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Run Your Private Networking Circle with Grace & Ease

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A Message from Jōs, PHB Int’l Founder & CEO

Welcome Circle Organizer

Whoo hoo! Congrats on being approved to run a PHB Private Networking Circle. We’re looking forward to hearing about the HUGE IMPACT you’re having on shining the brightest spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs, while Networking HER Way.  

I’m here to mentor you on having everything you need to succeed as a Circle Organizer. 


7 simple steps to Circle success


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Register your Private Networking Circle with PHB Int'l (e.g, fill out the Registration form).
Each new term, keep PHB Int'l in the  loop on any changes to your Circle status by updating the registration form (click clock icon).

Also, make sure what's publicly listed - on PHB's "Find a Circle" page - accurately reflects your Circle's information: https://promoteherbusiness.com/find-a-circle

2. Decide What's Key

Make sure your Key Decisions Checklist is completed before your 1st Circle and/or before starting a new term. (Click check icon to see the checklist)

3. Prep

Click on the icon to review "Your Prep Checklist', which goes over everything to think about in terms of updating the Everything spreadsheet, working w/ Co-Organizers, prepping to lead the next event, and as-needed resources.

4. Facilitate

Facilitate your Circle while paying attention to what's working and what's not. After each Circle ask yourself: "What 1 thing I could UPlevel?" before the next Circle. Continually improve yourself and the Circle experience.

*Click the icon to schedule a Free 30 Minute consult with Jos if you have pressing questions about speaking and/or leading throughout the year.

5. Grow

Circles are invite-only. Keep Growing your Circle and inviting 1X Free Guests until you've hit your maximum number of members (& make sure your members know this number too).

If playing to increase membership, brainstorm with the entire Circle about who's missing from your Circle & take notes in the "Ideal Members" tab on your Everything spreadsheet. Once the who is decided, share the "Invitations & Reminders" template (click icon) with members, so they can easily create a custom invitation to your Circle's ideal 1X Free guests.

Since your Circle is listed on PHB's "Find A Circle" page, ladies may also reach out to you to see if there are openings: https://promoteherbusiness.com/find-a-circle *And Yes, you can start a waiting list if more women want to join than you have room for.

6. Continually Improve

Survey Circle Members quarterly and make sure they're happy. No complaints does not equal happiness, and creating a great Circle experience helps everyone get more business! Have your members fill out an electronic Member Survey during Circle, and use this google survey (by clicking icon) as your template. Then, have a discussion about what they wrote, so members know you are taking their feedback seriously.

Also, as an Organizer, look at the "Uplevel Your Circle" doc for ideas on what can be continually improved: https://rb.gy/k5ghfg


How you transition is as important as how you start. Before the end of your term, decide if you're going to renew your term as Organizer, OR  personally ask someone to step up as Organizer (make sure they have at least 1 month notice and understand it's a compliment that you're approaching them to lead).

At the end of each term, it's required to communicate any updates about Circle -- including New Circle Organizer, updated logistics, a Circle stoppage, etc - to PHB Int'l by using the Update form (click the hands icon).

Private Networking Circles

what members get

Be setup for success from the get-go. Meet with a Circle Organizer to get the most out of your Circle experience: Ask your most pressing questions, get up-to-speed on how to promote yourself, and learn how to communicate with other members.

*Within first month of joining

Increase your understanding of The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business and share best practices, stay accountable for the monthly Healthy-Her Challenge, and participate in Win-Wins using PHB’s proven Advanced networking formula. 

This is HER way to have all members really get to know all members of their Circle.  1 to 2 women each time sign up for a “Get-To-Know” Speaking Spotlight. They have up to 30 minutes to share 1 thing personal, 1 thing business, and be interactive and engaging.

That’s all! No stuffy presentations, and presenters can allocate the time however they see fit. It’s an opportunity to step into your feminine power of being creative and memorable {Your Way}.

Relationship Circle is an uplifting way to get to know the real woman behind the business, ask her questions, and do more business and referring to her! This format also includes a Healthy-Her check-in. 

When you first join a Circle, you’ll be given a special New Member Spotlight.  After which point, you can promote your business at all Circles, as well as be on the constant lookout for how to best support and promote other Circle Members too.

Speak up during member announcements, and as applicable, share your flyers, special promotions and/or events in whatever ways your Circle agrees to (such as an  Online Promotion Calendar, Member Table, etc).

Business Circle Format & PPT

Round-table on the Principle of the Month

Take on this month’s Healthy-Her Challenge 

Conduct Win-Win 1:1s


*What to say is listed on the note section of each slide


Relationship Circle Format & PPT 

Feature 1st Member in the Get-to-Know Spotlight

 Take on this month’s Healthy-Her Challenge

Feature 2nd Member in the Get-to-Know Spotlight


*What to say is listed on the note section of each slide

fun & optional opportunities

Circles can do quarterly socials like Happy Hours, holiday parties, arts & crafts, game nights and more. Members are encouraged to come up with ideas and co-host events. Events are intended to be high-fun, low work.  Here’s the must-read “Socials & Best Practices” document to foster your socials’ success. 

