Welcome to PHB

Promote Her Business International (PHB) is a one-of-a-kind Networking and Marketing & Sales Training organization for purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs across industries and experience levels.

Why our members


Do you have great products and services and want more people to know about them? 

Then, you’re in the right place. 

Our PHB members continually learn the best practices in marketing/sales year-round by mastering The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business, peer mentoring one another, and building inspiring, Win-Win relationships.

Our vision

We are a role model for shining the brightest spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs.

As Virginia Woolf once proclaimed: “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” Well, not anymore!

At PHB, we are doing everything in our power to have more Women Entrepreneurs go down in history… whether that’s down in their family history for being a role model, down in industry history for being a trailblazer; or down in world history for being a legendary change agent in both their local and global communities.

Our mission

to empower you - a purpose-driven Woman Entrepreneur - to promote your business and each other:

Online. Offline. All the Time.​

 We have an evolutionary, hybrid approach to growing your business and business relationships. This is why we teach the best ways to be successful online and offline. Our community has opportunities to network virtually through PHB International Membership (and in-person or virtually through PHB Private Networking Circles).

We also believe that if you want to “work smarter” in promoting your business, it’s important to lock arms with other supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs, so we can help each other get known, learn The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business, and explore what doing “Business Her Way” uniquely means to you.

Our story

Promote Her Business International

Alameda, CA - September 16, 2017: White tray with 8 varieties of Girl Scout Cookies on a wood table, boxes standing behind plate. Available annually during Girl Scout cookie sales

 “Why did you start your business?”

This is one of the most common questions people will ask you, so it’s important to have a compelling answer. I’ll share my story, which I hope will inspire you to get ideas about how to share yours.


PHB Int’l began because I (Jōs) was so done selling Girl Scout cookies in the Chicago cold. Have you ever tried door-to-door selling as a kid?

As much as I loved Girl Scouts, going on trips, and being top cookie seller for 10 years in a row, what I did not love was ringing doorbells – when my fingers were so cold I couldn’t feel them.

I kept thinking: “There had to be a better way to help the girls of today – and women of tomorrow — better leverage their time to make money and make a difference.” How could women work smarter, not harder?

I made it my life’s work to figure it out.


Today, our PHB Int’l Members “work smarter” by having supportive, purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs come together to master The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business,  to authentically share their story through virtual networking, and so much more! 

For most of history, women were anonymous. Well, not anymore! At PHB, we are Making History by shining a brighter spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs than ever before. If you want to learn the best ways to promote your business, while building inspiring, win-win, profitable relationships, come join us!

Jōs Hanan

Founder + CEO, Promote her business

our pillars of success

Do these sound like you?  If so, we’d love to invite you into our PHB community and introduce you to other like-minded Women Entrepreneurs who are living these values!

Leverage Visual Triggers:

No one will be more passionate about your business than you. So, it’s important to up your energy. As a PHB Member, we recommend to use something as a visual trigger — such as a doorway. And once you see “the trigger,” 10X your energy – no matter how much traffic there was or whatever happened earlier that day.

Step into Your Feminine Power:

This means in a collaborative – rather than competitive – manner. That’s why we have several Women Entrepreneurs in the same category (industry) as Members, because we believe we can learn from each other and raise up our industry. We also like to give our Members choices of who to do business with, because different experts in the same industry resonate with different women.

Your word is your brand:

When doing Virtual Speed Networking and/or “Win-Wins”, follow-up on what you promised or it will hurt your reputation. “Call yourself out” when you drop the ball, as opposed to waiting to be caught. Being dependable also means being on time. To start “on time”, arrive early. If you’re running late, be in communication about your updated arrival time.

Will you pass the test? 

You may be excited about promoting your business today, but you will be tested by life. You have a choice to be unstoppable or to give into excuses. What’s testing you now? Leverage PHB’s Virtual Networking and The 12 Principles Learning Lab to empower you. Then, ask us for Expert Support to help you go the distance.

Are you growing or stagnating?

Continual Improvement is how we grow ourselves and our businesses. As PHB Int’l Members, we continually improve by striving to master The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business. We leverage marketing/sales trainings in PHB’s Promotion Pro Vault, receive marketing feedback & expand our influence through PHB Global Networking Circle, and share best practices during PHB Round-Table. We also accelerate our success by learning high-performance habits through Rock Your Business trainings and Accountability Planners. What will most benefit you this week?

Create a Safe Zone:

Do you desire a community which holds itself to create a positive culture, demonstrates ethical business practices, and fosters personal integrity? PHB creates a “safe space” by enforcing our “zero tolerance” policy for unethical behavior. We uphold the empowering culture our PHB members deserve through both PHB Int’l Membership and PHB Private Networking Circles.

How do others see you? 

What can you do to be more impressive Online. Offline. All the Time? Challenge yourself to “1-UP” yourself each week. Being impressive also means supporting other Women Entrepreneurs, being vulnerable and not giving high-pressure sales pitches. Be mindful of how you’re coming across — versus how you want to come across — when attending PHB Int’l virtual events, PHB Private Networking Circle, conducting “Win-Wins” or interacting with anyone. This is how to earn respect and draw more people to you.

Be kind to yourself and others:

When things go wrong, give yourself a break; you’re doing the best you can. When others annoy you, give them the benefit of the doubt, have difficult conversations in a timely manner, and be open to holding differing viewpoints and still being friends. Also, be kind to the world by thinking bigger than your business and promoting great causes (#gossipforgood) in PHB facebook group.  If you’re part of a PHB Private Networking Circle – or thinking of starting one – consider having your circle support a Favorite Cause. 

{global} impact

As we see it, too much of the world is “in the dark” about women’s awesome products/services.

Here's the good news: Every time another Woman Entrepreneur learns the best way to promote herself {or another woman}, a new location on the globe lights up! Now, more people - who really need what she offers - can easily find her.  

This is the time to light up the world, starting with yours!


frequently asked questions

Yes, PHB International Membership is specifically designed for Women Entrepreneurs and/or entrepreneurs who identify as female or align with a feminine identity. With that said, because our PHB community is a huge fan of men (and “male allies”), we have other ways for them to participate in the community through special events like International Women’s Day, Promote-a-Friend, Support Her Business, and more. 

Promote Her Business (PHB) Members are supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs across industries and experience levels, who are interested in Advanced Networking, learning best practices in marketing and sales, being High Performers, and cheering each other on. Because we believe in collaboration (not competition) there may be multiple members in the same niche or industry. We are learn and grow together.

PHB is “less of an incubator and more of an accelerator.” We best serve Women Entrepreneurs, who already have great products and services, but who want more of the world to know about them.  Do you have a product, service, or event that you really believe in? Do you want new and expanded ways to get the word out?

With that being said, we believe there are 3 levels to business mastery. 1. Learn It. 2. Live It. 3. Lead It.  (You can take our f*r*e*e quiz to discover your Business Mastery level). No matter where you are in growing your business, you are welcome at PHB.

Our PHB community is not here to replace any networking group you’re already in. On the contrary, we are here to teach you proven tools to be better remembered, repeated and responded to in any group you participate in by leveraging The 12 Principles to Promote Her BusinessContinually learn the best ways to promote yourself.  We also pride ourselves on having one-of-a-kind Advanced Networking formats, which allow you to build more inspiring, Win-Win profitable relationships quicker on a virtual and personal level.  Ultimately, the best way to determine what’s different about PHB is to experience it. 

grow your network.

grow your business.

Lock arms with other purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs.