Circle Success Steps


Ready to Launch your Private Networking Circle (PNC)? Follow the 6 Simple Steps to “Launch” a Circle.


Leverage your Circle Resources to run your Business and Relationship formats each month.


It’s the end of your term as a Circle Organizer. Now what? It’s time to update & re-affirm what’s possible.


PHB has your back! Everything from quarterly Organizer meetings to private mentoring.


The Simple Steps to "Launch" a Circle

Schedule a free 30-minute “Start a Circle Interest Chat” with Jōs, Founder of PHB. Let’s get to know each other and if starting a Circle is right for you. At this point, you are not committing to anything – you’re just learning more.

Make it official! 

Step 1: Fill out Your Circle Basics Worksheet.

Step 2: Register Your Circle

(Be sure to have your Circle Basics Worksheet available to reference.)

Once you Register, your Circle will be listed on PHB’s Find A Circle” webpage, so more Women Entrepreneurs can proactively reach out to you about joining. 

Now’s the time to take a sneak peek at your Circle Organizer Resources below in the “All Circle Resources” section, particularly the Training Video Library and the Circle Organizer (CO) Planner.

But don’t worry, you do not need to master all of these resources yet. In Step 4 of the “Launch a Circle” process, you will receive formal training instruction and support.

Your first official Circle Meeting is what we call your Founding Members “Kick-off” Meeting.  Don’t worry, you aren’t yet trained as a Circle Organizer (that’s coming soon in Step 4). 

The goal of this Meeting is simply to attract your first 6 founding Circle Members.

Here’s How it works:

1. Review your Circle Organizer Planner – Kick-off Meeting Section

2. Watch the Training Video: Kick-off Training Video

3. Schedule a 1-hour Kick-off Coaching Session with Jos, Founder of PHB.

*Within 24 hours of completing your “Kick-Off” (while everything is still fresh in your mind), quickly fill out your “Post-Kick-Off Assessment” to help you stay organized and be more prepared to Launch. 

Now it’s time to get into the specifics of running your Circle 2X per month. This is where you get training both as a Speaker and a Leader. Be sure to fully familiarize yourself with all the training resources before scheduling your Launch a Circle Planning Meeting.

1. Fill out your Circle Organizer (CO) Planner

2. Get access to 3 training videos: Relationship Circle Format, Business Circle Format & “Everything” Spreadsheet

3. Schedule your 30-minute “Launch a Circle Planning Meeting” w/ Jōs

Your “Circle Launch” is just a fun, fancy way of saying your 1st Circle meeting. 

You’ll only have 1 meeting this first month to keep things simple. Specifically, you will Launch with the “Relationship Circle Format.

Please note: Sister COs have recommended that instead of doing 2 “Get-to-Know” spotlights; you just do 1 and spend – what would have been the 2nd “Get-To-Know” – teaching ladies what to do and having them brainstorm on what they can speak on.  

*Within 24 hours of completing your “Circle Launch” (while everything is still fresh in your mind), quickly fill out your “Post-Launch Assessment” to elevate what’s possible for when you start running 2 Circle events per month. 

Now it’s time maximize momentum. You’ll be leading 2 Circles per month. The Business Circle Format and the Relationship Circle Format. Get going with the “Simple Steps to Run a Circle”. (see section below)


The Simple Steps to Run a Circle

You (or another CO) has already registered your Circle with PHB Int’l.

Make sure what’s publicly listed – on PHB’s “Find a Circle” page – accurately reflects your Circle’s information for this term. If anything needs to be modified, now or in the future use the Update PNC Information Form.

Make sure you have worked through the “Circle Organizer’s Planner” (& refer to your Pre-event “Prep Checklist“). That way, you can fully set up your Circle including your Zoom account, Private FB Chat, Circle Promotion Calendar and Google Drive Folder (here’s a CO folder example). Stay committed to consult your Planner throughout the year.

In addition, the Everything Spreadsheet contains all the information that your Circle Members need.  See the “Everything template” so you can create and customize your Circle’s own Everything Spreadsheet. Also, refer to the “Everything” video training as needed. 