Support an Annual “Favorite Cause” throughout your term.  A “Point Person” can ask a Cause Rep about the best way to support them,  whether that’s through volunteering, social media promotion, and/or making financial or in-kind donations, etc.  Here’s the “Favorite Cause Process and Template” document. 

your Circle questions, answered.

A Private Networking Circle runs anywhere from 1.5 hour to 2 hours. PHB recommends 2 hour events, so you have time for networking, Circle business, voting in new members, etc. It’s better to run under time than over time. 

Circles happen 2X per month 

Leverage proven, practical and easy-to-facilitate formats 

Your Circle can be easily hosted Virtually (such as via video conference like Zoom) or In-person (such as at your home/office) or a hybrid between online Circles and in-person quarterly socials

Yes.  We want to make sure that the Women Entrepreneurs in your Circle are women you believe in and would be proud to promote and support. 

With that said, women may see your Circle on PHB’s Find a Circle page and could reach out to the primary Circle Organizer, who is listed as the contact. You can then decide with them if coming as a 1X Free guest (or PHB Member visitor) is a good fit based on if you’re looking for new Circle Members and/or what their business is. 

It’s required that everyone is a PHB Int’l Member (unless they are a 1X Free guest or PHB visitor)

A Circle typically consists of anywhere from 6 to 15 supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs (or those who identify as female).

*Although PHB is designed for Women Entrepreneurs, each Circle can use their own discretion about having other Women participate (such as Executive Directors promoting their non-profit, etc) 

  1. Register your circle, so you can be “listed” on PHB’s public “Find a Circle” web page
  2. Set a Member goal (typically, 6-15 ladies). Then, create a list of ideal members & Personally Invite them
  3. (Optional) Post about growing your Circle on Promote Her Business‘ public Facebook group, so women can reach out to you about attending your Circle as a 1X free guest. You can also ask if anyone wants to join your Circle during “Request 1, Support 1” each month. 
  4. Regularly encourage members to invite 1X Free guests – who they really want to lock arms with — as part of your Circle format.  
  5. Keep in mind: This is your invite-only, exclusive Circle of trust, and it’s about quality over quantity of ladies in it. 

The choice is up to you. Circles have 1-2 Organizers maximum.

Yes, you can run your Private Networking Circle by yourself. You’ll have an easy-to-facilitate template to guide you, as well as mentoring from PHB.

However, it can be more fun and less work to co-lead events with a friend. Plus, members often like hearing multiple Organizers’ voices (and not just the same one leading over and over).

To become a close-knit Circle of Women Entrepreneurs who learn together, grow together, have fun together and promote the heck out of each other’s businesses.

*Important Note: A PHB Private Networking Circle is intentionally smaller and more exclusive, so everyone can know everyone, and we can build inspiring, Win-Win, profitable relationships with each other!

Our Inner Circle Promise is intentionally recited at every PHB Private Networking Circle because it is an instrumental part of PHB’s culture of Women Entrepreneur empowerment and shining the brightest spotlight on each other.

You will see it included on the Circle Member Resource page, as well in both Circle formats’ powerpoints.

We say Our Inner Circle Promise so we can be our best selves in business, in life, and for each other, and we take uniting around it very seriously.    

2 Formats: 

Business Circle Format
Increase your understanding of The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business and share best practices, stay accountable for the monthly Healthy-Her Challenge, and participate in Win-Wins using PHB’s proven Advanced networking formula.

Relationship Circle Format

This is HER way to have all members really get to know all members of their Circle.  1 to 2 women each time sign up for a “Get-To-Know” Speaking Spotlight. They have up to 30 minutes to share 1 thing personal, 1 thing business, and be interactive and engaging. That’s all! No stuffy presentations, and presenters can allocate the time however they see fit. It’s an opportunity to step into your feminine power of being creative and memorable {Your Way}. Relationship Circle is an uplifting way to get to know the real woman behind the business, ask her questions, and do more business and referring to her! This format also includes a Healthy-Her check-in. 

*See both formats training videos and power points above. 

PHB’s proprietary Win-Win 1:1 process includes:

1. Members will be assigned a partner and use their Win-Win log (which is a link in the power point) to take notes. (Members use the same Log each time to take notes on new ladies or update their previous notes).  

2. Partner A interviews Partner B and then, does A+ test

3. Partner B interviews Partner A and then, does A+ test

4. Partners Promote each other on PHB Facebook (given they’re both comfortable with it)

At each Relationship Circle, the goal is to have 2 “Get-to-Know” Speakers present for 30 mins and to line up these speakers ahead of time. 

And life happens… speakers back out last minute and sometimes you can’t get anyone to sign up for a certain date. Then what do you do? 

  • Avoid finding out that there are no speakers in front of everyone.  Instead, make it a habit to review the “get-to-know” speaker list at least 1 week ahead of time and then a day ahead of time.
  • If you only have 1 speaker, ask if anyone else wants to step in to be the 2nd speaker pre-event, so they have enough time to prepare.
  • In the extremely rare case that there are no speakers (due to last minute cancels), as Circle Organizer, step in to save the day and either talk about yourself or come up with something else members can do during this time. For example: You could use the time to have members pair-up and share 1 thing personal, and 1 thing business; OR you could ask members if they want feedback on anything, or you could do Win-Wins, etc…

Circle Members are in your Home Circle= the Circle you and your members are committing to regularly attend

  • PHB Int’l Members are asked to officially declare a “Home Circle”, so it is clear to Organizers how many Members to setup for and if someone is officially in your Circle.
  • There is no such thing as just dropping into countless Circles and not committing to anything. The point of Circle is to develop deeper relationships through committing to each other.

PHB Visitors = PHB Members, who are visiting your Circle. It’s important to ask them if they are already in a Circle (and just seeing how yours works) OR if they’re looking to make your Circle their “Home.” The “1X Visit and Join” rule applies to 1X Visitors in terms of making up their minds about joining your Circle.

Guests = 1X Free Guests, who are not PHB Members yet. If voted in, they need to Become a PHB Member to join your Circle (it’s a pre-requisite).

Yes. PHB suggests surveying Circle Members quarterly to make sure they’re happy. No complaints does not equal happiness, and creating a great Circle experience helps everyone get more business! 

Plus, your quarterly survey will give you key insights into what members are thinking about inviting guests, co-hosting socials, stepping up as future Circle Organizers and more.

Proactively note when you will do your surveys on the “Everything” spreadsheet. Have your members fill out a quick, electronic Member Survey during Circle, so you can get the most responses. Then, at at the next Circle, have a discussion about what they wrote, so they see you’re taking their feedback seriously.

It’s very important to capture 1X Free Guests’ contact info at the beginning of Circle; otherwise, it’s going to be really difficult for Members to reach out to them, as well as have the organizer let them know if they were voted in. Just because you told them to put their contact info into a spreadsheet doesn’t mean they will. Double check that all their info was captured … and if it wasn’t, ask them to put all their contact info in the sheet before they leave the event.

  1. Members-Only Vote
    We vote because it’s important that joining our Circle is the right fit 
    We vote same-day while guests/PHB visitors are fresh in everyone’s minds
  2. Circle Organizer will follow-up with guest(s) about results
    If voted in, the guest becomes a PHB Member online . . . (it’s a prerequisite)
  3. New Member is Added to Circle & On-boarded by Circle Organizer 

At the beginning of a Circle, the Circle Organizer will ask guest(s) to put their contact info on the guest tab of the Everything spreadsheet. They may also ask the Guest who referred them and/or have the Member – who referred them – say something about their guest. 

During the guest portion of the Circle, a Circle Organizer will ask the guest(s) to share: 

1) Name, title, and business
2) What they liked best about Circle today
3) What interests them about joining us

*Put these questions in chat and/or leave them on screen, so guest(s) can answer all of them easily.

No. This is a Circle Member-Only Benefit. 

Voting is for Members-Only and happens after guests/visitors leave the event. The majority vote wins. Circle Organizer can act as a tie-breaker (if needed). 

*Suggested policy is that Past Circle Members – who return within 6 months of leaving – do not need to be re-voted in because they’re still fresh in enough ladies’ heads.

However, Circle Organizer(s) will still need to take the following steps:

  • Make sure they’re still at PHB Int’l Member or ask them to re-join (it’s a pre-requisite for being in Circle)
  • Re-give them the link to Circle Member Resources webpage (just in case they lost it).
  • Re-add them to your Circle’s Everything Spreadsheet & FB Group Chat
  • Optional: Give them a Returning Member Spotlight. 

It’s highly recommended that Organizer gets them to commit to a decision date. 

SAY something like: “Ok, great. We can understand that you need to see if it works with your schedule AND on our end, we want to make sure it’s not too long of a time, so everyone can still remember who you are when we do vote.  Can you make a decision by next Friday and proactively get back to me?”

And even with saying that assume you, as Organizer, will still need to reach out to them for their final decision, as ladies forget and de-prioritize.  

If they decide NO –  on Everything sheet, guest tab, put a “no for now” in the Organizers notes section and filter their name out of the guest list. 

