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Thurs Feb 23rd, 2023 from 4pm – 6pm Pacific Time
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Hang on for details . . .

*This is a Special Event for PHB Members & FREE Guests, who both need to RSVP to receive Zoom link

Team Up to Promote Each Other!

I've got a BIG question for you . . . Is it easier to promote Yourself or promote Someone Else? (The most common answer is that it is easier to promote someone else!)

If you could use this super power for someone else, they could use this super power to help you! That's why we have created Promote-A Friend, the Ultimate Collaboration Event!

Promote each other's business in multiple Networking Rounds, and Get More Leads & Referrals together than you could alone!

Get Prepared . . .

When you attend The "Promote-A-Friend" Networking Event, you will get access to the Lead Tracker, your blueprint to Get More Leads Together!

Here’s what you need to know about Promote-a-friend …

Attend the Ultimate Collaboration Event!

Invite a friend to attend with you

Simply tell another Women Entrepreneur - who you admire - that you think she's amazing! . . .

And, ask her to attend the Promote-A-Friend Event with you so that you can tell the PHB's global community about her business. In turn, she will promote your business throughout the event too.

No preparation necessary. Don't worry, it's easy and we'll walk you through promoting each other step-by-step.

Make sure You and your friend both RSVP, so we can have a headcount for event facilitation.

HINT: Have 2-3 friends in mind to invite, so if one can't make it, you can just ask another you also admire.

Participate in Multiple Rounds of Virtual Networking

Here's the twist: At this event you aren't just promoting your business, you are promoting your Friend's business.

You will have time at the event to make sure you are prepared to compellingly promote each other's business before you go into networking rounds on behalf of each other.

CollecT Referrals & Play to BE THE BEST FRIEND PROMOTER

The goal is to "win" at collecting as many leads & referrals as possible for your friend. At the end of the event, you will share the leads you've collected for each other.

The Woman Entrepreneur who collects the most leads & referrals for her friend will WIN PHB's special spotlight to promote themselves - and their friend - even more to our global community:)

still participate even if your friend doesn't

Sometimes our friend can't attend and there's no one else to invite. In this case, don't worry, you can still attend. We will pair you up with another purpose-driven Woman Entrepreneur, and you'll have ample time to get to know her biz before promoting each other.

*With this said, randomly pairing you up is the last resort. Please start by asking at least 1 friend if she can attend with you, and make her day by telling her you'd be honored to promote her:)

Make sure You and your friend both RSVP, so we can have a headcount for event facilitation.