Easily facilitate your Circle by faithfully following the Google slide shows for the Relationship Circle Format and the Business Circle Format. Decide if you want to have Quarterly Socials & support a Favorite Cause. Pay attention to what’s working and what’s not. After each Circle ask yourself: “What 1 thing I could UPlevel?” before the next Circle.

Circles are invite-only. Keep Growing your Circle and inviting 1X Free Guests until you’ve hit your maximum number of members. Feel free to leverage the Invitation & Reminder template here, and customize it to your personality and Circle-specific info. 

Since your Circle is listed on PHB’s “Find A Circle” page, interested ladies may reach out to you. If you want to reach out to them, you can see the summary list of the ladies that have filled out the Circle Interest Form here.

Use the Guest Screening Phone Script to ensure ladies, who you don’t know, are a good fit before inviting them as a 1X Free guest to your “lovingly selective” Circle. 

Survey Circle Members Bi-annually: Make sure they’re happy and thriving. No complaints does not equal happiness, and creating a great Circle experience helps everyone get more business! Have your members fill out an electronic Member Survey during Circle. Use this google survey as your template. Then, tell Members when you’ll have a discussion about what they wrote, so members know you’re taking their feedback seriously. 

Founder of PHB, Jōs, and your Sister Circle Organizers are here to ensure you succeed and have fun! Participate in Quarterly Circle Organizer Circles (CO Circle), visit other Circles, reach out to Sister COs (see CO Contact Info sheet), chat with Jos privately, and review the  “Elevate Your Circle Assessment” (see section below: Ongoing Mentorship & Support).


Re-affirm Your Circle at End of CO Term

At least 1 month before the End Of Term, make the following choice: (1) Stay on as Circle Organizer (CO), (2) Appoint or majority vote on a new CO to keep Circle going or (3) Cancel (dissolve) Circle. (See Step 3 for corresponding “Update PHB  Forms”)

*Even if you’re no longer a CO, it’s beneficial to stay as a Member and see how all your hard work has lead your Circle to continue to evolve, while mentoring the next COs. 

At the end of each CO term, celebrate the achievements of the current COs (including yourself) over the past year.   

Then, celebrate the new term’s COs in front of Circle Members and honor their commitment to helping women in Circle get more biz, support and referrals than ever.

If there’s a New CO, make sure the Outgoing CO mentors them before they start their term. Specifically, schedule a 1 hour “CO Transition Meeting” to add the New CO to Circle’s google folder, go over the Everything Spreadsheet, share what worked/didn’t work over the past year, and answer their questions. Let New CO know if the Outgoing CO is open to continue answering their questions throughout the next year, so you’re on the same page.  

If any information about your Circle has changed from what is on the Find a Circle page (or your Circle has a New Circle Organizer), fill out the Update PNC Information Form. If you’re stopping (dissolving) your Circle, fill out the Cancel PNC form. This is critical because your Circle information is being displayed publicly on the Find a Circle webpage.

Your Circle’s Favorite Cause ends with the end of the Circle Organizers’ term.  Let your Cause know of the change, using the template in the Favorite Cause Planner. Take a majority vote if Circle wants to start a new project with this Cause, choose a new Cause, or stop having a Cause for the next CO term.

It’s critical that all your Members have accurate and up-to-date information. Update all tabs on YOUR “Everything Spreadsheet.” Make sure the only people you are sharing YOUR spreadsheet with are ACTIVE Circle Members (e.g., remove Past Members).

Are only Active Members in your chat? Previous members may be annoyed to still be getting chat messages.
Are Members using the chat the way you envision? Or do Members need education on what you’re thinking?


Ongoing Mentorship & support

PHB Circle Organizers FB Chat

This is a private FB chat just for Circle Oganizers (COs). Connect with other COs, ask questions to the group & to Jōs, get reminders, share best practices, share about yourself and your biz and celebrate being a CO.

You must be Friends with “Jōsephine Hanan” so she can add you to the chat. Once you have been added to the FB message thread, click the button below for direct access.

