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Would It Bring You Joy to Mentor

Women Entrepreneurs?

The Progressive Journey to Mentoring

At PHB, we believe that you will be stewarded to achieve the highest results when you explore The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business through three stages:

Learn it. Live it. Lead it.

In Year 1 of your PHB journey, your focus is on the first step toward mastery – Learn It. Learn each of the The 12 Principles and participate in our Learning Lab.

In Year 2, your focus is – Live It. Gain some real momentum implementing The 12 Principles in your business.

In Year 3 and beyond, you are ready to Lead It.  It’s time to become a PHB Principles Mentor.

Your Role as a Mentor

As a PHB Principles Mentor, you  will have the opportunity to showcase your 12 Principles wisdom during the following:  

PHB International’s Virtual Events: You can lead key discussions during The 12 Principles Learning Lab and Global Networking Circle around the Principle of the month, as well as be given “priority consideration” for speaking/facilitating PHB events like conferences, being interviewed as a Power Talk Speaker, and/or being featured for Healthy-Her Spotlight.

PHB Private Networking Circles:  You’ll have an exciting opportunity to guide Round-Table discussions and make sure your Circle is getting practical value from each Principle. You may also be asked to offer individual guidance to new Circle Members looking for support on specific Principles.

*If you are serving as a PHB Mentor, and can’t find a Private Networking Circle that fits you, it’s a great time to explore starting one. Now’s the time to challenge yourself to lead in an even bigger way and shine an even brighter spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs! Plus, being a Circle Organizer is a fun, low time commitment with high-value for women in your exclusive circle of trust and support.

grow your business.

grow your influence.




Hang tight . . .