If they still say MAYBE – give them 1 more chance to get back to you by a specific date. And then, it’s on them to get back to you. Leave them on the guest list. 

However, if they still don’t make a decision and it’s 6 months later, just mark them “no for now” (idea is to have a guest list only contain people who are “hot Circle leads”)   

If they say YES (in a timely manner)- tell them it’s still contingent upon Members voting them in, while they’re still fresh in everyone’s minds.  And if you want them to be able to attend the next Circle, Organizer would need to conduct the vote outside of the Circle.  

If they say YES (in an untimely manner) – let’s say 6 months – or 1 yr  from now – and they request to join your Circle. They have already used their 1X free guest option and it’s hard to vote on them — since it’s been too long — and ladies do NOT remember who they are. Then, it’s up to Organizer’s discretion on what to do next.

If you think Members can make a decision just by going to their website, you can still vote and get back to them. On the other hand, if you want ladies to experience their energy – then as an EXCEPTION – they can come back 1 more time to Circle as a guest and your members can immediately vote afterward. This is a rare EXCEPTION and they cannot come back to Circle more than twice as a free guest.  

If Members have specific questions about your specific Circle – they ask an Organizer. If Members have questions about Circles in general, or about their PHB Int’l Membership, tell them to go to the Circle Member Resource Page.

Socials are suggested to be planned quarterly (if a Circle decides to do them). Organizers encourage Members to step up as co-hosts for them (so it’s not the Organizer leading everything) and other Members get known as leaders. It’s also a great way for members to build deeper relationships with each other by co-hosting.

Please note: It is optional for Circles to choose an annual Favorite Cause (and it can be very empowering if you do).

A Circle’s Favorite Cause is something that is voted on by Members and spans the course of a year (going from the start of the Organizer’s term until the end of it). It’s highly recommended to set very specific goals to unite around accomplishing by the end of the year, and it helps to remind Members of these goals at each Circle, so they see the progress being made and are constantly thinking about it. 

  1. Post FB Pics in PHB FB Group 
  2. Post Recap Notes in Circle Chat (good to review before next Circle); acknowledge anyone who missed
  3. Ask yourself: How can I “1-Up” myself and/or the Circle experience before the next event?
  4. Be a Role Model of taking actions Circle agreed to
  5. (As applicable) Follow-up with on-boarding new Circle Members 

As a PHB Int’l Member, there is no additional charge to participate in a PHB Private Networking Circle.

When you invite a Guest — (someone who isn’t a PHB Int’l Member yet) — please note that ALL Circles have a “1X and Join” policy, meaning a guest can attend 1X for Free before Circle Members vote about if they’re a good fit.  If voted-in, the Organizer reinforces to the Guest that in order to participate in Circle, it’s a prerequisite to join online as a PHB Int’l Member.  

*Please note that even if someone is already a PHB Member (aka a PHB “visitor”), the “1X visit and join” rule still applies to them.  

  1. Features all Circles on our public “Find a Circle” page
  2. Provides “How to Run-a-Circle” training and power point templates 
  3. Answers Your Questions: Ask Jōs, PHB Founder/CEO, questions throughout the year by scheduling a Free 30 minute consult 

PHB Int'l MENTORSHIP & support

Jōs is committed to having your back. Girl Scout promise:)  

Below are the specific opportunities for receiving Support & Mentorship year-round: 

  1. 1st Circle Consult —  Reach out to Jōs to schedule a Free 30 consult to ask anything prior to your 1st Circle event, so you can feel really confident
  2. Read this entire webpage and access all resources: Make sure to review all docs mentioned, and especially PHB’s 2 power points which will assist you in running both Circle formats. 
  3. “Circle-in-the-box” methodology: You have immediate access to our Google Drive resources & templates (which are also referred to throughout this page).  Pay special attention to “Everything” spreadsheet template, because this document will be your Circle Member’s “1-stop-shop” for everything they need to know about your specific Circle.
  4. Create your Circle’s infrastructure: Create a shareable Circle Folder, in google drive, so that you can update templates and privately share documents with a Co-Organizer (or members as-needed), which they can also edit. (As applicable) Set up your (Zoom) Meeting,  Facebook private group chat (or other member communication channel) &  online events. PHB Int’l can provide examples of how other Circles accomplished this.
  5. Direct access to PHB’s CEO/ Founder, Jōs:  Book a 30 min consult with Jōs here, so she can answer any questions you have throughout the year:) 
  6. Attend PHB Global Networking Circle: See how Jos facilitates both the Healthy-Her and Win-Win section, and get new ideas for facilitating your Circle! 
  7. Ask to Visit other Private Networking Circles: Get a sense of how other Circles are facilitated and how ladies form empowering, tight-knit bonds. Silicon Valley (SV) Networking Circle is a great one to start with since it’s the model for all our Circles. 



Hang tight . . .