30-Min Circle Consult

Have questions about your Circle’s Kick-Off? Launching Your Circle? or Running a Circle? (And it can’t wait until our next quarterly Circle Organizer Circle?

Schedule a Free 30-Minute Circle Consult with Jōs

Circle Organizers Circle (CO Circle)

The best way to get support is to get it together: from each other and from Jōs. Join our quarterly CO Circle Zoom to get to know your Sister Circle Organizers, practice the format, peer-mentor each other on challenges, take your quarterly “Elevate Your Circle Assessment” and more.

*We’ll be having CO Circle on the 2nd Friday of the 3rd month of each quarter at Noon-1:30pm Pacific Time (in March, June, Sept and Dec). See the Private Networking Circles’ Calendar for specific dates. Let’s elevate ourselves, our businesses, and our Circles {together}!

Real Life Learning

Attend the next PHB Global Networking Circle: See how Jōs facilitates both the Healthy-Her and Win-Win section, and get new ideas for facilitating your Circle! 

Ask to Visit other Private Networking Circles: Get a sense of how other Circles are facilitated and how ladies form empowering, tight-knit bonds. You can also ask if Circles have openings to be a Get-To-Know Speaker. Silicon Valley (SV) Networking Circle is a great one to start with since it’s the model for all our Circles.

All Circle Resources


PNC Video Training Library

Watch the How-To Videos
Watch and re-watch "CO How-To Videos", including training on "Kick-Off", 2 Circle formats, "Everything Spreadsheet", Onboarding New Members, and Quick Tips.

Elevate your speaking and leadership skills , learn what you might be missing, and create the Ultimate Circle Experience!
Go to Training Library

Circle Organizer Planner

Your Check-list to Run a Circle
Your Circle Organizer (CO) Planner is your simple, step-by-step organization system to check off what needs to be done from Launch A Circle and Run a Circle to Re-affirm a Circle and Support for Circle.

Your empowering, fill-in-the-blank Planner is critical to have at your fingertips throughout the year. It enables COs to be on the same page, and it houses all your Circle-Specific answers (which Members don't need to see on the "Everything" spreadsheet) in 1 easy-to-find reference doc.
Circle Organizer Planner

Everything Spreadsheet

The Key Resource for Your Members
Your "Everything Spreadsheet" is where your Circle Members find "everything" in 1 place about your Circle-specific information.

PHB gives you a template, so you can download the "Everything Spreadsheet" to your Circle's google drive folder, customize it, and share it with your members (so they can make edits too).
Everything Spreadsheet Template

Kick-Off Meeting Planner

Lead your Founding Members Meeting
Your first official Circle Meeting is what we call your Founding Members "Kick-off" Meeting. The goal of this Meeting is simply to attract your first 6 founding Circle Members.

All the simple, step-by-step instructions for Kick-Off success (from Prep and Mentoring to Day-Of and Post-Kickoff) are found in your Planner.
Kick-off Meeting Planner

Business Circle Format

Access the Google Slideshow
Facilitate your first Circle of the month using the Business Circle Format. Show the Powerpoint using Google Slides so you can have the most up-to-date version.

Heads Up: This is the Circle in which you do Win-Wins, so get Members in the habit of having their Win-Win Logs ready (find the link in the Powerpoint).
Business Circle Slideshow

Relationship Circle Format

Access the Google Slideshow
Facilitate your second Circle of the month using the Relationship Circle Format. Show the Powerpoint using Google Slides so you can have the most up-to-date version

Heads up: Every event has 2 Get-To-Know Spotlight Speakers. Make sure to book your speakers ahead of time and put their names on your Everything Spreadsheet.
Relationship Circle Slideshow

Onboarding Circle Members

Welcome & Orient
When you accept a new Member into your Circle welcome her warmly and with purpose. Schedule an Onboarding Meeting within her first month of joining, so she feels setup for success.

