex: CEO, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Tech, Operations, etc)
  2. How do you decide what to do yourself versus what to delegate to someone else?
  3. How would you describe your Leadership Style?  (Take PHB’s Leadership Style Assessment for a more comprehensive answer) 
  4. If you were creating the ultimate All-Star Support team, who could be on it? (Include people who work for you, with you, who coach/consult/mentor you & who refer you.)

This Month’s Action  

By the end of the month, strive to get “1 critical person” to make a bigger difference for your business. This could mean on-boarding someone new or better leveraging your current team. Who is the “1 critical person”, and specifically, what will they be doing on your All-Star team?

Your Long-Term Action

Create your All-Star Team plan, which you can roll out over the next year:

  1. Current Needs: What would need to happen to elevate your team’s performance? Dialogue with your team. 
  2. Your Leadership: What would it look like for you to be an All-Star Leader? Equally important, what would it look like for you to be an All-Star Teammate? (Take or review “Your Leadership Style” assessment in module 3.1)
  3. Future Needs:  Who is missing from your support team?  Consider including people who work for you, people who work with you, people who catch what you’re missing (coaches/consultants/mentors/advisors), and people who promote you. 
  4. Create a team rollout timeline: Who will you add to your team over the next year and at what time?  

Does your ideal audience really know who you are? Learn how to brand your authentic message, be remembered for who you are, and get more referrals.

  1. How would you describe your Personal Brand (aka your personal self as a brand)?
  2. How would you describe your Business Brand?
  3. What are other people saying about your brand? What do they love? What do they have constructive feedback about? 

This Month’s Action 

When your ideal audience thinks of your brand, what do you want them to think of more? If you haven’t done so yet, log into your Member Dashboard to Create and/or Uplevel your “Branding Card” — and get clear on differentiating yourself through your personal & business brand.  This is part of the Principle 4: Your Brand eCourse.  

Your Long-Term Action

Never assume you know what your audience is thinking about you or your brand . . . make it a best practice to survey them on an on-going basis.  

1. Complete PHB’s “Ask 20” Survey: See questions and instructions from module 4.0 

2. Ask yourself: Is there any other market research you’d like to conduct with your ideal audience in the next year? What is it? Put what you’re doing on the calendar.  

3. Analyze: How does your ideal audience’s responses about your brand compare from one year to the next.  

When someone says, “Let’s talk tech”, do you want to run? It’s time to get a handle on your current tech and discover what you need to scale-up!

  1. How would you rate how “technical” you feel on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being “not technical at all” and 5 being “very technical”)?  Why? 
  2. Think about all the technology you use in your business. Name your 1-2 favorite types of tech and what you like about them.  (Ex: tech for automating social media, email marketing, graphics, surveys, appointments, website, CRM, project management, etc)  
  3. What would “taking your tech to the next level” look like in your business?

This Month’s Action 

Have you ever done an Annual Tech Inventory or are you just starting this PHB best practice? Either way, complete your Annual Tech Inventory before the end of the month by filling out and PHB’s Tech Inventory questionnaire and then, getting all your tech consolidated onto 1 sheet:)

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting fast enough results in your business? Step on the results gas pedal with PHB’s “performance accelerator.”

  1. Literally say the following and then, fill in the blank: “Other people might NOT think this is important, but it IS important! What I’m most proud of since the beginning of this year is…”
  2.  Fill in the blank: My biggest disappointments since the beginning of the year have been…”  (Here’s your chance to have a vulnerable conversation with women in your Circle and will keep what you say confidential!)
  3. You’re halfway through the year. What results are you committed to achieving before the End of the Year?

This Month’s Action 

Go to your Member Dashboard to access the Rock Your Business training & Action Planners, so you can accelerate winning at your Goal(s) by creating weekly, daily, and/or end of day habits of excellence.  Be specific. What Action Planner(s) — weekly, morning, and/or end of day — are you promising to get in the habit of filling out this month? 

Have you ever wondered why you don’t have all the customers you want? With marketing constantly changing, let’s strategize the best ways to promote yourself now.

