Join Us for Rock Black Friday Networking & Training

Tues Nov 7, 2023
11am-1pm Pacific Time
via Zoom Video Conference

Make this Your BEST Black Friday Yet!

Are you entirely ready to promote your biz on Black Friday? How about Small Biz Sat? Cyber Monday? And Giving Tues?

Join us for the most timely "Rock Black Friday" (and more) Event with other Women Entrepreneurs in PHB's global sisterhood.

1) TRAINING: Learn best practices for making HOT, irresistible offers to your ideal audience throughout Nov!

2) NETWORKING: Share the Irresistible Offers - you crafted & UPleveled during the training - during Multiple Rounds of Networking {HER Way}!

*This is a PHB Members-Only Event, so to attend . . .

Get Prepared . . .

When you attend The "Rock Black Friday" Networking & Training Event, you will get access to the Workbook, your blueprint to make this your BEST Black Friday yet!

What To Know About Attending "Rock Black Friday" Networking & Training Event . . .

Get New Black Friday Marketing Ideas

TRAINING: Plan out how to have the BEST Black Friday marketing & sales strategy yet. In addition, we will also be giving training on what to think about for Black November (in general), Small biz Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday . . . so you are feeling great about promoting yourself both now and in the future!

Share Your HOTTEST Offers during Multiple Rounds of Networking

NETWORKING {HER WAY}: Are you soooo done asking other entrepreneurs the same "what do you do" question and getting the same boring answers? Let's get creative and more compelling as Women Entrepreneurs!

During Multiple Networking Rounds, you will have many opportunities to SHARE YOUR HOTTEST, IRRESISTABLE OFFERS with other supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs!


Create your “Rock Black Friday (x5) Success Plan”, so you can create wild success when marketing your best deals during Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, Cyber Monday and more . .


Here's a great idea! Meet new friends at the "Rock Black Friday" networking & training event and continue building referral and supportive relationships post-event with PHB's global sisterhood. Let's help Women Entrepreneurs get more biz than ever this holiday season:)

This is a PHB Members-Only Event, so to attend . . . 

Why ladies ❤︎ Rock Black Friday Training . . .

I give Rock Black Friday training a 5 out of 5! The event was very interactive. I really appreciated the feedback from other attendees.
Cynthia Spirlin
Writer & Speaker, ,Parenting Your Parent
This is my first time to promote on Black Friday, so it is extremely helpful to do it in a safe place for the first time with your help.
Monica Kahio
Certified Indoor Health & Nutrition, Healthy Homes Essential & Nutrition
I like that this Rock Black Friday Training event helped me plan a marketing strategy. I give it a 5 out of 5.
Cheri Sacks
Founder, Cannabis Consultant and Coach,, Chronic Health Wisdom