Watch the Onboarding training video (in your PNC Video Training Library). Then, follow the New Circle Members Onboarding Planner - a section in the Circle Organizer Planner.
Onboarding Planner

Bi-Annual Member Survey

Assess Your Circle's Experience
Survey Circle Members Bi-annually: Make sure they’re happy and thriving. Have your members fill out an electronic Member Survey during Circle. Use the google survey template to customize your Circle's Survey.
Survey Template

Elevate Your Circle Survey

Uplevel Your Circle's Experience
This is your opportunity to take a fun and supported look at the success of your Circle. We will do this together survey together in our quarterly Circle Organizers (CO) Circle.
Elevate Your Circle Survey

Circle Promotion Calendar

Let's support our Circle Sisters and attend and/or promote each other's events!
Your Circle Calendar includes the view-only PHB Int'l Calendar, view-only Private Networking Circles Calendar (so you can visit Sister Circles), and an editable Promotion Calendar for your specific Circle to have members add their events to.

Make sure to put both the Editable Web link and Read-only Subscribe link on your "Everything Spreadsheet."
Your Circle Promotion Calendar

Favorite Cause Planner

Collaborate to Do Good
Support a “Favorite Cause!” A Circle’s Favorite Cause is an optional good-will project or philanthropic involvement voted on by Members. It spans the course of a year (from the start to end of the Organizer’s term). Follow the “Favorite Cause Planner.
Favorite Cause Planner

Quarterly Socials Planner

Build Relationships & Have Fun
Circles can do optional quarterly socials like Happy Hours, holiday parties, arts & crafts, game nights and more. Members are encouraged to come up with fun, low-work ideas and co-host events. Follow the “Socials & Best Practices” Planner to foster your socials’ success.
Socials Planner

Invitation & Reminder Template

Invite 1X Free Guests Easy-Breezy
Leverage the Invitation & Reminder template to easily invite 1X Free Guests to your Networking Circle (and share it with your Circle Sisters too). Customize the invite template to your personality and Circle-specific info.
Invitation & Reminder Template

Circle Interest List

Contact ladies who want to be in Circle
This list contains the ladies who expressed interest in Circles by filling out the Circle Interest Form through PHB Int'l. Reach out to them to grow your Circle.
Circle Interest List

Guest Screening Phone Script

Pre-qualify ladies you don't know
Since your Circle is listed on PHB's "Find A Circle" page, interested ladies may reach out to you. If you want to reach out to them, you can see the summary list of the ladies that have filled out the Circle Interest Form.

Use the Guest Screening Phone Script to ensure ladies, who you don't know, are a good fit before inviting them as a 1X Free guest to your "lovingly selective" Circle.
Guest Screening Phone Script

Start a New Circle

Register your exciting new Circle!
Any PHB Member can Start a Circle around an industry, niche, or interest - for FREE (it's included in PHB Membership).

Maybe a Circle Sister's schedule no longer works with her "Home" Circle or she wants to dive into her niche referral partners even more. If she decides to be a Circle Organizer, she can "Register" her Circle here.
Register Your Circle

Post Kick-Off Assessment

What to do next with Founding Members!
Within 24 hours of your Kick-Off, fill out this quick Post-Kick-Off Assessment, so you see what worked & what didn't work. Then, you can go into your Circle Launch stronger than ever!
Post Kick-Off Assessment

Post-Launch Assessment

Learn from your Launch!
Within 24 hours of completing your Circle Launch, fill out this quick Post-Launch Assessment, so you see what worked & what didn't work. You can then keep Upleveling what's possible for your 2 Circle events next month - while staying organized.
Post-Launch Assessment

Update Your Circle Info

Keep PHB Up-to-date
Make sure what’s publicly listed – on PHB’s “Find a Circle” page – accurately reflects your Circle’s information. If anything needs to be modified, now or in the future use the Update PNC Information Form.
Update Circle Form

Cancel Circle

Let PHB Know Your Circle has dissolved
We are sad to see your Circle go 🙁 It's important to let PHB Int'l know, so we can take your Circle off the public "Find A Circle" page.
Cancel Circle Form

Circle Organizers Contact Info

Make Friends with Sister Organizers
This editable list contains the names and contact info for all current Circle Organizers. Reach out to your Circle Sisters for support. You can also update your own contact info as necessary.
Circle Organizers Contact Info