  1. How are you currently promoting your business? 
  2. What kind of marketing content are you posting, and how often are you posting it? 
  3. Are you tracking your marketing results? And if so, how? 

This Month’s Action 

Block time on your calendar this week to create and/or optimize your Marketing Plan. Write down everything you’re doing, as well as when and where you’re doing it; make sure your plan is up-to-date. Keep testing what you’re putting out and track your results, so you can keep optimizing.  

Are you collecting business cards or building meaningful relationships? Learn PHB’s Advanced Networking formula for “Win-Win” 1:1’s and more.

  1. How would you describe your networking style? (ie. introverted/extroverted, questioner, listener, supporter, etc)
  2. What are your 2 biggest networking challenges? 
  3. How would you describe the ideal people you would want to do more networking with?  

This Month’s Action 

Leverage PHB’s advanced networking tools in PHB and beyond. Use your Win-Win log when networking to build deeper relationships faster, and use the A+ test more to be a better promoter of referral partners. *Please keep in mind that PHB’s Win-Win log is proprietary, so you can use it for your advantage, but don’t give it out to anyone who isn’t a member.  

Do you know how to make any speech 10X better in 10 minutes and get more speaking results? Learn how to Speak with Power no matter your experience level.

  1. Do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced Speaker and why? 
  2. What is your favorite topic to speak on? In specific, who is your #1 ideal audience to speak to about your topic? 
  3. Who is your favorite Speaking Role Model and why? 

This Month’s Action 

Challenge yourself to be a better speaker. What’s 1 thing you can do to grow? Tell another PHB Member what you’re promising to do, so you can keep accountable and cheer each other on! 

Wouldn’t it be great if more people told the world about your business? Now’s the time to capitalize on capturing more referrals, raving reviews & testimonials.

  1. What is the best testimonial you’ve ever received (aka: what others said about you)?
  2. If you could be endorsed by any Celebrity, who would you choose? Why?
  3. How much of your marketing strategy relies on getting referrals? Why? 

This Month’s Action 

Write out the testimonial you would want your ideal audience to give about 1 specific product or service in your business. Then, ask yourself: What would you have to do to live up to that testimonial? 

How do you influence your ideal audience to say, “YES!”? Learn how to create a “YES Game” that lifts your spirits, keeps you authentic, and gets more “YESES.”

  1. Describe the types of people who are your “easiest YESES’ (aka the people who most eagerly and/or urgently buy) 
  2. What are the 2 most common reasons your ideal audience says YES to you?   
  3. Do you track your conversion process? (For ex: the percentage of people who say YES to each of your offers each month and how long it takes to get these conversions, etc)? Explain how you stay on top of your numbers.  

This Month’s Action 

Do more of what works:  Assess who is most likely to buy your products/services, as well as the most effective ways to inspire them to say yes.  Then, intentionally use those strategies with more of that specific audience. 

Does your sales process consistently lead to conversions, on-going sales, and great relationships?  Now’s the time to look at your sales results with fresh eyes and optimize.

  1. Do you consider yourself a Salesperson?  Please explain.  
  2. What do you think you need to do to be Masterful at selling? And what specific sales practices could you benefit from doing more of?    
  3. What do find is the most challenging part of selling? And what is 1 way you could make the obstacle easier on yourself? Ask others for ideas too.  

This Month’s Action

Block out 1 day (or a half-day at a minimum) to conduct an End of Year Reflection:  Review this past year’s sales numbers; then, journal about what worked & what didn’t in terms of hitting your sales goals, as well as what you’d like to acknowledge yourself for. Ask yourself: What is most worth spending time improving going into the New Year, and where do you need support?    

Your Long-Term Action 

What do you want your sales process to look like 1-3 years from now? Diagram out your entire sales process (if you haven’t done so already). Take a fresh look at each step of the process and notate the biggest areas to optimize per step.  Then, pick your priorities and calendar out aligned tasks for the next year.  

Remember: What Gets Calendared 

Gets Done 

Are you adding your Actions to your calendar? 




Hang tight . . .