Circle Organizers' Private FB Chat

Let's Connect with our Sister Circles!
Connect with other Circle Organizers, ask questions to the group & to Jōs, get reminders, share best practices, share about yourself and your biz and celebrate being a Circle Organizer. You must be Friends with "Jōsephine Hanan" so she can add you to the chat. Once you have been added to the FB message thread, click the button below for direct access.
CO Private FB Chat

Circle Organizer Folder Example

Organize your Circle's Google Drive folder
How have other COs organized their Circle's Google drive folders?

Here's an example of what subfolders you can consider adding.
CO Folder Example

CO’s Post-Circle Checklist

End each Circle Event powerfully!
How you end each Circle is as important as how you start it. Use this quick Post-Circle Checklist to make sure you are following-up on what's most important before your next Circle. This checklist is on the last slide of both the Biz Circle and Relationship Circle presentations.
Post-Circle Checklist

What to Do about Maybes Template

Get An Answer about Joining Your Circle
What should you do if you ask someone to join your Circle and they say "maybe"? Use this Maybe Template to immediately follow-up and to deal with non-responsiveness.
Maybe Template





Circle Webpages

Find A Circle

Interested potential Circle Members can check out PHB’s existing Private Networking Circles. She can fill out a PNC Interest Form to express interest in joining  a Circle.  She can either be “invited” into and/or ask a Circle Organizer to attend their Circle as a 1X FREE visitor. 

Join A Circle

Once a Member has been invited to join a Circle, she gets access to all the general PHB Circle Member Resources to get the most value from the Circle. The Circle Organizer(s) will also share their “Everything” spreadsheet with the specific Circle details.

Start A Circle

Any PHB Member can learn how to Start a Circle around an industry, niche, or interest – for FREE (it’s included in PHB Membership). It’s fun to lead and speak more! Plus, if  she decides to be a Circle Organizer, she can “Register” her Circle here.

Answering YOUR Circle Member's Questions

If Members have a general questions about PNCs or PHB Membership, they use the Circle Member Resources Page.

If Circle Members have a Circle-specific question, direct them to your “Everything Spreadsheet” (use the template below).

PHB’s Circle motto is: “Everything is on the Everything Spreadsheet.” Keep repeating it until your Members get it!

Circle Organizer (CO) FAQ's

As a PHB Int’l Member, there is no additional charge to participate in a PHB Private Networking Circle.

When you invite a Guest — (someone who isn’t a PHB Int’l Member yet) — please note that ALL Circles have a “1X and Join” policy, meaning a guest can attend 1X for Free before Circle Members vote about if they’re a good fit.  If voted-in, the Organizer reinforces to the Guest that in order to participate in Circle, it’s a prerequisite to join online as a PHB Int’l Member.  

*Please note that even if someone is already a PHB Member (aka a PHB “visitor”), the “1X visit and join” rule still applies to them.  

  1. Register your circle, so you can be “listed” on PHB’s public “Find a Circle” web page
  2. Set a Member goal (typically, 6-15 ladies). Keep in mind: This is your invite-only, exclusive Circle of trust, and it’s about quality over quantity of ladies in it. 
  3. Co-create a list of ideal members with your Circle Sisters & Personally Invite them
  4. (Optional) Post about growing your Circle on Promote Her Business’ private Facebook group, so women can reach out to you about attending your Circle as a 1X free guest. 
  5.  Ask if anyone in PHB’s global sisterhood wants to join your Circle during “Request 1, Support 1” each month. 
  6. Leverage the collective rolodex: At the end of Circle, revisit your “Ideal Circle Sister” list on your “Everything Speadsheet”. Pick 2 “ideal circle sisters” to focus on inviting to the next Circle. 
  7. Co-Invite: At PHB, we believe: “You get what you focus on.” So, if your Circle Sisters want to grow their Circle, it’s important to keep this co-created goal fresh in everyone’s minds, so you (as CO) aren’t the only one inviting… At the end of Circles, remind members to invite 1X Free guests to the next Circle – while being “lovingly selective.” 
  8. Ask fellow COs for support: Tell them who your ideal Circle Sisters are – they might know ladies who would make a better fit for your Circle than theirs. 
  9. Keep an empowering, growth mindset: Growing your Circle may be much easier than you think. For example: Your first milestone is 6 Founding Members. If your Founding Members all invite 1 friend into your Circle, you now have 12 Circle Sisters. And if you co-create ideas for the last 3 “ideal sisters” – and then draw from your Circle’s collective rolodex – you’re already at 15 Circle Sisters – easy, breezy. 

Circle Members are in your Home Circle= the Circle you and your members are committing to regularly attend 2X per month.

  • PHB Int’l Members are asked to officially declare a “Home Circle”, so it is clear to Organizers how many Members to setup for and if someone is officially in your Circle.
  • There is no such thing as just dropping into countless Circles and not committing to anything. The point of Circle is to develop deeper relationships through committing to each other.

PHB Visitors = PHB Members, who are visiting your Circle. It’s important to ask them if they are already in a Circle (and just seeing how yours works) OR if they’re looking to make your Circle their “Home.” If they’re considering making your Circle their “Home,” the “1X and Join” rule applies to 1X Visitors . . . just like it does to Guests.

Guests = 1X Free Guests, who are not PHB Members yet. If voted in, they need to Become a PHB Member to join your Circle (it’s a pre-requisite).

At each Relationship Circle, the goal is to have 2 “Get-to-Know” Speakers present for 20 mins each and to line up these speakers ahead of time. 

And life happens… speakers back out last minute and sometimes you can’t get anyone to sign up for a certain date. Then what do you do? 

Important:  Keep in mind the Get-to-Know section is 30 mins because it includes the 20 min Spotlight PLUS feedback, picture and request for support. If you don’t have a 2nd speaker, the CO has a 30 min segment of time to fill. 

  • Avoid finding out that there are no speakers in front of everyone.  Confirm at each Circle who is speaking next – don’t just assume that because they’ve signed-up that they remember or will be there. 
  • Also, make it a habit to review the “Get-To-Know” Speaker list at least 1 week ahead of time and then, a day ahead of time.
  • If you only have 1 speaker, ask if anyone else wants to step in to be the 2nd speaker pre-event, so they have enough time to prepare.
  • In the extremely rare case that there are no speakers (due to last minute cancels), as Circle Organizer, step in to save the day and either talk about yourself or come up with something else members can do during this time. For example: You could use the time to have members pair-up and share 1 thing personal, and 1 thing business; OR you could ask members if they want feedback on anything, or you could do Win-Wins, etc…
  • You can also ask other COs (such as in CO Chat) to tell their Circle Sisters that you have speaking openings. This is a great way to meet ladies from other Circles, build more win-win relationships, and have your Circle Sisters get new ideas for what to say during their own Get-to-know spotlights.

Yes. PHB suggests surveying Circle Members 2X a year to make sure they’re happy, thriving and don’t have anything on their chest, they need to get off.  

Important: Just because no one “complains” does NOT mean they’re happy. Plus, creating a great Circle experience helps everyone get more business … and causes ladies to want to continue being in your Circle! 

Your bi-annual survey will give you key insights into what members are thinking about inviting guests, co-hosting quarterly socials, stepping up as future Circle Organizers and more.

Proactively note when you will do your surveys on your Everything Spreadsheet’s “Business Circle” or “Relationship Circle” tab. Have your members fill out a quick, electronic Member Survey during Circle, so you can get the most responses.

Then, tell members when you’ll have a discussion about what they wrote, so they see you’re taking their feedback seriously.

At PHB, we’re always looking for new ways to make life easy for COs and save you time. So, if you have a group of new Circle Sisters and/or Founding Members … the easiest thing to do is to onboard them all at 1 time around your schedule. Instead of it taking 30 mins, schedule about 1 hour and use PHB’s normal Onboarding Planner. 

After the group onboarding, doing a quick onboarding call or zoom for the occasional new Circle Sister is pretty easy and empowering. Plus, if you have a Co-Organizer , you can take turns doing New Member Onboardings, which will save you both even more time. 

The conversation starts at Circle meetings, but the richness, deepness comes from the relationships you build and enhance in between Circle events and through your Circle’s private FB group  chat. 

For ideas on what to post in between events to chat … Pay attention to commonalities during events to form a deeper bond around subjects you all appreciate.

For example, if a bunch of ladies care about residuals – then post a quote/joke/article about that, or talk more about Healthy-Her, or ask ladies for something related to the last Get-To-Know. 

Also, remind ladies they can remind Circle Sisters about events they put on your Circle Promotion Calendar, biz wins, testimonials for each other, and more.

It’s very important to capture 1X Free Guests’ contact info at the beginning of Circle; otherwise, it’s going to be really difficult for Members to reach out to them, as well as have the CO let them know if they were voted in. 

*Just because you told guests to put their contact info into the spreadsheet doesn’t mean they will (or know how). Double check that all their info was captured . . . and if it wasn’t, personally enter their contact info into the sheet before they leave the Circle event.

At the beginning of a Circle, the Circle Organizer will ask guest(s) to put their contact info on the Everything Spreadsheet’s “Guest” tab. They may also ask the Guest who referred them and/or have the Member – who referred them – say something about their guest. 

During the guest portion of the Circle, a Circle Organizer will ask the guest(s) to share: 

1) Name, title, and business
2) What they liked best about Circle today

*Put these questions in chat and/or leave them on screen, so guest(s) can answer all of them easily.

Guest cannot make “Announcements.” This is a Member-Only benefit.

It’s highly recommended that Organizer asks them to commit to a decision date. 

SAY something like: “Ok, great. We can understand that you need to see if it works with your schedule AND on our end, we want to make sure it’s not too long of a time, so everyone can still remember who you are when we do vote.  Can you make a decision by next Friday and proactively get back to me?”

And even with saying that assume you, as Organizer, will still need to reach out to them for their final decision, as ladies forget and de-prioritize.  

If they decide NO –  on Everything sheet, guest tab, put a “no for now” in the Organizers notes section and filter their name out of the guest list. 

If they still say MAYBE – give them 1 more chance to get back to you by a specific date. And then, it’s on them to get back to you. Leave them on the guest list. 

However, if they still don’t make a decision and it’s 6 months later, just mark them “no for now” (idea is to have a guest list only contain people who are “hot Circle leads”)   

If they say YES (in a timely manner)- tell them it’s still contingent upon Members voting them in, while they’re still fresh in everyone’s minds.  And if you want them to be able to attend the next Circle, Organizer would need to conduct the vote outside of the Circle.  

If they say YES (in an untimely manner) – let’s say 6 months – or 1 yr  from now – and they request to join your Circle. They have already used their 1X free guest option and it’s hard to vote on them — since it’s been too long — and ladies do NOT remember who they are. Then, it’s up to Organizer’s discretion on what to do next.

If you think Members can make a decision just by going to their website, you can still vote and get back to them. On the other hand, if you want ladies to experience their energy – then as an EXCEPTION – they can come back 1 more time to Circle as a guest and your members can immediately vote afterward. This is a rare EXCEPTION and they cannot come back to Circle more than twice as a free guest.  

Voting is for Members-Only and happens after guests/visitors leave the event. The majority vote wins. Circle Organizer can act as a tie-breaker (if needed). 

  1. Post FB Pics in PHB FB Group 
  2. Post Recap Notes in Circle Chat (good to review before next Circle); acknowledge anyone who missed
  3. Ask yourself: How can I “1-Up” myself and/or the Circle experience before the next event?
  4. Be a Role Model of taking actions Circle agreed to
  5. (As applicable) Follow-up with on-boarding new Circle Members 

Yes, you can dedicate an entire Circle meeting to focus on a Favorite Cause. 

If you’re interested in how a “Sister Circle” did it:

Silicon Valley (SV) Networking Circle dedicated an entire Relationship Circle to their Fav Cause. The ED of that Fav Cause gave her TED Talk (instead of having Get-To-Know Spotlight #1). Then, SV Networking Circle brainstormed on all the ways they could support that Cause (instead of their normal Get-To-Know Spotlight #2).

*Your Circle is free to use the above as a best practice or do something entirely different that better fits the needs of your unique Fav Cause (if you choose to have one). 


*Suggested policy is that Past Circle Members – who return within 6 months of leaving – do not need to be re-voted in because they’re still fresh in enough ladies’ heads.

However, Circle Organizer(s) will still need to take the following steps:

  • Make sure they’re still a PHB Int’l Member or ask them to re-join (it’s a pre-requisite for being in Circle)
  • Re-give them the link to Circle Member Resources webpage (just in case they lost it).
  • On your Circle’s Everything Spreadsheet, move them from the “Past Members” tab to the “Active Members” tab
  • Add them back to your private FB Group Chat
  • Optional: Give them a Returning Member Spotlight. 

Officially, only PHB members should have PHB’s  Win-Win Log, as it’s a member-only perk and proprietary, Advanced Networking technology.

Here’s where it gets complicated:

If you have PHB visitors (aka they are already PHB members)- and they need the Win-Win Log link – give it to them. They can access it from their Member Dashboard anyway.

If they are guests (aka not PHB members), then it’s a good idea to pair them up with a Circle Sister who could share their screen without giving them the log.

That’s the official PHB policy . . . and sometimes it’s hard to sort this all out before breakouts.  So, what happens if a guest does get the Win-Win Log link?

Tell them, it’s fine to use it as a 1X Free guest today, but that’s it … because it’s your Circle’s members-only tool.

Circles work best when you have a Co-Organizer to lean on. You’ll have less work, more fun, be able to brainstorm together… and Circle Sisters often appreciate having more than one voice – and more than 1 perspective – lead all the time.

Here are some PHB best practices: 

  1. Look for someone who loves to speak and/or wants to elevate herself as a Speaker 
  2. Look for someone who isn’t just about speaking – but is equally cool leading behind the scenes. 
  3. Look for someone who you could see aligning with your vision for the Circle, who has your back, is at your level, and is someone you’d want to become great friends with! 
  4. Look for someone who “already gets it” or can learn it fast. Your Co-Org relationship is NOT a mentoring relationship. It’s a win-win relationship, where you both make each other’s lives easier, learn from each other, and help each other look good and succeed in biz too:)
  5. What else is missing for you?  What do you want in a Co-Organizer? Write it down in a couple sentences now while you’re thinking about it.  

The top reason she’s likely to say YES to being your Co-Organizer is because you’ve specifically told her the reasons why you’re super pumped about locking arms with her . . . in specific!  

It’s not just saying “does anyone want to lead with me?” It’s making a personal invitation and having her feel special that you want to lead with her. You chose her.

Also note: No one “has time” to commit to anything in life – but they will “make time” for something that is worth it. And leading with YOU, and making a HUGE difference with helping your Circle Sisters get more biz than ever – and having fun as you’re doing it –  is worth it!

Get them in the spirit of this is more than just 1 more thing to do. They’ll never be more excited than you are – so jazz yourself up BEFORE you speak to them! 

It’s exciting! It’s creating a dream Circle! It’s speaking more and gaining more credibility from the stage! It’s locking arms with YOU and forming biz friendships of a lifetime. There’s only 2 Circle events/mo – easy breezy and quarterly socials/ favorite cause is optional (and awesome if you do it!).

Overall,  being a Co-Org is low work, high fun, you just follow a simple, system, and can make huge difference:) 

Plus, if they’re already a Circle Member, they’ll be there anyway – and wouldn’t it be waaaay more fun to speak & lead than just listen, right? 

Trust yourself. Go with flow. You’ll know what to say in the moment. Speak from the heart. You’ve got this. 



Now you know how to Run a Circle. . .

Ladies, it’s time to run the world!

P.S. Listen to this – and/or your personal Power Song – before each Circle Event to uplift your energy!